Last Minute Gift Ideas Gift Guide

We have three days left until Christmas and I KNOW that there are some people that still haven’t gone shopping. I’m not even completely finished shopping myself but I only have ONE more gift left to get and I’m set!

Last night I did a gift exchange with my dear friends and I thought I would show you guys the gifts they got me as ideas to give some of your friends or family. So, either keep on reading or check out my other gift guides! Book Gift Guide Under $25Gifts Under $25 Gift GuideMy Favorite Products: Gift Guide Edition, and Gifts Over $75 Gift Guide (Luxury Gifts).

Most people have a favorite fragrance or a fragrance that they want. I wanted to try Ariana Grande’s Sweet Like Candy perfume and one of my friends got it for me. However, she got me the gift set which is a GREAT last minute gift because you can run in and out of any department store without much fuss. My other friend also got me a perfume gift set of the Lancome La vie est belle – this is basically the grown woman version of the Sweet Like Candy in my opinion!


Pretty much any and everyone could use some waterproof wireless earphones for working out. It may not be the cheapest gift, but these can pretty much be found at any store (Target, TJMaxx, Marshall’s, Walmart.) I was definitely in need of these and I’m SO glad I have them now!


I normally do NOT recommend giving clothing as gifts because it can be a very slippery slope. However, if your best friend knows you very well like mine does then there is ALWAYS an exception. She knows me so well; she got me a graphic white tee that’ll go with many pieces in my wardrobe! As a last minute gift, you can get any cool graphic tee or even a funny one and it’ll be a great gift!

Speaking of my best friend, she also got me this gorgeous Rouge Chanel lipstick! I’ve been telling her that I wanted to purchase a luxury lipstick after Christmas and she took the initiative and got one for me! So, when in doubt get a nice rouge lipstick for a friend when you’re running out of time; they’re guaranteed to love it and you barely have to lift a finger.

Now, none of these gifts were actually last minute of course, but they happen to be pretty easy purchases if you’re just now squeezing in your shopping. And if you’re not trying to spend too much money, there is ALWAYS a bunch of DIY’s out there…even on this here blog! Check out some of my Blogmas Posts from last year (these posts have no pictures):

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Thanks for reading, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas