A Laidback Post

So, I had a blog post in mind for today, but I couldn’t get my thoughts together once again. I think way too much and have too many ideas sometimes that it all merges together and makes no sense once I write it out.

For, today, I thought I would just go over my weekend as well as a little bit of today since it was kind of eventful.

Saturday, I hung out with my dear boyfriend after I went to this Origins skin care event that was completely packed, but while I was there, my eye caught on to something. There was this Mega Mushroom Micellar Water that I kind of want to try since it’s natural and gets your makeup off in one fail swoop. Oil cleansing has kind of been irritating my eyes a bit so I may need to switch it up with my first cleanse.

Afterward, my mom and I headed to Sephora and I purchased a First Aid Beauty product that I’ll expand on in my next blog post.


Sunday, I went to Lush and purchased some gifts for two of my friends who happen to be twins. I’m meeting with them on Wednesday for happy hour and I refuse to show up empty handed because their birthday passed not to long ago. I didn’t want to be cliché and get them both the same gifts because I’m pretty sure that’s what people ALWAYS do. I decided to make one of my famous gift boxes/bags that includes bath bombs and bubble bars. I’m not going to show what I got them because I’m honestly not sure if they read my blog or not so I can’t spoil it for them if they do read it.


Later that day, I met up with my parents at the MGM National Harbor Casino and sat outside with them because it was such a beautiful day. I was wearing my new Madewell shirt that I’m seriously loving. I’ve already come up with different outfits and accessories that I can wear with it. I’m actually very content with how I added color to my wardrobe. More outfits featuring my new tops will be coming soon, I promise!



Today, Monday, I woke up to my mom asking if I wanted to go to City Center with her. Of course, I agreed and we headed out an hour later. If you check out my Instagram (@chelsiiohkay) I posted a few things on my INSTA story – needless to say, it’s a gorgeous day and everything is aesthetically pleasing. We then went to this gelato and coffee place and obviously I ordered the Affogato because…warm espresso and ice cream YES, please!



Then it was time to end our afternoon and head back home before the D.C. traffic hit.

Hopefully Wednesday, I’ll have an actual post about something but for now, I hope you all enjoyed this kind of laidback post!

Thanks for reading!