NO More Summer Capsule Wardrobes

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Ok, so I didn’t really do a capsule wardrobe this summer. For some reason, summer comes around and I just can’t figure out how to capsule my clothing. I spoke about this in a post earlier this season and I wanted to fix my summer wardrobe. However, I never got around to it because I just really don’t like the hot weather like that and it just seemed way too tedious.

I did manage to fit some wins in though. I now know that I can pretty much wear denim or woven shorts and a simple top along with a flowy kimono and look pretty fabulous.


And when going out I can throw on a bralette with a mesh top and be good to go! I guess I got caught up on trying not to look too boring that I forgot that kimonos, belts, chokers, and makeup can take an outfit that’s a 5 and turn it into a 10.


So I’ve kind of decided that I probably won’t be doing a capsule in the summer months anymore because 1. It just gives me a headache thinking about it for some odd reason. 2. I tend to gravitate towards anything that’s going to be comfortable, breathable, and stylish…meaning I may end up defeating the purpose of a capsule and purchasing new items.

Luckily I do buy pretty decent quality items in the summer so I will have them for a pretty long time and have no plans of getting rid of anything. SO now that I’ve seemed to figure out my (non) issue about summer, I can finally start thinking about fall. I have already started purchasing fall items because it’s my favorite and most of the fall stuff is on sale right now! I can’t wait to start photographing fall outfits for you guys! Look out for that in the next month or so!

Thanks for reading as always.


My Bralette Collection

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It’s not a secret to you all that I LOVE bralettes! I’m slowly trying to phase out all of my underwire bras for bralettes because they’re so much more comfortable and I also have little breast that more often than not, don’t need a real bra…or a bra at all.

However, bralettes are so fun and so pretty and I just would rather not go without!

So I wanted to share my little collection that I have because….why not?! I’m definitely a creature of habit when it comes to the kinds of bralettes I like. I prefer the triangle shaped ones over any other style just because they look best under most shirts in my opinion


These two are my favorite right now, mostly because they’re black and black goes with pretty much everything! Also, I feel like a lighter color would show more dirt on it and that seems kind of icky. The top one is from Amazon and is really one of those bralettes that are meant to be seen. The bottom one is from American Eagle or Aerie and is extremely soft and almost feels non-existent when worn. Also, Aerie offers bralettes for the more bigger busted girls…so if you’re in that category then go check them out.


These two babies are from Urban Outfitters. I don’t know whose slaying the game better – American Eagle or Urban Outfitters. I will say UO has more sleek, non-lacey bralettes than AE does, but that’s really all about preference. The rose pink one feels like my skin in a way…needless to say, I can wait to wear that one out! The scalloped bralette is just the perfect kind of detail AND it’s seamless. Maybe UO is winning this bralette game…for now anyway.


So this is my bralette collection that I just had to share with you all! I’m probably going to be expanding it, so I may just have to do an update in the future. I think I’ll also try out some different styles other than the triangle shape. Maybe my next one will be halter or a racerback…we’ll just have to see. Thanks for reading as always.


Summertime Outfit Woes

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I’m going to be real with you guys. I hate my capsule wardrobe in the summer. Okay maybe not hate, but I get the blues sometimes. It’s hot and it’s like I forget how to dress. I have this strange need to buy all of the summer trends when they surface, but of course, I never do. I feel like my wardrobe compared to others is so boring in these warmer months.

Currently, I’m wearing some olive green shorts and of course my gray Madewell muscle tee. It’s very simple…maybe a little too simple. I’m just spending the afternoon at the coffee shop, so it doesn’t really matter too much what I wear right?

It’s really when I go out with friends (in the summer) that I have issues with my outfit choices. I see these Instagram post with all these beautiful summer outfits – mainly dresses and I just want to buy them right then and there. Thank you social media marketing!

Awhile back in some lost blog post, I said that I have some “wildcard” pieces in my capsule wardrobe. However, I tend to get rid of those pieces because I’ll wear them and then forget about them which defeats the purpose of a capsule wardrobe.

Basically, I’m struggling with being too simple or being too trendy and I’m trying to find something in the middle. One second I think I have it all figured out, but I really don’t…well, at least not in this type of weather or in the nighttime. I do have two outfits that I love wearing out as well as on a normal day, but that’s only two outfits.

So, what I’m trying to say is that over the next few weeks, I’m going to try and figure out how I want to spice up my summer wardrobe whether it be adding accessories, changing up my shoes or even wearing my hair in different styles. I’m open to any suggestions, so feel free to leave a comment about how you dress for the summer! Thanks for reading.