Back at it again with the CLEAN EATING

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Ever since I’ve gotten back from Miami, I’ve been eating not so clean. I haven’t been eating extremely bad either just not as clean as I normally do. I’ve been going out a whole lot more than usual since the weather is warmer. What can I say? I love rooftop bars!


It’s no secret that alcohol isn’t great for you and neither is most bar food. So, today I took it upon myself to go to the grocery store and buy whole foods. That’s not to say I won’t be going to the rooftops anymore, but I am going to be a whole lot more mindful of my intake of well anything again.

Before Miami, I was eating more salads, drinking more water and eating frozen and canned vegetables. Now, I’m taking it a bit further and I plan on eating fresh veggies that I can eat raw, steam, or sauté. Of course, I’m still going to be eating salads, but I want to start eating more of them more often.


As for meat goes, I’m already a chicken and seafood girl and only indulge in red meat very rarely. As I’m typing this I am eating a salad that has lettuce (duh,) green onions and cucumbers with some salt and pepper and homemade honey mustard dressing.


One cool thing I noticed while shopping today, the vegetables (lettuce, green onions) smelled extremely fresh like they were pulled straight from the dirt earlier this morning.  I am very much here for that!

Also, it might as well be Summer now because I found a really fresh watermelon that is so sweet! Look for black spots on the melon. This shows that bees have pollinated the watermelon, which gives it that sweet flavor! Fun fact!


Well, that’s all for today. I wanted to get back on my clean eating game and include you guys in it. So, I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading.


Miami Travels

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So yes I know that I’ve abandoned you guys once again, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself in the beautiful city of Miami. I had an amazing time there, which I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram you can see for yourself. I thought I would just come on here and just briefly talk about my time in Miami along with some pictures! Read till the end if you’re participating in my giveaway.


I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of my outfits because I spent so much time in my swimsuit either by the pool or on the beach. I think it’s safe to say that Florida has some of the best beaches, but I’m no expert of course.


When in Miami you just have to drink no matter what time it is. When it’s 10 AM the only acceptable drink to drink is a mimosa even though the price is hiked ALL the way up.


The hotel I stayed in was called the Standard and it was everything but standard. The pool is located right by the bay on Venetian Island. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I spent copious amounts of time by the pool instead of the beach.

So you guys know I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and found this place on South Beach called Naked Taco. I can honestly say…BEST. TACOS. EVER! I had the chicken and mango salsa tacos which I’m going to have to remake at home because – YES! I also couldn’t leave Miami without getting my hands on a Miami Vice (strawberry daiquiri mixed with a pina colada.)

IMG_5851On my last full day, I had breakfast by the pool and that was just amazing! This is the prettiest and tastiest Huevos Rancheros I have ever had! I’m not a huge fan of avocados, but I ate these without even thinking about it.

So I’m sure you can tell that I LOVED Miami and I will be going back at some point. I think it’s a good place to do a weekend trip with friends to just get away. I will say I am happy to be back in the D.C. area because this is home to me now.

If you’re in my giveaway or want to participate in my giveaway, remember that it ends tomorrow and the winner will be announced Monday, June 5th, 2017. Good luck!


A Laidback Post

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So, I had a blog post in mind for today, but I couldn’t get my thoughts together once again. I think way too much and have too many ideas sometimes that it all merges together and makes no sense once I write it out.

For, today, I thought I would just go over my weekend as well as a little bit of today since it was kind of eventful.

Saturday, I hung out with my dear boyfriend after I went to this Origins skin care event that was completely packed, but while I was there, my eye caught on to something. There was this Mega Mushroom Micellar Water that I kind of want to try since it’s natural and gets your makeup off in one fail swoop. Oil cleansing has kind of been irritating my eyes a bit so I may need to switch it up with my first cleanse.

Afterward, my mom and I headed to Sephora and I purchased a First Aid Beauty product that I’ll expand on in my next blog post.


Sunday, I went to Lush and purchased some gifts for two of my friends who happen to be twins. I’m meeting with them on Wednesday for happy hour and I refuse to show up empty handed because their birthday passed not to long ago. I didn’t want to be cliché and get them both the same gifts because I’m pretty sure that’s what people ALWAYS do. I decided to make one of my famous gift boxes/bags that includes bath bombs and bubble bars. I’m not going to show what I got them because I’m honestly not sure if they read my blog or not so I can’t spoil it for them if they do read it.


Later that day, I met up with my parents at the MGM National Harbor Casino and sat outside with them because it was such a beautiful day. I was wearing my new Madewell shirt that I’m seriously loving. I’ve already come up with different outfits and accessories that I can wear with it. I’m actually very content with how I added color to my wardrobe. More outfits featuring my new tops will be coming soon, I promise!



Today, Monday, I woke up to my mom asking if I wanted to go to City Center with her. Of course, I agreed and we headed out an hour later. If you check out my Instagram (@chelsiiohkay) I posted a few things on my INSTA story – needless to say, it’s a gorgeous day and everything is aesthetically pleasing. We then went to this gelato and coffee place and obviously I ordered the Affogato because…warm espresso and ice cream YES, please!



Then it was time to end our afternoon and head back home before the D.C. traffic hit.

Hopefully Wednesday, I’ll have an actual post about something but for now, I hope you all enjoyed this kind of laidback post!

Thanks for reading!


For Once, It’s Not About Acne

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OK, so this was a 1st world story I HAD to tell you all. I was going to talk about my acne woes again, but I didn’t want to bore you guys and woe is me about my damned skin for another post. Long story short – I have shitty skin right now and I’m trying to fix it by healing it from the inside and also with products that work as “healers” rather than with harsh acne products. I will explain more in another post next week.

Anyway, I went to this really cute café in D.C yesterday and fell completely in love. Except for the fact that that they had zero WiFi and it was pretty obvious that they throttled down the signal. Okay, I get it A Baked Joint (name of the café/restaurant)…you want people to be more social. *Le sigh.* I did a quick Google search of the place and read that last year they banned laptops and studying materials. What? D.C is home to so many freaking colleges and universities and you banned studying? Also, D.C is corporate AF…do you know your target audience or nah? Cool, they don’t ban laptops anymore, but I guess if you take up too much space then you might get a stern talking to, which is a perfectly acceptable argument.


Now I can’t tell someone how to run their business of course. I’m just a paying customer and love the coffee shops’ aesthetic and food and coffee and tea. I can have an opinion, though, right?

Well, you just can’t force perfect strangers to be social with each other. A coffee shop (A Baked Joint calls themselves a restaurant but are set up like any other café) is an introverts’ best friend. I can be around people without draining my essence all while getting some work done and giving my eyes something pleasing to look at. Even if you took away my phone and computer, I’m still not talking to Janet or John whose sitting two seats down. If I come with friends I’m definitely not talking to Janet or John and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to talk to me either.

IMG_5254Also, I’m kind of tired of people blaming technology for making us less social when I think that we are a WHOLE lot more social now. We may not communicate on an oral (out loud? auditory?)  level as much, but man I can text all five of my friends in ten seconds and plan a movie night at my place. I even met my beau online and we have a really good thing going right now yet our society is less social? Sure our communication skills could definitely use some work (the society not my relationship) but nothing is perfect.

I do get the purpose of the WiFi or lack thereof, but why do you have to mess with my signal, though? We’re in a tech age now and I’m sick of being told that it’s a bad thing and brainwashing us. Maybe some of us, but definitely not all of us. The perfect example of cool technology…I started this blog on a whim to really get the things that are on my mind out there and I actually have people who read this blog on a daily basis now. If it weren’t for technology…the Internet, this blog wouldn’t exist. Well, that was a good example to me.

Anyway, like I said, I can’t tell anyone how to run their business even though I think that it is a bit obnoxious from both a business and consumer perspective. The idea is great on paper, but in practice…it can be divisive. Technology has its issues but so does everything else. I will be going back to A Baked Joint sometime soon because I can’t resist the atmosphere. I just won’t be going back to get any work done, which I guess, is the point. Hopefully, I didn’t come off as being too whiny because there are dozens of coffee shops that I CAN work at and I know that. Also, I found this topic to be interesting and it sort of peaked my curiosity. I’m always fascinated by the way certain establishments run their business and why exactly. So that is all for today and I will be returning back to my regular beauty, fashion and simplicity posts on Friday!


Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Booze Recipes

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Hey, you guys welcome back to BLOGMAS!! Only 13 days until Christmas! Today, I’m writing about Holiday Booze Recipes. I have many many recipes because I like to experiment with different juices and liquors. There are some recipes that simply fit the holiday season. I’m not big on anything that is too difficult to make unless we’re talking Sangria, so these recipes are very simple and require little prep or ingredients.

Lately, I have really been loving Prosecco in EVERYTHING! I prefer the La Marca brand over any because it’s sweet and smooth. I’m not at all a fan of dry champagnes, sparkling wines and red wines. If you also prefer sweet sparkling wines, then La Marca is for you.


Of course, I add this to some orange juice and enjoy a few Mimosa’s in the morning…or night. I also enjoy a nice Faux Bellini when I go to holiday parties or just hanging out with friends.

Faux Bellini 

Prosecco or Sparkling Wine

Raspberry Lemonade

That’s it! No need for peach puree or marination. I add equal parts lemonade and sparkling wine and that’s my Faux Bellini recipe…there’s nothing to it. White grape juice or peach lemonade will taste great as well!

Okay, so I really don’t like red wine at all. I have found a nice Spanish red wine that tastes alright by itself, but I definitely am all about red wine spritzers. Spritzers are great for any time – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. fullsizerender-2

Red Wine Spritzer

Red Wine


Sprite or sparkling water

Juice of Lemon

Lemon Slice

Yes, I know ice in red wine!*gasp* I told y’all before I’m a rebel! This recipe calls for 2 parts Sprite and one part red wine and a splash of lemon. I have no idea why this tastes so good, but together the flavors are amazing. I make this at parties and for whatever reason, it is a huge hit.

Next to tequila, my other favorite liquor is bourbon. Bourbon has a warming effect, so it is perfect for the cold snowy days. It just so happens that bourbon mixes pretty well with about any kind of juice. I prefer juice over mixes because they don’t have nearly as much sugar in them. Also, bourbon is pretty sweet by itself, so there is really no need for any extra sweetener anyway.

The restaurant Matchbox has this bourbon drink that contains apple cider, orange bitters, lemon, and cinnamon syrup. As stated before, I like to experiment with juices and of course less sugar!

Matchbox Remake

Apple Cider or Lemonade or White Grape Juice or Apple Juice (100% Juice preferably)

Cinnamon Stick

Lemon slice (if you’re not using lemonade)

Pour the juice first and then the bourbon because it can be on the stronger side. Taste as you go. Squeeze some lemon juice in. Add in a cinnamon stick and let sit for about five minutes. The longer the cinnamon stick sits, the more flavor it gives to the drink. Feel free to add any bitters if you please. That’s all!

I love love love all of these recipes because they’re so different from a hot toddy or egg nog or your Bailey’s spiked hot cocoa. I hope you guys loved these easy booze recipes as much as I did. Thanks for reading and drink responsibly!





Blogmas Day 3: DIY Liqueur/Infusions

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Okay I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of a lush. I love to drink, but for the taste not to get drunk. At parties I love to make drinks for all of my friends and hope they like my alcoholic creations. I recently discovered that I could make my own liqueurs…or infusions rather. The awesome thing about making your own alcoholic infusions is that they can also be given as gifts! So keep reading if you want to see what infusions I created.

Spiced Rum

What you’ll need:

Dark Rum (preferably the premium kind)

Cinnamon Sticks

Vanilla Beans

Cloves (optional)

Orange Peels (optional)

Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter

Jar or Bottle

Most infusions call for these huge batches, but I like to start off small and see if I like it first. I just filled a mason jar about ¾ full of rum and added in 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 vanilla bean sliced down the middle lengthwise, 1 clove broken in half, and however many orange peels you please. Since this is a small batch, you only need to steep for a couple of days making sure to taste and add anything until you get the desired taste. Once you get the taste you want, strain the rum with cheesecloth or a coffee filter twice or until there is no remnants leftover. Store in a mason jar or a small airtight decanter. Drink responsibly.


Spicy Tequila

Ok so I absolutely adore tequila. Most people hate it, but I’m one of the few who don’t.

What you’ll need:

Tequila (premium)
Peppers (Serrano, jalapeno or dried chile peppers)

Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter

Jar or Bottle

All you’re going to do is fill up a jar with tequila however full you want. Then deseed the peppers and slice them lengthwise into four slices. I don’t recommend steeping these too long, maybe a few hours or overnight. The pepper flavor will take very quickly. You don’t really have to strain the tequila but I chose to with cheesecloth or a coffee filter just so there are no remnants leftover. Store in an airtight jar or bottle and refrigerate. Since I used fresh peppers, I’m not really sure how long the infusion will keep. I’m probably going to share mine with my family so it won’t last a week anyway.

I hope everyone enjoyed this DIY! These infusions are both great to give as a gift. If you’re more advanced than I am, try DIY’ing your own Irish cream or Kahlua. I think the next infusion I do will be a spiced bourbon – because why not?! Enjoy and drink responsibly this holiday season!


Mindful Eating

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Ahh mindful eating. This is a big one for me, yet probably the easiest change for me. I’m definitely an abuser of eating junk when I’m bored; who isn’t though? Eating mindfully comes easy to me because I gave up gluten around this time last year. So once I gave up gluten, eating healthy and clean was something that was pretty much written in the stars for me.

This definitely isn’t a how to guide to healthy or mindful eating, because what may work for me may not work for you. Personally, I read a few books and magazines and even watched a couple of documentaries. I ran into this user on Reddit who makes these amazing recipes, both clean and not so clean. NerdsWithKnives is their website and I certainly will be visiting quite often.

As for the books – cookbooks to be exact, they really aren’t always the best. You read this awesome recipe only to make this huge dinner and have ALL these leftover herbs, spices and sauces that you’ll probably never ever use again. Recipes seem to be written for families of 5 of 6 as well. Have you ever seen a recipe that says “Serves 8” and you’re only a family of four or less? I mean even the ones that say “Serves 4” you end up with this giant meal for an extra three people. Of course leftovers, but do we really want to eat the same thing for the next three days? If you have this problem, try to half your recipes; yes this involves a little math, I apologize. Or you can eyeball everything, I don’t think I’ve ever actually followed a recipe to tee – yup I’m such a rebel.

I picked up this cool mimg_3977agazine on whim at Wegman’s and it includes some really creative recipes. Instead of it being sorted by meals of the day, it is sorted by type of food. For example: There is a section on egg recipes and then another section on pork, chicken, etc. The portion sizes are pretty decent and they’re easy and affordable.

Pretty much any documentary talking about any social or economic issues like the food industry, it is going to be somewhat extreme. I’ve watched about three documentaries on the affects of junk food and processed foods and sugar. All of this stuff is bad for us and we know that. The problem isn’t that we eat these foods; it is that we eat it in excess. That’s what the documentaries don’t tell you which is why they don’t really seem to be that effective. If they came out and said, “hey don’t eat so much of this, you’ll feel better,” this would be a better tactic. The key should be to change the way we eat, not to scare us into eating healthier foods. So when watching any documentary on food or any other economic issue, take points from it and not at face value.

If you’re still reading, I suggest doing your own research when it comes to food. This is a personal and intimate choice for us all. Changing the way you eat is a huge adjustment to your life and not everyone can do same thing. Even eating mindfully is a big change, but definitely attainable. Give it a try; you might like it.



Documentaries (All on Netflix)

Food Matters

Hungry For Change

Sugar Coated

Books & Cook Books

Waste Free Kitchen

Damn Delicious

Eat Cheap. Eat Healthy



Foodie Friday’s

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Yes I know I’m a day late, but better late than never right? This week features food that was homemade and I put lots of love into. Most of the dishes were actually pretty easy and quick which is exactly why I made them.


1. Funnel Cake! It’s fair season and who doesn’t like funnel cake? Well us people whose stomach doesn’t tolerate gluten had to give up this yummy fried dough…at least at the fair. I found a gluten free recipe online, but didn’t really follow it because that’s me. It turned out well I must say and it’s pretty.

2. So I technically didn’t make this, my mom did. It’s a red wine spritzer with a splash of lemon. Earlier this summer I got a little sangria crazy and needed to take it easy. I despise red wine normally, but with a little 7up or Sprite…perfection.

3. I made it seem like the chicken and broccoli was the center piece of this meal, but it’s actually the things behind the chicken. Crab rangoons..on tortilla chip scoops instead of wonton wrappers. Cream cheese and crab meat happens to be really good!

4. I’ve mentioned many a time how much I love Mexican food. I know taco salad really isn’t authentic Mexican food but this was still freaking amazing. The fam was definitely a fan of this meal!

Normally I am all about going out to eat in the summer, but cooking is just way more appealing to me this year. Stay tuned for more foodie Friday’s..actually on Fridays.

Foodie Friday’s

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Hello again! Welcome back to another edition of Foodie Friday’s! Instead of doing my normal collage of food, I’ll be just posting each picture individually. Here it goes!


Let’s start with drinks! I have been drinking smoothies almost everyday. I cannot get enough of them. This one is from Tropical Smoothie Cafe called the Advocolada. I never used to like smoothies until going to this place. Now I can’t get enough.


These decadent drinks belong to Arlington’s very own ObyLee. This drink is called a wine slushie; mango flavored and extremely refreshing.


It wouldn’t be cool of me to not include my own creations on here, so I must! I once saw a video recipe of this sweet chili chicken and when I went back to recreate it, I couldn’t find the video ANYWHERE. So I went into the kitchen, threw a bunch of seasonings and sugars together making this amazing marinade. I pan-fried some cut up chicken thighs, added the marinade and let simmer for 20 minutes – this is what I got. This is an all time favorite in my family, it’s too bad I don’t make it that often.


Patatas Bravas y Albondigas. Potatoes and Meatballs. I’m seriously a sucker for tapas and sangria. I feel like I don’t need to describe this amazing-ness because the picture is just so pretty. 🙂


Speaking of tapas…theres more. This Mexican Benedict was just great. I think it was the poached egg that did it for me, that and the super fresh pico de gallo on top! Yet another picture that speaks for itself!


Sometimes I miss bread surrounding my burger patty, but sometimes lettuce wrapped burgers are just better all around. Good Stuff Eatery is where I got this deliciousness from. The restaurant has a burger named after Obama that was apparently (not sure how true) ordered by him, which I have had before and man does the president have good taste in burgers. My favorite part about this place is the selection of sauces they have. Mango mayo is the best one *hint hint.*

That is all this Foodie Friday! There is definitely more Foodie Fridays in the future. I hope you all enjoy!



Foodie Friday

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Hey there everyone and welcome back to Foodie Friday’s! Eating at these new and also not so new places has been a lot of fun! I can’t wait for the summer weather to begin so that I can experience even more places as well as get the grill going at home!


I didn’t get the chance to number these so I’ll just state which dish I’m talking about by position.

Top right: These wings are just amazing! That day I took a risk and neglected my gluten free diet which I had to pay for later. These breaded chicken wings topped with mumbo sauce are like I said before, amazing. If this was the only dish I could eat for the rest of my life, I think I would be okay.

Bottom left: Jack Daniels ribs at TGI Friday’s are a go to for me! If you haven’t had them, then I highly recommend them. Go for the full rack because you’ll want to take them home.

Top right: So I always try to make it a point to show food that I’ve made too. Here you have a romaine lettuce chicken salad. I prefer homeade salads because everything can be bought extremely fresh as well as cheap. I topped this salad off with homeade honey mustard as well!

Middle right: If you’ve ever been to Peets coffee & tea and like iced coffee, get the Black Tie. Go for the small because the caffeine with hit you like a ton of bricks. Their teas are also really good too.

Bottom right: If there is one thing that I could always go for, it’s Mexican food. Normally when I’m at a Mexican restaurant, I try not to be super typical and get tacos. These specific tacos are just so good. I’m pretty sure they put crack or something in their corn tortillas because they’re just THAT good!

That’s it for now. Look out for the next Foodie Friday!