5 Tips on Getting out of a Funk

For the past few weeks, I have been extremely under the weather. I have been in a perpetual funk and trying to get out of it. I know that because it is winter and it’s been gloomy out, that could be the cause of why I feel so BLAH. However, I can’t a little gloominess get in the way of my blogging.

So, I ‘ve decided to blog about my funk….or at least talk about how I’m in the process of getting out of it. I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling a little down these days, so here are some tips that have helped me.

Tip Number 1: Introduce some color

It’s extremely easy to fall into a rut with your clothes, hair, nails etc. I mean it’s cold out, there’s really no need to get your toes done and your hair is always under hats and won’t I look a bit silly in a bright pink dress on a snowy day? Okay, so that last scenario is a bit extra but you know what I mean. We always wait until springtime to want to do new things with our look, but why not add some bold colorful pieces in the winter that can also be brought into the spring. Seriously, I’m about two seconds away from purchasing a bright red sweater to get away from all the muted colors of winter. Also, try something new with your nails. If you don’t normally get acrylics or gel then try them out once and see how you feel about them. If you’re on more of a budget, paint your nails a more bright color instead of the normal nude and neutrals.


Tip Number 2: Clean & Organize House

In the winter we’re always in the house, so shouldn’t we actually clean then instead of waiting until its nice spring weather? I mean that’s what I’ve been doing. I have been so unhappy with my space lately, so I took it upon myself to start buying new furniture. I Just purchased a platform bed off of Wayfair and moved my bed underneath my window. Now all I need is some new bedding and a nice cute area rug. There’s a lot of gray in my room and I think I need a more decorative blanket to go on my bed to give my room some life. Also, start the decluttering process now, because chances are once spring comes rolling around, you’ll want to buy new home décor items.


Tip Number 3: Exercise

I will always say exercise to get you out of a bad mood. If you’re not huge on traditional exercising, then just move around in general – dance, run in place, hula-hoop. I’m not sure why this always helps me, but it really does. Recently, I’ve been doing yoga because doing the same exercises can get boring really quickly and yoga is both relaxing and strengthening…best of both worlds if you ask me.

Tip Number 4: Sleep it off

Sometimes I think we’re all just sleep deprived zombies. Get some rest. When you’re not working or up and about, SLEEP! Sleep is not for the weak and whoever made that saying up has some serious issues. I know in my case I’m not really sleep deprived, but I know a lot of people out there are. So, do yourself a favor and get some much needed rest!



Tip Number 5: Change up Your Routine

I think routines are necessary for life, but sometimes they can just get straight up stale. I know my work life is going to be routine, but that doesn’t mean my personal life has to be. I’ve noticed its been months since I’ve visited a new coffee shop or a new bar in town. When I do go out, my friends and I always end up at the same place EVERY TIME. It gets old very quickly. Maybe this coming week that I have off, I’ll go somewhere new or even get out of town for a few days.



I hope these tips were helpful. I have been so uninspired to blog lately, but hopefully, I can get back in the game. I have some things to blog about again and I’m excited to talk about them. So definitely look out for those posts this coming week.

Thanks for reading