How I Style Velvet Pants

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I honestly didn’t think this blog post was coming so soon, but I figured out how to style those velvet pants that I recently purchased from Loft. Now, this was my first time NOT using Polyvore, so I had to make the background transparent and all that good stuff. Don’t laugh at my pictures…I promise they’ll get better once I start doing it more.

pants.pngAnyway, let me show you all some of the styles that I came up with.

The first style I actually wore to work yesterday. I love a nice simple black shirt that can easily be dressed up or down. I got this scalloped shirt from Nordstrom B.P. a couple of years ago and it never fails me. I like being able to just add a scarf or a necklace to complete a look.

scalloped shirt

I feel like whenever I feature my chambray shirt, I say this: everyone needs a chambray shirt in their life. Whenever I have issues figuring out to wear, my chambray shirt always comes through and saves the day. I only have one, but I need at least one more in a different wash or color.

chambray shirt

Some of you know that I have a serious deep love for cashmere. You can read my cashmere post if you want to know more about it. I love matching two fabrics together, especially two soft fabrics like velvet and cashmere. cashmere sweater

So that’s how I styled my new velvet pants. I wanted to try something new and showcase the clothing in a different way. What do you all think apart from my photo editing skills? Thanks for reading.


A Tourist in Spain Outfit of the Day

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Hola everyone, I know I’ve been gone for almost a week now and I apologize for that. However, I was on vacation in Spain enjoying myself. I was really hoping while I was there I’d get some good outfit pictures, but sadly I only got one decent outfit simply because the weather was ALL over the place.

The outfit I got all of the pictures of is super touristy and I LOVE it. I’m obsessed with the top and obviously my handy dandy boyfriend jeans. At the time I was in Seville and everyone was pretty dressed down including the locals, so why not follow suit?


I didn’t pack any sandals, but I did pack some basic black flip flops that…somewhat worked with this outfit. You have to make it work when you have limited options though, so I did what I could.


I was standing in front of a wall to the Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Cabelleria de Sevilla, which made the words on my shirt pop out!


The crossbody bag that I wore throughout the whole trip is this nice gray B. Makowski bag that is literally bottomless. I can fit a small bottle of water, an umbrella, my passport and all of the regular makeup stuff I normally carry. I’m overlooking the Guadalquivir River in Sevilla.


That is all for my post today. I’m so happy to be back and blogging. Next vacation I will probably blog because it doesn’t feel like work to me so why not? I hope you all enjoyed this outfit of the day post. Thanks for reading.



Creating a Skincare Routine: The Basics

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Happy Friday everyone so today I’m going to be talking about skin care again. This time I’m talking about how one can come up with their own skincare routine. I get asked by my friends all the time how I know which products to choose and what works best for my skin and even why something works for my skin.


Most of finding out, which products work best, is to simply experiment. I’ve pretty much had acne since I was 13 and have experimented with many face washes and moisturizers since. None of my advice is new whatsoever, but it doesn’t hurt to get back to the basics every once in awhile.

So, first and foremost, you have to figure out what type of skin you have. Are you oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or combination (oily + dry?) Keep in mind that you can have oily skin that’s also sensitive and dry skin that’s sensitive. Personally, I have combination skin that is sensitive and honestly, it sucks! Once you figure this part out you can pretty much shop for products that cater to your skin type.

After figuring out your skin type, shopping for products is probably going to be overwhelming yet addictive. So, try shopping for kits and asking salespeople for samples. I like going the sample route simply because skincare can be pretty expensive and you don’t want to waste your money on something that didn’t work or you didn’t like. Always save your receipts if you can’t get a sample!


Now for the fun part, narrow your products down to a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. We’ll talk about serums, acids, and oils in a later post. All of those kits and samples you tried…well its time to buy the full size of the ones that worked best for you. So basically you’re going to be looking for your holy grail skincare products that you know you can always fall back on. Of course, these products will probably change because of the seasons, aging or even formula changes.

My routine includes a stick charcoal cleanser, a balancing toner and niacinamide serum and then a probiotic moisturizer. Most days I tend to go without the serum unless I’m breaking out. These products work great for my temperamental skin and are basically my skin care saviors.


I do have some extra tips that have helped me so much since I’ve gotten really serious about ridding of my acne:

  • You may not need a cleanser in the morning if your skin isn’t crazy oily or dirty.
  • Always try to remove ALL of your makeup and then cleanse and do not forget to tone
  • Be as gentle as possible with your skin – sensitive or not
  • Be consistent. Try not to change up your products too often or else you won’t know what’s truly working. Also, always wash your face at night and get that makeup off before bed.

That’s my post for today. I hope this was helpful for some of you all out there. I’ll be posting a part two (and maybe three) that includes acids, serums, oils, and masks. Thanks for reading


Organizing My Room Pt. 1

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Okay as you all know I’m trying my best to organize my room. So far, I got the majority of my surfaces nice and neat. I didn’t have to throw anything away either…I just needed to find a new home for certain things.

Last week I purchased a bar cart from IKEA and it took me a minute to figure out how I was going to merchandise it, but I figured it out. All of my filming equipment (that can fit) goes on the top. Miscellaneous items go on the middle shelf, which thankfully is not that, many things. The last shelf holds all of my hair styling products, which again isn’t that much because I have finally found products that work for my hair. Obviously, this isn’t how most bar carts are used, but sometimes we just have to get creative.

Since I’ve merchandised the bar cart, my end table has cleared up. It could still use a lot of work, but I’ll declutter it eventually. I have to say, even though it isn’t the clearest surface, it is definitely more organized than it was before. I would prefer something else in place of this end table as well.


My vanity is holding up really well since I purchased the JerryBox Cosmetic Organizer. It’s kind of crazy how such a small change can make such a drastic difference when it comes to being more organized. It also helps that I don’t have a ton of makeup, but the JerryBox has really been helping out…now if I can figure out how to get my brushes to stay in there!

I’ll be coming back with a part two to organizing my room pretty soon which will probably include some decorating as well. Even though this was a short post, I hope it was still worth reading.


Blogmas Day 20: Favorite Christmas Candies

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There are only five more days until Christmas, but five more days until Blogmas is over. *sad face* So, because Christmas day is so close, I thought I’d start posting more festive post rather than things wintry type posts. Today, I’ll be talking about my favorite Christmas candies!

#1 Caramel Candies!


These could be Werther’s Originals or just any ‘ol brand of caramels. I WILL eat them! I typically enjoy these candies around the holiday season simply because that’s when I see them the most. I also like the hard candy ones as well.

#2 Sea Salted Caramels


I told you I liked caramel! I can eat sea salted caramels year around, but there is nothing like the ones that Crate and Barrel have during the holiday season. I don’t know why these just taste so good…maybe its the caramel, maybe it’s the type of chocolate. These happen to be dark chocolate, which I’m not a fan at all but I can tolerate these babies for some odd reason!

#3 Snowflake Yogurt Covered Pretzels


Another gem that can be purchased at Crate and Barrel. Technically, these aren’t candy, but they are sweet like it. I used to eat these all the time, but can’t anymore because they aren’t gluten free. However, I can still remember the taste and can probably remake them if I really wanted to. I’ve really got a thing for the sweet and salty thing, though…it’s fulfilling two cravings at once!

#4 Candy Canes


This is a no-brainer – who doesn’t like candy canes?  I actually really like the spearmint for some weird reason. Have you ever noticed you’ll find a random candy cane lying around somewhere 5 months after Christmas?

That’s all for today. I’d love to know if they’re any other Christmas candies that I should try because I have a hell of a sweet tooth! Thanks for reading as always.


Blogmas Day 18: Favorite Beauty Items this Year

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Ahhh it’s Sunday again…time for another favorites post. I am definitely experiencing blogging burnout again. I’m not sure if it is due to Christmas being right around the corner or if blogging every day is really just that exhausting. To be completely honest, I am surprised that I kept up with posting this consistently because I am not ever this consistent. I think I’m kind of proud of myself! Anyway on to the post! My favorite beauty items this year!


Cocoa Blend Zoeva Palette

Technically, this was a Christmas present from last year, but it didn’t arrive until the second week of January. This is my go-to eyeshadow palette because it has pretty much every color that you need. My favorite colors in the palette are that burnt umber color, Freshly Toasted and the one right above it, Warm Notes. I normally don’t like palettes (because I never use them) but this one I use every single freakin’ day!


I literally have no eyelashes whatsoever and I have struggled with different mascaras over the years. Even the best one on the market doesn’t work on my pitiful lashes. Mac Zoom Lash is the only mascara that has ever worked for a long period of time. I had trouble in the beginning with clumping, but that can be solved by simply just dabbing the wand off on a piece of tissue.

Revlon ColorStay and Givenchy Photo’Perfexion

As you all know, I have combo/oily skin so I tend to reach for foundations that cater to my skin. I also reach for foundations that have sunscreen in them, because regular sunscreen makes my skin feel clogged. Both of these foundations pretty much work the same except one is more high end and the other is a drugstore brand.


Highlighters got really popular this year and when that happens, brands start competing to sell the best one. So far, this Becca highlighter is in my top favorites. I love the way the rose gold looks on my skin. I would go on and on about it, but I could write a book.


Moving onto skincare. My favorite cleanser is the Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. I use this every night because it takes off my makeup and makes my skin glow. What’s even better, is that you only need to use just a little bit. It’s also all natural, which makes it just that much better.


Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Oil

This teeny tiny bottle of seaberry oil packs a ton of moisture in it. Literally, two drops mixed with a moisturizer will have your skin looking and feeling amazing. The only downside is this teeny bottle is $52, but it does last forever!

Those are my beauty favorite this year and they will probably go on into next year. Hopefully, this blogging burnout will go away by tomorrow so my post are more energetic. Thanks for reading as always.


Blogmas Day 13: Done with Fast Fashion

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Today, I was supposed to have this nice, pretty, and glamorous post about Holiday Party Outfits. Clearly, that did not happen and that is because of me, Forever 21 and the wrong address. This might be a long post FYI.

My old address was still connected to my Forever 21 account, but it definitely wasn’t set as the default. Once, I realized that the package was going to be delivered to my old address, it had already begun shipping. I quickly called my old apartment building at their leasing office and attempted to intercept the package. The person I got in touch with yesterday said that they would happily intercept it and I could pick it up the next day. I call today to make sure my package is there and ready to pick up and get a different person and a different story. Turns out the person living in my old apartment had already signed for the pickup and hasn’t tried to return it to the front desk or anything.

After that nonsense, I attempted to reach out to customer service which includes a ton of phone numbers on their site. Surprise, I get put on hold and decided to leave an email instead. I don’t really expect to hear anything back, but I’m holding out hope! I know that this is partially my fault and I say my fault because I’ve had plenty of packages delivered to my current address from Forever 21 up until now. Somehow my default address got changed, but I should have really paid attention to all of my details when I was ordering. Oh, and guess what was in the package, holiday party clothing for Blogmas and for a party I’m going to on Saturday!

So that’s my story…pretty sad huh? This was the absolute last straw I’ve had with fast fashion. I know it took some time, but I am officially done. In most of the fashion stores I’ve still been shopping at, I get attitude from the employees and let’s be real….horrible quality clothing.

With all of that being said, I am going to be shopping at slow fashion stores, both online and in stores. It will be more expensive, but it will be completely worth it. The quality of the clothing will most likely be better and last years longer than any fast fashion clothing. I’ve been attempting to make this transition for about a year now, but always got stuck on the price of better quality clothing. I’m not saying I’ll be dropping hundreds of dollars on one item, but I will be paying quite a bit more than I was before. In the long run, it is worth it as well as much more sustainable.


Image from 


In fact, today I waltzed (because I’m always waltzing) into Madewell and walked out with a 100% merino wool sweater – only $50 with their 25% sale going on. The employees were polite and helpful and the quality of the clothing is stunning. For once, I have no regrets about my purchase and didn’t feel like I was settling. I will be returning back to Madewell to get a couple of other pieces for the coming New Year.

I’m so sorry if this was so long, but I really wanted my Holiday Outfit post to be up this week and it didn’t work out at all. I hope this was a good read too. Thanks for reading!




Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Booze Recipes

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Hey, you guys welcome back to BLOGMAS!! Only 13 days until Christmas! Today, I’m writing about Holiday Booze Recipes. I have many many recipes because I like to experiment with different juices and liquors. There are some recipes that simply fit the holiday season. I’m not big on anything that is too difficult to make unless we’re talking Sangria, so these recipes are very simple and require little prep or ingredients.

Lately, I have really been loving Prosecco in EVERYTHING! I prefer the La Marca brand over any because it’s sweet and smooth. I’m not at all a fan of dry champagnes, sparkling wines and red wines. If you also prefer sweet sparkling wines, then La Marca is for you.


Of course, I add this to some orange juice and enjoy a few Mimosa’s in the morning…or night. I also enjoy a nice Faux Bellini when I go to holiday parties or just hanging out with friends.

Faux Bellini 

Prosecco or Sparkling Wine

Raspberry Lemonade

That’s it! No need for peach puree or marination. I add equal parts lemonade and sparkling wine and that’s my Faux Bellini recipe…there’s nothing to it. White grape juice or peach lemonade will taste great as well!

Okay, so I really don’t like red wine at all. I have found a nice Spanish red wine that tastes alright by itself, but I definitely am all about red wine spritzers. Spritzers are great for any time – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. fullsizerender-2

Red Wine Spritzer

Red Wine


Sprite or sparkling water

Juice of Lemon

Lemon Slice

Yes, I know ice in red wine!*gasp* I told y’all before I’m a rebel! This recipe calls for 2 parts Sprite and one part red wine and a splash of lemon. I have no idea why this tastes so good, but together the flavors are amazing. I make this at parties and for whatever reason, it is a huge hit.

Next to tequila, my other favorite liquor is bourbon. Bourbon has a warming effect, so it is perfect for the cold snowy days. It just so happens that bourbon mixes pretty well with about any kind of juice. I prefer juice over mixes because they don’t have nearly as much sugar in them. Also, bourbon is pretty sweet by itself, so there is really no need for any extra sweetener anyway.

The restaurant Matchbox has this bourbon drink that contains apple cider, orange bitters, lemon, and cinnamon syrup. As stated before, I like to experiment with juices and of course less sugar!

Matchbox Remake

Apple Cider or Lemonade or White Grape Juice or Apple Juice (100% Juice preferably)

Cinnamon Stick

Lemon slice (if you’re not using lemonade)

Pour the juice first and then the bourbon because it can be on the stronger side. Taste as you go. Squeeze some lemon juice in. Add in a cinnamon stick and let sit for about five minutes. The longer the cinnamon stick sits, the more flavor it gives to the drink. Feel free to add any bitters if you please. That’s all!

I love love love all of these recipes because they’re so different from a hot toddy or egg nog or your Bailey’s spiked hot cocoa. I hope you guys loved these easy booze recipes as much as I did. Thanks for reading and drink responsibly!





Blogmas Day 11: Favorite TV Shows This Year

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Hey you guys! Today I am returning back to my list because it is a new week. Since last Sunday I did a favorites post I thought this Sunday I would also do a Favorites post again. Today I will be writing about my favorite TV shows this year. This was a really hard post for me to write about just like last week because there are so many good shows out especially on Netflix. My normal favorite shows include Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, and the Fosters. I do also have some guilty pleasures such as the Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars but since those are going off by next year it was time that I should maybe grow up as well.

So here are my favorite new shows that I started watching this year and fell in love with.

Gilmore Girls

OK so before I even knew that they were going to have a revival my mom and I began watching Netflix reruns of GG every day. We really love the dynamic and can also relate to Rory and Lorelai pretty well. Then we watched the revival and fell in love all over again. I hope they continue to make new seasons so that my mom and I have a mother daughter feel good show to watch forever.


The Flash

So I had no idea what I was getting into when I started watching The Flash. I saw previews of episodes before and really thought the show was just kind of corny. Then I saw a full episode one random night and I thought it was actually pretty good. So I gave it a try. I have to say I became pretty obsessed and binged watched it within maybe a week…both seasons. Naturally, once I was finished watching I had to watch DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow – at least until the flash season 3 is on Netflix.


So this one is kind of cheating but I really really love The Fosters and The originals even though they came out a few years ago. These shows are probably my top favorite shows in general. I like the Foster’s because they cover some very serious family subject matter as well as current social events. The Originals is kind of another guilty pleasure for me and a little bit more adult than the Vampire Diaries…sort of. I’m definitely into those ABC family and CW shows as you can obviously see.

I’m going to try and get better at posting a little bit earlier in the day because I have been slacking. Once again, I hope you all enjoyed reading!


Blogmas Day 10: Blogging Burnout

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I’ve pretty much neglected my Blogmas list, partially because I am away from home and also because I’ve got a little blogging burnout. I’m pretty sure high school was the last time I had a set routine of anything. College didn’t really count because every day was a different class and those classes lasted only ten weeks.

Today, I’m just going to blog how I normally would instead of following a list. Sometimes you just have to break the rules right?


So, I did some more shopping! This time I actually went to buy some Christmas gifts. I waltz back into Lush and got a few bath bombs and bubble bars as well as tooth powder for myself. Then I went to Urban Outfitters to see if they had the brand Herbivore Botanicals. I’ve been researching their products all week and finally gave into trying something of theirs. They didn’t have the Lapis oil I wanted, but they did have a facial toner and the Pink Clay Bar. Soon the Lapis oil will be mine. I also went into Paper Source and purchased some stocking stuffers for my mom.

This is really the only time of the year that I go shopping because it seems like all of the stores have the best items in, the prices are pretty decent, and everything comes in a set. I think I’m one of the rare people who like both giving and receiving gifts. I love to see the reaction on the person’s face when you give them a really good gift.

That’s it for today you guys. I apologize for the lackluster post, but I didn’t want to completely neglect Blogmas. I hope you all still enjoyed!