Leahlani Skincare Review

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For the last few years, I have focused solely on skincare to get my acne prone skin back to the normal skin I once had. Since I was 14, I had pretty horrible acne that I soon realized was cystic acne. I would get these huge boil-like bumps on my face that took weeks to go away. It didn’t matter if I popped the bumps or let them disappear on their own, they would always leave an ugly acne scar.

Now, at 23, I know that much of my acne stemmed from my diet and my intolerance to dairy. My clean eating and dairy moderation has most definitely improved my cystic acne, but left behind the more regular type of pimples.

I’ve been through many skincare lines that worked, but didn’t really get the job done. Some of the lines I tried throughout the years were Clinque, Philosophy, Cetaphil – pretty much every line that wasn’t Proactiv. The one line that worked and kept pimples at a minimum was Lush. I absolutely adore Lush and will always continue to use their products. While I love Lush, I needed something more that keeps the pimples away and makes me want to truly love my skin.

I then discovered Leahlani products thanks to my dear mother. Leahlani products are infused with all natural, organic, straight from the Hawaiian island ingredients. Leah of Leahlani uses cold pressed oils, tropical fruits, botanicals, clays and Hawaiian nectars to create this amazing blend of skincare products.img_4046

The products that I have been using these last few weeks (again thanks to my mom) are Honey Love and Champagne Serum. The third day of using Honey Love followed by Champagne Serum, my skin did the unthinkable and cleared completely. Also my skin glowed…makeupless. This was something that hasn’t happened since I was 18 when I thought I was done with puberty (second puberty is a thing you guys!)

Let’s review.

Honey Love 3-in-1 is a cleanser, exfoliator and mask that clarifies and evens out the skin tone. This is the first cleanser that doesn’t completely strip all of my natural oils or leave a residue on my skin. It is the perfect happy medium for my sensitive and combination skin. The best thing about Honey Love is that you only need a little bit for it to work.

img_4051-1 img_4050-1

After A week

Champagne Serum is kind of a misleading name because it is actually a combination of oils. Upon first use, I was expecting the sticky consistency that most serums come with, but instead got the oil based consistency that felt like melted butter. Usually I follow up my cleansers with a moisturizer and an acne spot treatment, but I no longer feel the need for the spot treatment.

 The packaging from Leahlani is all eco-friendly containing all cardboard and paper, NO plastic whatsoever. The containers the products come in are glass and are wrapped in corrugated cardboard. This was a plus to me because I am trying to live a more eco-friendly img_4055lifestyle. The purchase also came with a sample of one of Leahlani’s many masks – which of course I had to give a try.

I don’t really have any cons for these products because they are really just that good. They are affordable and all natural. Leahlani products are aesthetically pleasing and smell quite amazing. I think that this line of skincare is my holy grail for life…or at least a long while.

I plan on purchasing the Kokoleka Mask and another mask in their line in the near future. I definitely plan on repurchasing Honey Love 3-in-1  again and again and again. I am most undoubtedly obsessed.

I am glad that I can finally say, Goodbye forever cystic acne and au revoir reoccurring pesky pimples.


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Zero Waste and Plastic Free Living

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I frequent Starbucks almost everyday, to get work done for my jewelry store (Black Candy) or my YouTube channel (ChelsiKay). I usually get a Caramel Frappuccino or Iced Green Tea. I’ve been going to the same Starbucks for almost two years now and I have been ordering a drink in a disposable cup.Considering I go there all the time, I should have had a reusable cup a long time ago! I purchased one earlier this week and this one little change feels pretty great.

I’m sure by now you all have heard of the zero waste girl who fit two years of trash in a mason jar. If you haven’t, you can check out her story here. Personally I think it’s pretty impressive that people take the time to think about the amount of waste that they produce…how mindful

I don’t think attempting to live a zero waste lifestyle is hard but I do feel like it is time consuming. Many people go out of their way to go to bulk stores, make compost, DIY everything, bring their own eating utensils, and make the switch to sustainable resources. Some zero wasters also think you should go vegan, shop secondhand, stop driving, and never travel. With every kind of movement, there are going to be some dogmatic believers out there *sigh. * I could go on and on about how annoying those “all or nothing” people are and what a turn off it is, but I think we all know.

One thing is that plastic is the most obnoxious and somewhat unnecessary man-made resource out there. Have you ever had to open scissors with another pair of scissors? I have and even with the scissors it still took me 10 additional minutes to open the damned thing. Anyway, after much research on zero waste, I am going to attempt to live a plastic free lifestyle. Plastic free lines up right along with my refined minimalism (essentialism) and my mindful & simple living journey.

So, would I ever go completely zero waste? I’m not really sure. If I lived on my own I most likely would give it a try. It is an extreme lifestyle change and it honestly does seem like it could be rather stressful. However, it does help out to not let your waste sit in a landfill for years and years. Maybe one day…

Would you go zero waste or plastic free?


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