My Favorite Products: Gift Guide Edition

So I’ve purchased more than a few items over the course of this year and I think a lot of them would make some really great gifts for this upcoming Christmas. Most of the items that I’m going to be listing are most likely makeup and skincare, but I’ll probably include some other miscellaneous products.


We all have that one friend who STILL hasn’t tried out Fenty Beauty. I think the Match Stix Trio is the perfect introduction to someone who hasn’t yet got their hands on Fenty Beauty.


I would give these Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipsticks as gifts to EVERYONE if I could. These actually do stay on all freaking day! I still have not yet seen too many posts or videos about these…so I believe they’re kind of underrated.


Stephanie Johnson bags are a super unique gift to give. She makes bags, bag accessories, wallets, clutches, etc. I specifically love her Miami Collection because of the see-through bags that she makes. Also, if you have no idea what to get one of your friends or family member, I’m pretty sure you can’t go too wrong with an Instax Camera. They’re super cute and functional!


Get your best friend a Pop & Suki bag…mine did! She also customized it with my name on it. I’m so obsessed with that I don’t even wear it anymore because I don’t want to get it dirty. I should really wear it out more though!


Lush of course. This can be a unisex gift as well. There’s plenty of items to choose from in Lush and online…just don’t get stuck in there.


You guys already know I’m HUGE on book gifts…especially cookbooks. If the book has some amazing pictures of the food (or whatever the book is about) I think it makes a great gift.

So that’s all for today. I hope you guys are enjoying these gift guides because I’m going to keep on posting them until Christmas.

Thanks for reading,