Fall & Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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So, it’s about that time of year again…actually it’s past that time of year but better late than never! I didn’t do a capsule wardrobe for the summer because I found it to be too tedious. However, I did do a capsule wardrobe for the fall and the winter! Just a heads up, all of the garments that are seen are not all of the garments that I have, but the main clothes that I wear on a daily basis. I have also divided my wardrobe into three separate capsules which I will go into more detail about later. Lastly, I am still adding to my wardrobe slowly, but surely.

The majority of main capsule tops are sweaters. It’s a no-brainer that it can get cold out and you need some nice comfy and cozy sweaters to bundle up in. The rest of my pieces such as my chambray shirt and the graphic tee, I layer with cardigans, jackets, and/or scarves.



Surprisingly, I only own three pairs of jeans (for fall/winter), which I think is plenty! I tend to wear my Lucky Brand jeans and my leggings at least 2-3 times a week. I’m working on adding some more dresses to my wardrobe, but I am super picky about the style of dress that I wear. For now, I own and wear two sweater dresses that I absolutely adore. I think I’ll be okay adding two more really good quality dresses here soon.


Bottoms & Dresses

I thought I would save my work and “going out” capsule for another post. Most of my work capsule includes some of the same items and my going out capsule is still a work in progress.

I stated earlier that these are just the clothes that I wear the most out of my wardrobe during this time of the year. The more I do capsules, the less clothing I buy every year. Many of the items seen above have been apart of my wardrobe for 3-4 years. However, I like to have options so that I don’t get sick of wearing the same thing over and over again.

Hopefully, this post made some sense to you all because I know I somewhat complicated the whole point of a capsule wardrobe. I’ve just been doing what works for me and I’m pretty happy with it!

Thanks for reading.


NO More Summer Capsule Wardrobes

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Ok, so I didn’t really do a capsule wardrobe this summer. For some reason, summer comes around and I just can’t figure out how to capsule my clothing. I spoke about this in a post earlier this season and I wanted to fix my summer wardrobe. However, I never got around to it because I just really don’t like the hot weather like that and it just seemed way too tedious.

I did manage to fit some wins in though. I now know that I can pretty much wear denim or woven shorts and a simple top along with a flowy kimono and look pretty fabulous.


And when going out I can throw on a bralette with a mesh top and be good to go! I guess I got caught up on trying not to look too boring that I forgot that kimonos, belts, chokers, and makeup can take an outfit that’s a 5 and turn it into a 10.


So I’ve kind of decided that I probably won’t be doing a capsule in the summer months anymore because 1. It just gives me a headache thinking about it for some odd reason. 2. I tend to gravitate towards anything that’s going to be comfortable, breathable, and stylish…meaning I may end up defeating the purpose of a capsule and purchasing new items.

Luckily I do buy pretty decent quality items in the summer so I will have them for a pretty long time and have no plans of getting rid of anything. SO now that I’ve seemed to figure out my (non) issue about summer, I can finally start thinking about fall. I have already started purchasing fall items because it’s my favorite and most of the fall stuff is on sale right now! I can’t wait to start photographing fall outfits for you guys! Look out for that in the next month or so!

Thanks for reading as always.


Adding to my Capsule

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I know I know, I didn’t post my Friday post yesterday. I should seriously consider auto posting for when I’m out and about and don’t plan on being near a computer. Anyway, today I wanted to talk about American Eagle Outfitters. It’s not weird that I want to talk about this retailer, I promise.

I didn’t really shop at American Eagle as a teen because their clothes were pretty logo intensive then and I did not like that sort of style and still don’t. It wasn’t until a few years ago I happened upon their site and saw that they kind of changed their style to more everyday basics yet somewhat trendy style. This was around the time that I started doing a capsule wardrobe and shopped there for mainly t-shirts and jeans.

AE jeans are some of the best jeans on the market. This is coming from someone who has trouble finding jeans because of my somewhat abnormally long legs and the random tushy I have. Shopping for jeans is something I never ever want to go do but I know is necessary every few years or so. Sometimes I’m a 0 and sometimes I’m a 4. It always depends on the store and if their sizes don’t vary too much. American Eagle is one of those stores where I am the same size in every rise, fit, and wash. Ultimately, it’s as if American Eagle jeans are made for people with “abnormal” bodies…not for the super curvy, yet not for the waif either.

Anyway, I recently went on their site again and noticed the style has changed a bit once again. They still have their Soft & Sexy line, but also added a new line that I am really here for. The line is called “Don’t Ask Why” and it features slightly sexy, edgy and somewhat trendy clothing. Think, off the shoulder, lace up necklines, bomber jackets and an homage to Yeezy maybe?

Of course, I bought some things and plan on buying a couple of more items from there for the warmer months. I’m forever in a bind when it comes to clothes and Summer and I think American Eagle is my answer!

Is AE slow fashion? Not really, but it isn’t fast fashion either. There happens to be some retailers out there who fall right in the middle. Are their practices ethical? Well, I’m still searching for that but AE has a page about a better world which doesn’t exactly include “100% ETHICAL” or anything of the sort. However, they’re leaning more towards sustainability, which is a step in the right direction.

It helps to have a retailer to shop at that’s not super expensive and also pretty stylish. I can’t say the same for some slow retailers out there. I actually really love the idea of shopping somewhere that’s priced somewhere in the middle ($30-$150.)


So I said all of that to say that I’ve added American Eagle Outfitters to my slow fashion shopping list, especially for the Summer months. If I buy anything else from AE, I’ll be sure to post about in my next capsule update! Thanks for reading!


A Laidback Post

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So, I had a blog post in mind for today, but I couldn’t get my thoughts together once again. I think way too much and have too many ideas sometimes that it all merges together and makes no sense once I write it out.

For, today, I thought I would just go over my weekend as well as a little bit of today since it was kind of eventful.

Saturday, I hung out with my dear boyfriend after I went to this Origins skin care event that was completely packed, but while I was there, my eye caught on to something. There was this Mega Mushroom Micellar Water that I kind of want to try since it’s natural and gets your makeup off in one fail swoop. Oil cleansing has kind of been irritating my eyes a bit so I may need to switch it up with my first cleanse.

Afterward, my mom and I headed to Sephora and I purchased a First Aid Beauty product that I’ll expand on in my next blog post.


Sunday, I went to Lush and purchased some gifts for two of my friends who happen to be twins. I’m meeting with them on Wednesday for happy hour and I refuse to show up empty handed because their birthday passed not to long ago. I didn’t want to be cliché and get them both the same gifts because I’m pretty sure that’s what people ALWAYS do. I decided to make one of my famous gift boxes/bags that includes bath bombs and bubble bars. I’m not going to show what I got them because I’m honestly not sure if they read my blog or not so I can’t spoil it for them if they do read it.


Later that day, I met up with my parents at the MGM National Harbor Casino and sat outside with them because it was such a beautiful day. I was wearing my new Madewell shirt that I’m seriously loving. I’ve already come up with different outfits and accessories that I can wear with it. I’m actually very content with how I added color to my wardrobe. More outfits featuring my new tops will be coming soon, I promise!



Today, Monday, I woke up to my mom asking if I wanted to go to City Center with her. Of course, I agreed and we headed out an hour later. If you check out my Instagram (@chelsiiohkay) I posted a few things on my INSTA story – needless to say, it’s a gorgeous day and everything is aesthetically pleasing. We then went to this gelato and coffee place and obviously I ordered the Affogato because…warm espresso and ice cream YES, please!



Then it was time to end our afternoon and head back home before the D.C. traffic hit.

Hopefully Wednesday, I’ll have an actual post about something but for now, I hope you all enjoyed this kind of laidback post!

Thanks for reading!


Adding Color to My Wardrobe

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So, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to start incorporating color into my wardrobe. I will be honest, though, I am/was a little nervous about doing so, because I really want to wear the clothing that I purchase. Of course, I can just wear it, but I also want it to look good on me as well!

Yesterday, I did a little shopping and it took me at least an hour to figure out what I was going to get. I waltzed (as usual) into Madewell and saw so many freaking cute things. I felt as if I walked into a human-sized trap. Initially, I was going to get some jeans, but I figured that those could wait until I figured out my color palette as well as pieces that I would like to have in my wardrobe. That seems a little backward right? It is….that’s just how I think occasionally.

After, much deliberation and help from my father (so I don’t buy random things), I managed to come out of Madewell with two shirts and an idea of what my color palette may look like.

color palette.png

These are the colors that I think I would be happy with in my closet. I’m most definitely already sold on the dusty pink and the white because I already have those colors in my closet. However, I never thought of wearing olive green in the warmer months, but they usually put out a more muted, pastel olive green that works pretty well. Speaking of muted colors, that coral is supposed to be more of a pastel coral, which I will visually explain in a bit.

Obviously, I don’t mind adding any other colors to my wardrobe, but I don’t want to go overboard and end up never wearing them.

Now, as far as style goes, I’d like to keep that somewhat the same…slightly edgy. Classic Rocker Chic to be exact. To be completely honest, I’m trying to avoid being too Bohemian as well as too Preppy which is easy to do in the warmer seasons. Although, since my style has a bit of edginess to it, I don’t mind slipping a little bit into a Boho-esque look.

I don’t know if anybody is reading this and thinking “who puts this much thought into buying clothes?!” Me! I do! My thought process of purchasing clothes is almost cathartic and once the shopping process is all done it’s all ease from there.

Anyway! Let me show you the shirts that I bought!


I’m finally putting my mannequin to good use right? Well, this is one of the tops that I bought that I think really suits me and my capsule. I can wear this with jeans both black and white and maybe a denim skirt if I ever get one. Also, this was the muted coral color I was talking about. I especially like it because it somehow makes my skin tone pop. As I was purchasing this, I was nervous as to how it was going to look and already had plans to return it. Not anymore!


Okay, so this was the pastel olive green I was talking about. I pretty much knew how this was going to fit and look. I adore muscle tees for the warmer months and I feel like I need more! I can pair this with joggers, a skirt, a leather jacket, jeans and shorts of course. Nice and versatile just the way I like.

So, this is what I have so far. I’ll be sure to write another blog post when I add some other pieces later in the season. Who would have thought, I’d add color to my wardrobe?! I’m excited about this season for once and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Thanks for reading.


Capsule Wardrobe Time!

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So, it’s about that time. Capsule wardrobe time! This is my third year doing a capsule wardrobe so I’m basically a pro now *curly hair flip.* Initially, I started doing a capsule because I wanted to be more minimal, but now I do it for the simplicity and ease of it all.

Normally I drag my feet especially in the Spring months to change out the clothing in my wardrobe. I’m not at all a fan of the warmer months because I ADORE Fall and Winter. This Spring I’m actually looking forward to compiling my capsule wardrobe because I am going about it a little differently this time around.

As you know I am doing my own slow fashion challenge to purchase more ethical and better quality clothing. Well, one of the cool things about slow fashion is that you can, for the most part, wear the clothes year around. Basically, there is no need for seasonal clothing anymore…give or take a few items that are just must have pieces.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in California and can’t get away with wearing the same cropped sweater I wore in Fall in the Summer. Here on the east coast while it can get pretty cold…it can get pretty damn hot! In fact, when summer comes rolling around I’m a back out, cropped tank, bralette, no sleeves wearing fiend. In other words…I’m almost naked and so is everyone else because it really gets that hot with no relief.

Anyway, I’m only just figuring out the logistics of how this No Seasonal, Slow Fashion clothing thing is going to work. So far, I pulled out many of my “warm weather” clothes and already threw a good portion of them in the “get rid of” pile that sits in the middle of my room. It’s kind of funny how much your style can change in less than a year.

I’m finding that most of what I wore in the Fall I can definitely wear in the Spring and even the Summer. Of course jeans, (certain) dresses, white tees, (faux) silk tanks and the such are year-round staples, but even a chambray shirt, a sleeveless turtleneck, and a long sleeve fitted crop top can be worn all year.

Obviously, in the harsher months (Summer and Winter) you’re just going to want to wear clothing that suits the season. However, there are those days that are mild and can be worked with. Also, this does not mean that I am not shopping anymore! I will most likely replace something every time I purchase a new item. I am still replacing many of my fast fashion clothing with better quality slow fashion clothing as well as clothing that better suits my style.

One thing I will say is that I have zero colors for Spring. Everything right now is black, gray or olive green. So, when I do shop, I’ll probably purchase some things that have a little color.

So, I know this was a really long post, my capsule wardrobe posts usually are though. Thanks for reading regardless!


Remember the Fashion Formula!


Today will be a quick post. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend and ate some really amazing food. I know I did!!

My best friend’s sister and I decided to throw my best friend a surprise party this last weekend. For lack of better words, it was lit! She wasn’t all that surprised, because she saw all of our cars and kind of figured. She was absolutely so difficult throughout the week towards her sister and mom. I literally had to jump through hoops and come up with this elaborate plan just to surprise this girl. All in all, it was fun and she really appreciated the effort!

I was going to do an outfit of the day on the outfit I wore, but I didn’t really like my outfit all that much that night. I’m still trying to figure out what looks good and what looks not so good on me. That night I figured out that I don’t look as good in super boxy clothing. I had on this black dress that looked kindimg_4389 of ill fitting. While it was supposed to fit like that, it just wasn’t an outfit that looks good alone.

Today I ran into the same problem, my outfit wasn’t finished! Then I remembered the formula. I always have to remember the formula! Basic piece + interest piece + finishing piece + accessories. I always forgo the interest piece because that almost always adds too much for my taste. I think my interest piece is my hair or makeup as well as accessories. Today I added a patterned scarf.

My favorite thing to do is wear pretty basic pieces then add a cool cardigan, jacket or coat. Lately for the cooler months, I’ve been wearing dresses with tights or long socks and a long line cardigan or jacket with a scarf.Slowly but surely, my style is transforming into more adult looks. I’m definitely trying to steer clear of the low-rise jeans and t shirt look that I always end up in. Old habits die hard right?

If you ever run into a rut with your wardrobe and don’t really like how your outfit is coming together – don’t be afraid to revamp your wardrobe and remember the fashion formula!


Fall Wardrobe Revamp

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This week it will be fall!! Words can’t describe how happy I am to have Fall weather back…well except those words. This summer was seriously a rough one and I am elated that it is finally over. Who else is ready for Fall?!

While I am sooo ready for Fall, I am not sure my wardrobe is. I opened up my vacuum-sealed bag and was quite disappointed. It was at that moment I realized I still dress like a teenager. I wouldn’t say that this is such a bad thing, because well at least I have clothes to wear. I’m only in my early twenties, so it isn’t that far fetched that some of my outfits look a little juvenile. However, I believe that it is time for a much needed closet revamp. With a capsule wardrobe this could very well be challenging, but I will most likely use the search and replace method. Search for whatever doesn’t fit (my style) anymore and replace it with something that does.

The last few days, I’ve been imagining my future Fall wardrobe and for the first time ever I saw color. For the most part, my wardrobe is pretty black, white and grey with very little colors here and there. Don’t get me wrong I still love my basic neutrals, but it is time to add something more. I’m definitely not thinking of going crazy because I KNOW I will never wear anything crazy. I only plan on adding more neutrals such as a dusty pink, olive green and taupe. I know you might be thinking, “that is not adding color,” but for me this is totally adding color!

I decided to get extremely visual with this process of planning out my wardrobe and I think it’s a really good idea for someone who wants to change his or her style up. I took my ideas over to Polyvore and got to work.


I recently got a job that I get to do from home. Obligatory YAAAASS! I may have to dress in a little work wear every now and then, so something that’s not leggings or jeans is much needed. Trousers! I never ever thought I would wear let alone like trousers, but they’re actually very comfortable. Of course I can dress them up or down depending on where I’m off to.screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-6-49-31-pm

I’m not even sure why I’ve been sleeping on bodysuits, because they go with so many different things. I’m not completely sure why I don’t see them in capsule wardrobes more often either. A couple of bodysuits is something I will definitely be adding to my capsule due to their versatility. I’m not quite sure about the skirts, because I never thought I looked great in them but I’ll give them a shot.


Little black t shirt dresses are my favorite! I actually don’t even have to buy one, but I still felt obligated to plan it out because hey you never know. I’ll need some new boots most definitely! I know I said I was adding color, but this is where the accessories come in!


Oh how I love joggers! Having dusty pink pants freaks me out yet intrigues me at the same time. I can’t even remember the last time I wore colorful bottoms that weren’t jeans. I didn’t include it, but I’m absolutely going to need a bomber jacket to go along with these joggers.


Of course, some of these items are already in my capsule, so I won’t have to go out and purchase a completely new wardrobe. I highly suggest visually planning out your wardrobe because it will help to not buy unnecessary items that don’t even fit your needs. My goal was to add color and I purposely didn’t add any really bold colors because I know I probably won’t wear them. It helps to see everything so you don’t go overboard when you’re in the store…yes we’ve all been there.

I hope this post was useful and enjoyable! In the future I will probably make more post like this because it certainly has helped me. With that said, Happy Almost Fall everyone!


How to Wear Cheap Clothing

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In a perfect world, we would all have this amazing wardrobe that is sustainable, stylish and affordable. Being able to capture all three in any wardrobe would be pretty lucky if you ask me. For some of us consumers, we have to pass up on the sustainability to get both the stylishness and affordability.

I have given up on fast fashion many many times, but I always find myself back in an H&M or Forever 21 just for the affordability even with a capsule wardrobe. It’s pretty awesome to be able to walk into a store looking for a t-shirt and only having to pay $10..$12 with tax. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a organic store only to leave empty handed simply because of the price and sometimes the style…or lack thereof.

Cheap clothing or fast fashion does not HAVE to be bad! I feel everyone’s pain when they get a super cute shirt or dress only to be able to wear it once. It either shrunk, ripped, or became ill fitted. This more than likely occurs after it has been washed. If it didn’t occur after washing, then it was probably already in poor condition before you purchased the item.

So the big key to wearing cheap clothes more than once is to simply read the tag. More often than not, the tag will say “wash cold and tumble dry low” or “wash cold and line dry.” I know. That’s it?! Yes that is it. This “advice” goes for most clothing no matter the price. It is especially important with cheaper clothing because of the fibers they are made out of.

Sometimes the tag is just plain confusing or is in another language. What I normally do is wash ALL of my clothes on a delicate cycle and either line dry or put my dryer on air dry. Low heat is also okay too. It’s important in general to be gentle with your clothing.


IMG_0252                                  Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.02.22 PM

The gray shirt was $8 at H&M and should have shrunk a long time ago, but it has not been dried on high heat ever. The black dress was $5 on Amazon. I made the mistake of drying it and it shrunk into a shirt. I repurchased it and do the same as I do to the shirt. That’s really all there is to it. This may have been a no brainer to some or maybe even a life saver.

One day I hope to fully return to sustainable, but for now this is what I’ll be doing because it is affordable.




Finding My Personal Style

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Many times during college, I had to constantly defend my personal style to some of my fellow classmates. Sometimes it was rather annoying being a fashion major because it was like a fashion show for some people.

I started off my first few weeks dressing in skirts, dresses and tights; sometimes I would wear heels. It soon got old very quickly. I started dressing in mostly black, white or both.

That is when I actually found my uniform (leggings/jeans, tees and jacket/cardigan/kimono.) I got compliments from a few instructors that I was in fact, stylish. Not to some of my classmates who constantly told me to wear color because neutral colors were boring and I dress too “basic.” I wasn’t buying or even interested in the trends for myself. I liked my “basic” style that could easily be dressed up or dressed down. When I go out, I’m sure to wear my more dressy clothing which is almost always black, gray when I’m feeling risky.

I don’t think of my personal style as basic, I think of it as build-able. The older I get, the more polished it becomes and the more confident I am wearing it.