Fall Cleaning: The Vanity

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Happy Wednesday everyone! I don’t know if you all knew this, but I’m sort of a messy person. I’m not at all a dirty person, but I’m pretty dang disorganized. Somehow, some way I always end up with clutter in places where there should not be…like my vanity. All those cosmetic organizers and it still manages to get cluttered. When this happens, I know it’s time to start over and rethink how I organize.

When it comes to my vanity, I have to start ALL the way over and even change out the drawer liner. I’m even thinking about creating my own storage container for it because it’s just so cluttered all the time. I’m not sure if the JerryBox is working out too well. The brushes always come flying out every time that I turn it to find what I’m looking for.

Anyway, so far I’ve cleared some space by purchasing a corner shelf on Amazon. The main reason I got this was that my perfume and nail polishes were being directly exposed to the sun and I think this affects the formulations…especially the nail polishes.


The shelf is pretty sturdy and it already fits my room décor. However, it is kind of cheap and not the greatest quality but it works and I really like it. Also, my perfumes and nail polishes now have a nice home away from the direct sunlight.

I typed a lot of this earlier in the day and then made my way to AC Moore to see what I could find to change up my vanity situation. I picked up some construction paper as my drawer liner and tried to look for some sort of container that had drawers.I got home and purged everything I didn’t need and cleaned off everything I did need with baby wipes. Surprisingly, I didn’t dread doing any of this; in fact, I found it pretty cathartic.

I went with the dark orange construction paper because it screams fall and looks great under my acrylic containers. I also found a jewelry box that wasn’t being used and am now using that to store my favorite rollerballs, liquid lipsticks, and lipglosses. The jewelry box is a nice touch because it’s mirrored, I wish I would have thought of this sooner.

I didn’t realize this post was going to end up being all about my vanity so I’m going to have to divide these fall cleaning posts into parts now. So that is all for today you all! Thanks for reading as always!



Pamper Yo’ Self!

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I’ve finally figured out what I want to talk about more on this here blog. I briefly mentioned it in another post not too long ago, but I figured I would just bring it up again.

Self-pampering is so important and yet we always seem to let it fall by the wayside.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a mask and part of that is because I need to repurchase my Mermaid Sea Mask from Leahlani and I haven’t gotten around to it. Also, the month of July was just a super busy one, especially the last two weeks. I also haven’t gotten my feet done in about a month and I can only change the color of the polish so many times before it just starts to look janky.

Now, self-pampering can be pretty expensive once all of it adds up like facials, massages, manicure, pedicure etc. However, don’t forget that you can “treat yo self” at home too and it doesn’t have to be expensive at all!


I made a trip to Sephora yesterday and picked up the fun sheet masks that I love so much. I went ahead and got the pearl mask, but also noticed that the Sephora brand also has new clay masks! At first, I was a little confused about the price, but you can get about four uses out of the little bottle it comes in. The Sephora clay masks retail at $8 and the sheet masks retail at $5. How often does one ever come out of Sephora only having spent under $15? It is possible to not spend an arm and a leg at Sephora, but that’s for a separate blog post.


The other day, I finally ordered my Herbivore Botanicals Balancing Toning Mist from Urban Outfitters and it got here so quick. I don’t like being without this stuff because to me, it really is just that good. This doesn’t have much to do with self-pampering, but since I use it as a pick me up quite often, I figured I’d mention it.


My feet were just rough so today I took it upon myself to do them myself. Summer is really REALLY hard on feet because you most likely are wearing sandals or flip flops every day or pretty often. I was going to wait to get them done for my birthday, but that’s still three weeks away and I can’t leave the house with messed up feet anymore…I refuse.

I got out my big tub and filled it with hot water and dumped some rolled oats in. I waited for the oats to get mushy and stuck my feet in for about ten minutes. Don’t be like me and just put the oats directly in the water…use a giant tea bag or a sachet bag so the clean up won’t be messy. You can of course use just hot water or even lavender and/or rose petals if you’d like.

Get a pumice stone! You should be able to find most manicure and pedicure kits at your local beauty supply or even on Amazon for a decent price, but definitely, make sure they include a pumice stone.

As I’m typing this up, my feet are nice and moisturized with lotion along with socks on. You can even skip the foot soak and jump straight to the lotion and sock step after a shower. My mom taught me this trick years ago for a quick, cheap and easy pedicure without actually getting/doing a pedicure.

So, this is my self-pampering post! These are just some things that I do at home to make myself feel nice and treated without spending that much money. I hope this was a good post to read and get some ideas from. Thanks for reading.


Home Decor Project for the Amateur

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Today, I decided that I wanted to work on some home decor projects that have been on my to-do list for almost a year now. Now, I’m new at doing projects that include a visit to Home Depot or Lowe’s – even the simplest ones. Just last year, I painted a wall for the first time ever. It turned out…like how a first time painting job normally turns out.

Today, I tried my hand at spray painting. Surprisingly it was simple enough other than the fact that the wind can be erratic. So not long ago I purchased this Lazy Susan organization piece that holds all my cards, pens and other utensils. I thought it was perfect when I bought it except the color was way off. I planned to spray paint it several months ago but never got around to it until today.


Since I was already spray painting, I figured I would spray another piece in my room. So I’m in love with flowers and I adore using them as decoration. Years ago I painted a Ciroc bottle white and did that trendy marbling that was going around at the time. This created a vase for my cute little teenage room. Now that I’m an adult I spray painted it silver to match my more “grown up” taste.


My setup for spraying was pretty amateur hour, but that’s to be expected since I am an amateur at this home decor stuff. I think next time I will use a cloth tarp (or sheet) so that my decor items don’t stick to the plastic tarp.


All in all this project was lots of fun and I would most definitely do this again to other pieces – maybe some furniture that I don’t like the color of. I hope this was a good read and a change from my normal beauty posts. Thanks for reading.


Blogmas Day 23: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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So if you’re here, either you really like my blog or you’re looking for a good last minute gift to give. You’re probably looking for something that doesn’t scream “I so got this right before I got here, which is why I’m late!” So, I’m going to be sharing some of my last minute gift ideas for my Blogmas post today!

#1 when in doubt DIY!

As you know, I’m a huge DIYer and am ready to DIY in a heartbeat. Not only do these gifts scream thoughtful, they also show how creative you are. You can make jewelry, body scrubs, facial masks, lotion or even spiced rum. There’s a ton of DIY’s out there (even on this blog) that you can get into that are also super easy!


#2 Candles

Okay, so maybe you’re not a DIYer or don’t have too much time to get into all of that. Candles are really great gifts to give and they will most likely be used…especially if they smell like food. Personally, I would go beyond a candle and get an oil diffuser. I recently purchased one for myself because I just couldn’t resist. Voluspa has alcoholic scents that are just amazing.

#3 Lush

You just can’t go wrong with Lush! I don’t know too many people who don’t like bath bombs. If they don’t like bath bombs for some odd reason, then go for a massage bar or a bubble bar. If you don’t live near a Lush, go to your nearest organic grocery store (Whole Foods, Moms, Trader Joe’s etc.) and peruse through the soap section. They always have some sort of bath salts and amazing scented soaps to create a nice gift bag or box.

#4 Winter Outerwear Accessories

Scarves, gloves, earmuffs, and socks are great last minute gifts. Nobody will be mad at you for grabbing any one of these things or all of these things. This is also great for the fellas when you just don’t know what to get your beaux. Now, you can find these outerwear accessories at drugstores and grocery stores if you’re in a rush.

#5 Alcohol

I feel like this one didn’t really need to be said. A nice bottle of wine or liquor is a nice gift, however, it does come off as being pretty last minute. This probably isn’t the best if you’re good friends with someone and you’re having a special gift exchange at dinner.

#6 Gift Card

While this gift definitely exclaims “LAST MINUTE,” it’s still one of the best gifts to give in my opinion. I promise nobody is going to complain about getting basically free money. One year, I put a Panera and Starbucks gift card inside of a really pretty card and gave that to someone I didn’t know too well. Turns out, they loved going to those places during their breaks between classes.


Sometimes waiting until the last minute can be a good thing, but no matter what the person receiving the gift will like it…hopefully. I hope that I was of some help for those who do wait until the last minute to shop. Thanks for reading and now only two more days until Christmas!


Blogmas Day 3: DIY Liqueur/Infusions

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Okay I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of a lush. I love to drink, but for the taste not to get drunk. At parties I love to make drinks for all of my friends and hope they like my alcoholic creations. I recently discovered that I could make my own liqueurs…or infusions rather. The awesome thing about making your own alcoholic infusions is that they can also be given as gifts! So keep reading if you want to see what infusions I created.

Spiced Rum

What you’ll need:

Dark Rum (preferably the premium kind)

Cinnamon Sticks

Vanilla Beans

Cloves (optional)

Orange Peels (optional)

Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter

Jar or Bottle

Most infusions call for these huge batches, but I like to start off small and see if I like it first. I just filled a mason jar about ¾ full of rum and added in 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 vanilla bean sliced down the middle lengthwise, 1 clove broken in half, and however many orange peels you please. Since this is a small batch, you only need to steep for a couple of days making sure to taste and add anything until you get the desired taste. Once you get the taste you want, strain the rum with cheesecloth or a coffee filter twice or until there is no remnants leftover. Store in a mason jar or a small airtight decanter. Drink responsibly.


Spicy Tequila

Ok so I absolutely adore tequila. Most people hate it, but I’m one of the few who don’t.

What you’ll need:

Tequila (premium)
Peppers (Serrano, jalapeno or dried chile peppers)

Cheesecloth or Coffee Filter

Jar or Bottle

All you’re going to do is fill up a jar with tequila however full you want. Then deseed the peppers and slice them lengthwise into four slices. I don’t recommend steeping these too long, maybe a few hours or overnight. The pepper flavor will take very quickly. You don’t really have to strain the tequila but I chose to with cheesecloth or a coffee filter just so there are no remnants leftover. Store in an airtight jar or bottle and refrigerate. Since I used fresh peppers, I’m not really sure how long the infusion will keep. I’m probably going to share mine with my family so it won’t last a week anyway.

I hope everyone enjoyed this DIY! These infusions are both great to give as a gift. If you’re more advanced than I am, try DIY’ing your own Irish cream or Kahlua. I think the next infusion I do will be a spiced bourbon – because why not?! Enjoy and drink responsibly this holiday season!


Blogmas Day 1: DIY Christmas Gifts

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Welcome to Day 1 of Blogmas everyone! I thought since I’ve been doing some DIY’s as of lately, my first day should consist of a few of them. You can check out my Clay Mask DIY  and my Body Scrub DIY if you’re interested. But of course I have more – I wouldn’t leave you all hanging like that. So keep reading if you want more cool Christmas DIY’s.


Who doesn’t like soap? Men, women, and even kids like soap. These are great for washing hands of course, but can also be used for decoration.

What you’ll need

  1. Melt & Pour Soap Base
  2. Activated Charcoal or soap colorant (optional)
  3. Cocoa Powder (optional & used for scent)
  4. Toothpick or kabob stick
  5. Essential Oil (optional)

I use activated charcoal for a natural colorant. Feel free to use turmeric, rose water, etc. as a natural colorant.  Of course you can use a soap colorant, but I used what I could.I also used cocoa powder as a subtle scent, but feel free to use essential oils instead. Melt the soap down and pour into soap molds. Wet the activated charcoal  (and cocoa powder.) Add droplets to get a marble effect or turn the soap whatever color you please. Use the toothpick to stir around the color making sure it reaches the bottom of the mold (unlike I did.) Wait until soap dries for about an hour or let sit overnight.


Vanilla extract is a really easy gift that can be made in a matter of minutes – although it can take a few weeks to months to actually be used.

What you’ll need:

  1. Vanilla Beans
  2. Vodka or Bourbon
  3. Jar or airtight bottle

First, slice vanilla bean down the middle vertically. Push down the vanilla bean with a spoon or a mortar and pestle – basically rough it up a bit. Place beans in jar and then pour vodka or bourbon in. Every few days shake the bottle or jar up. After a few weeks, check the smell and the taste. After about a month, the vanilla extract can be used but it may still not be the best. The vanilla extract probably won’t be great to use until 2 or 3 months. While this DIY may take awhile to even be used, you can still give this as a gift along with some coffee filters and some instructions. OR you can plan ahead like I did and prepare this a month and a half in advance then give as a gift in a cute amber colored bottle.


Tea baths are a really great gift to give some of your girlfriends. This is what I’ll be giving to all of my friends this year and I am hoping they will love it!

What you’ll need

  1. Dried herbs of your choice  (rose petals, lavender, orange peels)
  2. Rolled Oats (optional)
  3. Mortar and pestle or food processor
  4. Empty tea bags
  5. Stapler or sticker

First, grind up the rose petals in a mortar and pestle or food processor. Mix and match any of the herbs or stick with one herb. I like to grind up the rolled oats and add them in the bag as a base. Oats are amazing for your skin! Rose petals and lavender go great together and smell heavenly! So experiment with different herbs and spices. Fill the bags up and staple or put a sticker to close the tea bags. You can add instructions on to the string if you please. Be sure to give in a cute jar or box!

That’s all for Blogmas Day 1 – I hope you all enjoyed all of my DIY gifts. Be sure to read tomorrow for Day 2 of Blogmas!



DIY Fridays: Body Scrub

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Hey y’all, I’m back at it again with another DIY Friday! Today, if you can’t tell by the title – I’m making a body scrub or should I say scrubs?! Since its getting cooler out, our skin tends to get drier and for some maybe even a little flakey. So maybe we should start making our scrubs now rather than later.

Earlier today, I did a one time use sugar scrub with sweet orange oil and cinnamon leaf oil and I smelled like Christmas potpourri or those scented pinecones alllllll freakin’ day. Those two oils are extremely strong, so if you just love that smell then go with that. I’m more of a fresh minimal scent type of girl.

Today I’m experimenting with autumn and winter smells. I’m a sucker for food smells like cotton candy, apple pie, peppermint and gingerbread. I also love the classic scents like vanilla lavender. Vanilla lavender is definitely a year round scent, so I’m going to do both a gingerbread and a vanilla lavender scrub and see how they turn out.

Gingerbread Scrub


What you’ll need:

Brown Sugar

Sea Salt

Carrier Oil (Sweet Almond, Coconut, Olive)

Cinnamon (ground)



I add a bit of sea salt to sugar scrubs because I like that extra bit of exfoliation and it feels amazing too. Also, if you want a little more of a kick, add some clove oil to this recipe. I personally skip the clove oil because it can be overpowering, but do you boo.


I eyeball everything, even when I’m cooking. I’m really a rebel when it comes to following recipes…aw yeah. But for the sake of this DIY, I’ll add those pesky measurements.

Start with adding about 1 tablespoons of sea salt

Add about 1/3 cup of brown sugar

Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of nutmeg

Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon

Add ½ to 1 teaspoon of allspice

Then little by little mix in your carrier oil. I’m using sweet almond oil. You don’t want the oil to be more than the solid ingredients because it will start to dissolve and be runny. Staimg_4353rt with about ½ tablespoon of oil until you get the consistency you want. I don’t really know how to describe the consistency but you’ll know when you see it and feel it. Not wet, but not dry.

For whatever reason when you add all of these spices together, they smell like straight gingerbread cookies. If you add more allspice, then you’ll get more of an apple pie scent. I love the idea of using things that are already in my kitchen…no money spent and I can still exfoliate my skin!

Either give as a gift or use on yourself. If you’re giving as a gift get a cute little jar with a spoon and a nice little sticker or tag so they know what it is.

Vanilla Lavender Scrub


What you’ll need:

Epsom Salt

Sea salt or Himalayan Salt

Carrier Oil (Sweet Almond, Coconut, Olive)

Pure Vanilla Extract

Lavender Essential Oil


Start with ¼ cup Epsom salt

Add ¼ cup sea salt or Himalayan salt

Add in the carrier oil just like the recipe above. You’re going to want it to clump so you can scoop it out easier.

Both vanilla extract and lavender oil are potent scents, so be very diligent about these.

If you have a dropper for the vanilla use it adding 3-10 drops, if not adimg_4348d about ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Add 3-10 drops of lavender.

The essential oils depend on you and if you want the scent to be strong or not. I’m going to add maybe a whole teaspoon of vanilla extract and 5-7 drops of lavender.

This is optional but you can have a lot of fun with the salts and add food coloring. You can even soak rose petals or lavender in a bit of water, using that as a coloring and a scent. If you decide to do this step, be sure not to add too much water too fast because the salt will dissolve.

body-scrub-recipes            body-scrub-recipes-2

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY Friday! Instead of buying a pricey body scrub this year, try making it for a change. As always you can give these as a gift to someone and I’m sure they’ll love it – maybe even ask for another batch! Thanks for reading once again!