February Makeup Essentials

Yesterday ended up being a really long day and I was way too tired to post once I got home. So I figured that I would post what I was going to post yesterday, today.

When it comes to beauty products I am such a creature of habit. If and when I find something that I really like, I have to keep purchasing it and have to keep using it. I’m all for using new products of course, but if I keep coming back to a certain product then it’s meant to be.

I decided that I would do a February makeup essentials even though these will probably stay the same give or take a couple of items. So without further ado…here are five of my makeup essentials this month.

feb beauty favorite.jpg

  1. Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in Golden Dark

If you haven’t already, you must read my post Back to Basics: Powder Foundation because I talk about my history with this foundation. I’m still in love with it and plan on continuing to use it. Pretty much everything I would say here has already been said in that post. So check it out!

2. tarteist Tarte Double Take Eyeliner

I’m not exactly sure how I happened upon this eyeliner. I was searching for a new one since my old one ran out and I thought “how cool that this is both liquid and a pencil/cream.” I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how black it went on and how it does not smudge at all. Even with my cleansing oil, the eyeliner is still somewhat present. It’s a good thing that I double cleanse. I love the fact that the liquid felt tip doesn’t have any give because that always messed me up with other eyeliners. The dual ends are also really neat and extremely practical.

3. MAC Blush in Swiss Chocolate

I don’t wear blush as blush because I just don’t like how it looks on me. I use this handy dandy blush as a contour powder. I’m not a fan of any of the contour palettes on the market so far, so it’s just easier to buy a powder in the perfect color even though it’s not actually a contour powder.

4. It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara

I have such a hard time finding mascaras that don’t just clump my lashes together. This mascara even has some clump potential. I think I just have really strange eyelashes. I’ve gotten so annoyed that I’ve been practicing applying false lashes without mascara…it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. Blog post? Anyway, I do like this mascara for days that I would go without eyeliner and it goes on REALLY black.

5. Becca Highlighter in Rose Gold

I’m still very new to this lit world of highlighters. If I wasn’t mindful with my shopping, I would buy a highlighter simply because it’s glittery and shiny. I’m not sure which color looks good on me or how it’s really supposed to look on my skin. However, I like rose gold and I like glittery shiny things. So far? I get a nice subtle pinkish glow on my cheekbones whenever I wear this. I guess I do know a bit about this lit world if it turns out well right?

Thanks for reading you guys! I’ll be posting tomorrow if it doesn’t end up being another long day.