3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Skin

It’s pretty obvious by now that having a skincare routine is basically a must. However, it’s not always enough to have the latest and greatest products for your skin, believe it or not. If you’ve developed a fool-proof skincare routine and STILL get pimples/breakouts (like moi) then there is definitely something missing or some other extra steps that may need to be followed. Maybe you don’t get pimples/breakouts but you still want the routine…but without having to jump through hoops as far as products go. Keep on reading to find out what my three easy (no-brainer) ways to improve your skin.

  1. EAT HEALTHY…or at least better!

Okay, I know this isn’t the EASIEST thing, but one small change every week can really make the difference. Seriously, you don’t have to order pizza when you can make one right at home. You won’t have to deal with as much grease and you get to pick the cheese you want on the pizza. Have you ever had a gruyere cheese with uncured pepperoni pizza? BOMB.com! I recently started a flexitarian diet to improve my skin and so far I’m already seeing results. I’m also going easy on the dairy, because of the cystic acne and all. I’m making smoothies every day which is weird because once upon a time I wouldn’t touch a smoothie with a 10-foot pole. I’d love to share some of my concoctions on here…just in time for summer!

  1. Change out your sheets and towels 2x a week

I HATE changing my sheets, so I’m rolling my eyes too. If you either don’t have enough time to change your sheets or are just that lazy, then spray your bedding with a witch-hazel and essential oil mixture. Change them at least once a week though. You can also just change out your pillowcases if you actually sleep on a pillow throughout the night. I always end up under my pillows, so this wouldn’t exactly work for me. For the towels, I still say 2x a week, just because they hold moisture which equals bacteria and you don’t want bacteria back on your face.




Seriously, it for whatever reason irks me when someone says they don’t wear sunscreen on their face. Your body is one thing, but your FACE?! I know sunscreen usually feels icky and gross, but it’s so necessary YEAR ROUND! If it’s in your foundation then that is a plus. I for one use IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better as my sunscreen & foundation and I love it. It doesn’t have that gray cast that most tinted moisturizers or CC creams have. If you just can’t bring yourself to wear sunscreen, then wear a floppy hat, visor, or even oversized shades to block out the sun…and the haters. (Sorry. I had to say it!)



  • Switch to satin pillowcases
  • Use t-shirt fabric (or cloth diaper) when cleansing face
  • Disinfect your phone/Always use headphones or speaker when on the phone
  • Turn the brightness down on your screen (helps your eyes too)
  • Limit your time under fluorescent lighting (helps overall mood & body)

These are just a few things that I know help keep your skin nice and clear. It’s good to have an amazing skincare routine, but it’s even better to take preventative steps in the first place. Thanks for reading as always…