Products I Don’t Use Anymore

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It’s definitely one of those weeks where I’m not really sure what I want to talk about on this here blog. I’m still recovering from the party/BBQ my family and I had last weekend and I think I still have liquor brain or something. I’ve been getting my life organized as well and developing daily routines to keep everything simple for myself.

As I was writing this I came up with an idea for a blog post today. Who says you can’t get things done under pressure? I randomly thought about products that I don’t use anymore and said to myself “hey that would make a good blog post.” So here I go!

I feel like I’ve done a ton of reviews on here and I can’t honestly say that I still use each and every product that I have reviewed. A good portion of the products that I LOVED at the time didn’t last like I thought they would.


The first one the list is the Facial Radiance Pads! Ok so I technically didn’t stop using these, I just had to take a break from them. In fact, I took a break from most of the products containing any sort of acid. I felt like acids were causing my face to be inflamed which of course caused acne. I had to make my routine a little more gentle. At some point, I will incorporate acids back in, but I may not have to apply them as often as I was.


I know! I was obsessed with the Herbivore Lapis Oil. In fact, I’m still obsessed, but my skin isn’t. My super sensitive skin started to react negatively when I used the oil. It would cause redness and it hurt to touch my skin, but only in certain spots like my chin or my cheeks. I tried to incorporate it back into my routine, but the same thing would happen. However, it did not go to waste, because my mom has it at the moment.


I was really excited to use this trio since I adore Josie Maran’s argan oil. What had happened was, the cleansing oil broke me out SO bad. Oddly enough, argan oil is a non- comedogenic oil so there must have been something else that irritated my skin. The sunscreen and the oil didn’t break me out though.


As much as I liked the Leahlani Skincare line, I just couldn’t see myself repurchasing the Honey Love or Champagne Serum again. The products specifically seemed to be more for dry skin, not sensitive combo skin. The Mermaid Sea mask will always be on my repurchasing list though!


I’m not completely sure if ever reviewed this Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser  but I’m sure I’ve mentioned it. This did a great job at brightening my skin, but it never really kept the acne to a minimal. Having glowy acne is a different approach. I may repurchase once I for real get the pimples under absolute control.

So, I guess this was a “where are they now?” type of post today. Also, these all ended up being skin care products…I guess those are the only items I actually buy. Hopefully Thursday I will have some actual material even though this wasn’t too bad! Thanks for reading.


First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads Review

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I really did want to wait for this post since I feel like I JUST posted about it, but I could not wait! Remember my Herbivore Lapis Oil post that I was so giddy about? Well, I’m pretty giddy about my First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. For the rest of this post, I’m just going to call these pads FAB Radiance Pads or FAB Pads because it is a bit shorter!

I’ll be honest, I turned my nose up at First Aid Beauty at first because I always thought they were kind of basic and didn’t really come with the bells and whistles (yummy scents, amazing packaging, pretty colors) like other skincare lines do. To be fair, I think GlamGlow over does it with the bells and whistles…mainly their scents and funky packaging. Most of FAB is unscented, undyed, and kind of uninteresting. I once received a sample of their moisturizer and thought it was just okay – probably better for dry skin. So, I never really gave them a second look.


It wasn’t until I was recommended the FAB Radiance Pads by a Sephora employee that I knew I made a huge mistake judging First Aid Beauty. Now I’m scouring to see if they have any other products in the line that may cater to my skin. However, I don’t plan on purchasing any more skin care (from Sephora) until the month of April is over, which is RIGHT around the corner!

Upon purchasing the FAB Radiance Pads, I thought “hey why not, they’re only $30 (60-count) and I can ALWAYS return them since Sephora has such a generous return policy.” Little did I know that I would actually look forward to using these exfoliating pads on a daily basis.


Here’s a little blurb on the FAB Radiance Pads from

If you want to know more…
Facial Radiance® Pads contain just the right amount of lactic and glycolic acids to make them safe and effective for daily use, even for people with sensitive skin. Cucumber and Indian gooseberry tone the face, while lemon peel and licorice root leave the skin looking bright and glowing. Regular use of these pads will smooth the skin’s texture, providing a perfect canvas for flawless makeup application. 

What I love about these FAB Pads is that you see results pretty instantly…of course, they’re no miracle worker and don’t make your skin glow like the moon, but your (my) skin does appear brighter after using. After about a week of use, dark spots begin to fade and uneven skin tones begin to even out. Emphasis on begin(s). 

I stated in my last post about the FAB Pads that if you’re used to using acid peels that are much stronger, then these exfoliant pads may not work as effectively.

This time around, I actually have an after picture, which really isn’t helpful because I have no before pictures. Also, it was right after I used the product because I planned on having more after pictures to see the difference. I really need to get better at this!


Now my dark spots are still pretty visible, but my cheekbones and pretty much anywhere I’d apply highlight to is all glowy and radiant! I’m sure over the course of a few months, my dark spots would fade away as well.

Anywho, the FAB Radiance Pads are good for anyone who has sensitive acne prone skin that typically reacts badly to alpha hydroxy acids. The exfoliant pads can be used every day twice a day if necessary. I think of these FAB Pads as the equivalent to the Herbivore Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Mask but in toner and exfoliant form.

I like to use this product in the morning for a “wake me up” glow. If you use a tinted moisturizer go ahead and put it on right after using these pads because they make a pretty decent primer too!


So, I think I’ll wrap this review right on up and say that these Facial Radiance Pads are worth the $30. If you’re worried about spending that much, you can always order the $15 FAB Pads (28-count) on and try them out. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, comments or concerns. Thanks for reading!


So Long, Hyperpigmentation

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Have you all noticed that I no longer have been complaining about my acne as much? I’m not sure why exactly I had that crazy breakout almost a month ago, but it is finally gone and I have clear skin for the most part. I still have some pretty bad post inflammatory hyperpigmentation since that horrible breakout. Luckily, getting rid of dark spots are a whole lot easier even though it can take a long time for the spots to go away.

I’m not going to be all informative and what not because I’m still learning about hyperpigmentation and acne scarring myself and I don’t want to give any wrong information about it!  All I know is I really want to speed up the healing process of these spots that were left behind from my acne.

I do know that there are products that can help with this kind of problem and I do plan on using them! So, I just want to show you some products that I actually already had to help me (and you) with my little dark problem(s)!


FAB Facial Radiance Pads – If you read my post from last week then you already know a little bit about this product. These have AHA’s (glycolic and lactic) that help to exfoliate and promote cellular turnover. Over time, these pads can really help to get rid of the appearance of dark spots.

NeoGen Dermalogy Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Pads – These pads also contain AHA’s (glycolic and lactic,) as well as Vitamin C. The pads contain lemon extract which naturally has Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a well-known brightening treatment and also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots over a period of time.


Odacite Pure Elements Papaya + Geranium Serum – This is an all-natural serum that is specifically formulated to get rid of dark spots caused by acne. The papaya fruit enzymes plus the added lemon essential oil helps to dissolve dead skin cells and produce a nice glow. In other words…more cellular turnover! The Geranium provides a more evened out skin tone as well as some aromatherapy benefits.

Somme Institute Vitamin C Serum – More vitamin C! As I stated above, vitamin C is a great brightening treatment. What I didn’t state above is that Vitamin C is a good serum to add to your routine to protect against harmful environmental damage.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum – You know the drill with all this Vitamin C…also see my Drunk Elephant Skin Care Review.

I will try to have more information on Vitamin C because I’m a bit confused whenever I read about it.


The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA – Alpha Arbutin also helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and is supported with hyaluronic acid for enhanced delivery (paraphrased from Deciem website.) I’ve never even heard of alpha arbutin until The Ordinary hit popularity a few months ago. The Ordinary line provides amazing products for an even more amazing price. The Alpha Arbutin is only $8.90!

So, I have my options to get rid of my hyperpigmentation. These are products that we (mom and I) already had, therefore I don’t have to go out and buy anything! I never thought to already include these serums and exfoliants (other than FAB Radiance Pads) to my skin care routine. I want to keep you guys updated every month or so because I know this isn’t going to be an overnight process.

Thanks for reading.


FAB Radiance Pads For the Win!

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I think for once, I’m actually keeping my promise and talking about the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads today. But first, this needs a backstory

A few weeks ago, I walked into Sephora to get one of those fun sheet masks. Those masks make me laugh and also help my skin too…in fact, I have one on now while I’m typing this out! If you must know, I have on the Dr. Jart’s Hydration Lover™ rubber mask. Anyway, this Sephora employee was asking me about my skin and I told her that I have combo/oily acne prone, yet sensitive skin. She said since I love sheet masks, to try the Hydration Lover™ versus the one that is for acne prone skin just to see how it works.


Later on after perusing the rest of Sephora’s skincare section, the same employee found me again and showed me the new Philosophy Renewed Hope tinted moisturizer. The color that she tried on me is a little too dark, however, I got my hands on some Glossier drops (like Cover FX drops) that can help change the color of any foundation or BB cream or tinted moisturizer. The Renewed Hope goes on really well and gets really great reviews. I think that is a future must have once it begins to get really hot!

As I was about to walk out she gave me a card so that I can come back and get a mini facial sometime soon and recommended the First Aid Beauty Radiance Pads to help with my breakouts and hyperpigmentation.


Last week, I was at a different Sephora and decided to pick them up because they were only $30. I read the reviews before actually purchasing and it gets pretty mixed reviews, but I went with my gut and purchased it anyway.

These FAB Radiance Pads are amazing for skin that is sensitive AND acne prone. Initially, the pads did sting a little bit but it goes away pretty quickly. The first night I used them, I woke up the next morning with actual radiant skin even with all of my dark spots. I was not expecting much at all because I had always been a little skeptical of FAB products. It’s only been four days since my purchase and I already love the FAB Radiance Pads. You guys know I love waking up with a nice healthy looking glow!

IMG_5379The pads contain glycolic and lactic acid…at this point, I’m sure you guys are tired of hearing about AHA’s and the such so I won’t go into detail about that. The main reason I like these pads are because they are very gentle with my skin and can be used every day if necessary. Also, these FAB Pads are definitely affordable compared to Drunk Elephant’s TLC Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum which in my opinion work the same way.

I do not recommend these pads for someone who has used strong forms of glycolic and lactic acid. So, if you’ve done acid peels or anything of the sort, these pads may not work as well for you.

I will have a more in-depth review pretty soon, but I want to include some other products (Glossier drops, Renewed Hope, Micellar Water, etc) along with the FAB Facial Radiance Pads. Also, I want to use them longer and actually have some before and after results this time around. So, that should be up on here in a couple of weeks! I can’t wait!!