Hello, August!

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I’m so happy that it’s August again! August just so happens to be my birthday month and if I’m being honest….I get really annoying. That isn’t what this post is about, but I just wanted to mention how much I love August. Be prepared for a bunch of makeup, outfit, and hair post about how I’m going to all done up for the big day.

Anyway, I just kind of wanted to come on here and post about nothing. I am currently in the process of seriously getting my room organized. I’m looking at floating shelves, floor pillows, tulle, and just a ton of other things that will tie my room together.

I’m very excited to be doing this so that I can showcase it on this here blog. I talk about wanting to live a simple life occasionally and it’s time to start really making that happen.

Yesterday I had to purchase this cute little gem and for some reason, it has really inspired me. Yes, it’s a marble dry erase board…who doesn’t love marble? It sparked inspiration because I realized that my many walls can be utilized! Having something hanging such as a small shelf helps me to get rid of the unnecessary or find a different place for it.


So I’m not going to ramble on too much about nothing so it’s time to end this blog post now. Thank you for reading as always.

How do you get organized?


Blogmas Day 9: Bedroom Decor Ideas

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So this is nothing like what I’ve been posting about and definitely not on my Blogmas list.

Lately, I’ve been struggling so much with my bedroom. It’s on the third floor of my parents house and it’s a pretty huge space. I know, I know… what a problem to have! You think you want a nice big space until you actually get one.

Cleaning the space is just so difficult and only gets worse as time goes on.I’ve lived by the rules of having a place for everything and minimizing my surfaces, but to be completely honest that doesn’t help at all.

The problem with my room is that it has low ceilings and NO windows – well none that can open anyway. So far, I’ve sectioned my bedroom off with an Ikea Pax closet setup. One part of my room is an actual bedroom, the other part is a wardrobe closet. There are just certain parts of the room that get messy really easily. I found some ideas online that I think will help me to get my room to be organized and cute again!


I love the poofs and the pillows and the rug! I happen to have a little couch in my room and I think if I added a decent sized rug, a couple of poofs, and/or bean bags the space would look a lot more pulled together as well as fill the open space.


I would really like to have one of these so that I can put my craft supplies (hopefully neatly) in here. This would help to keep all of my things off the floor and surfaces.


I could definitely use this Lack shelf for many things, like the collection of shot glasses I keep getting from friends whenever they go on vacation or my scented candles. I also MIGHT have a few stuffed animals that MAY be in need of a home.

what size area rug under king bed

I really like the idea of a rug under my bed to maximize the space. I most definitely would prefer something fuzzy, but I am open to other types of rugs as well.

I think incorporating some of these ideas in my bedroom would help to make the space look more cozy and neat. I know this post was very random, but that was something I felt I needed to get off my brain and see visually. Thanks for reading my randomness!