Hello, August!

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I’m so happy that it’s August again! August just so happens to be my birthday month and if I’m being honest….I get really annoying. That isn’t what this post is about, but I just wanted to mention how much I love August. Be prepared for a bunch of makeup, outfit, and hair post about how I’m going to all done up for the big day.

Anyway, I just kind of wanted to come on here and post about nothing. I am currently in the process of seriously getting my room organized. I’m looking at floating shelves, floor pillows, tulle, and just a ton of other things that will tie my room together.

I’m very excited to be doing this so that I can showcase it on this here blog. I talk about wanting to live a simple life occasionally and it’s time to start really making that happen.

Yesterday I had to purchase this cute little gem and for some reason, it has really inspired me. Yes, it’s a marble dry erase board…who doesn’t love marble? It sparked inspiration because I realized that my many walls can be utilized! Having something hanging such as a small shelf helps me to get rid of the unnecessary or find a different place for it.


So I’m not going to ramble on too much about nothing so it’s time to end this blog post now. Thank you for reading as always.

How do you get organized?


A Post about a Pool Party

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Happy Monday everyone! So far my summer has been going so well and it’s only the beginning. I’ve already been to the beach and I’m fully enjoying the rooftops that D.C. has to offer.

Yesterday I went to this really fun pool party that was also on a rooftop….that’s like the best of both worlds for me! It was extremely hot and pretty crowded, but it was a pre 4th of July party. I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the party but I was having way too much fun.

Of course, I brought along my little red bag that my mom gave to me from her PopSugar Box (see: A post about the Beach) and my handy dandy Instax camera. I think I’ll be documenting the majority of my summer with this baby.


So the rooftop pool party was at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel in D.C. The event is called SiP and Dip and they have this event almost every Sunday in the summertime. I could most definitely go again to get better pictures.

The cost to get in was $20 for general admission and $200 for a table. I went with general admission since I was probably going to be in the pool the majority of the time anyway. The rail drinks were a bit expensive, but if you’re a beer drinker then it’s your lucky day.

The day was just so much fun and I think it’s really important to unwind in your life. Being by the pool and relaxing and being around friends was just so nice for a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to talk about more local things in my area especially since I’m just diving in this summer! Thanks for reading as always.


A Post About the Beach

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Yesterday, I made my way to the beach, which is why I did not post. I’m here today though! I wanted to share some pictures with you guys and talk about my grand ‘ol time at Ocean City.

Now, Ocean City isn’t my first beach of choice, but that didn’t stop it from still being a beach! I LOVE the water and being near it, so I was extremely happy!


These were me and my friend’s beach “essentials” – the quotations because the Instax cameras were completely unnecessary, but made the experience that much better.


My mom got this really cool bag in her PopSugar Box and decided to lend it to me for the day. The bag is by Stephanie Johnson and apparently, she makes other really cool bags as well. The bag was perfect for the beach because it doesn’t get sandy or wet! Also, it’s super cute!


Obviously, I had to take pictures with the Instax camera, hence why I brought it along with me. I was a little nervous about the pictures developing because of how bright it was outside, but most of the pictures turned out so well!


And of course, I had to speak about my swimsuit that I got from CupShe. I ordered it last month for my Miami trip. It is a super cute swimsuit, but it does not fit in my slow fashion parameters whatsoever. The bottoms are slightly too big, however, I didn’t get in the water because it was FREEZING!

Overall, the trip was really fun and wasn’t too bad of a drive at all. I hope to go at least one more time this Summer. I’ll be sure to take even more pictures if I do go and post them on another blog post as well as my Instagram!


How I Take & Edit my Instagram Pictures

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So, I’m pretty proud of the way my Instagram feed has been looking lately. It’s really not that big of a deal but it is just aesthetically pleasing to me and I want to talk a little bit about it.

My Instagram grid doesn’t really follow any particular theme exactly, but I do post similar things like skincare, outfit of the days/nights, and as of lately… coffee! These past few weeks, my mom and I made it a point to check out a new coffee shop in the D.C. area at least once a week. So far, my favorite is Dolcezza because they have affogato (it’s a gelato place duh!) and they’re also everywhere in D.C.!


I do plan out many of my posts because I like for it to look neat. I think that’s just the planner/creator in me. If you look at my grid you can see that any picture of/with me (OOTD, an “usie,” or a mirror picture) right below or above it is another picture of/with me. Everything else is either food, skincare, makeup, quotes, art, or nature.



Believe it or not, I edit with the Photos app…yup the one that’s already on the iPhone. I usually change up the brilliance, black point, and then I’ll just lighten up just a tad. The majority of the time, I try to have really good lighting and take decent pictures from the get-go so that I can do minimal editing.


Those times when minimal editing just won’t do, I’ll open up PicFX. I’ll usually go with the PFX Film filters and see how those make my pictures look. I also use PicFX to make the picture square if I didn’t set the camera to square, to begin with. When PicFX fails me, then I’ll just open up the Instagram app and use the filter Ludwig and post it!


Very rarely I’ll use Snapseed to brighten (usually the background) the picture. Almost never, I’ll use FaceTune to blur blemishes out of selfie pictures. I’m trying to get in the habit of 1. Embracing my imperfections and 2. Having clear skin, to begin with.


 Props are pretty much my favorite part of taking pictures! Sometimes I use marble contact paper as a background, other times I’ll use glossy cardstock or a small blackboard. Let me just say, cardstock and black boards are amazing for taking flat lay pictures!

Not too long ago I put marble contact paper onto a LACK shelf that I wasn’t using and now it’s what I use to take the majority of skin care purchases, loves, and must-haves. Marble is just really in right now and it makes all of my pictures look so put together and clean.

Recently, I just started incorporating Sugarfina gummy bears into my pictures. Don’t worry they’re no longer edible so they didn’t go to waste. I guess it took us too long to eat them so they got hard…so why not use them as props in your pictures? The gummy bears look great on that small blackboard by the way.


As far as what I use to take the pictures, I usually stick to my iPhone because it’s got pretty great quality. Occasionally, I get out my Canon T5, borrow my mom’s 50mm and shoot for when I want my image to look more “professional.”

So, that’s how I take and edit my pictures for Instagram! There’s really not that much to it! I just thought today I would share my not so secret secrets to my Instagram feed! Go and check out my Instagram @chelsiiohkay. Thanks for reading!