A Little Shopping Spree

I know I was supposed to post a Fashion Friday yesterday, but I just got extremely sidetracked. That’s actually been happening to me quite a bit. I’ll definitely try to get better. However, I did buy quite a few things from the mall Thursday afternoon. It’s been a long while since I’ve bought anything from a mall…actually I haven’t really straight up shopped for more than one thing in months.

I originally wanted to go to the mall to go to Lush and get some soap or salt scrub. I did end up going, but I also went to Sephora, NYX Cosmetics, and Aldo. Yes, I kind of went all in, however, I didn’t break the bank and that’s really all that matters! Keep on reading to see what I got on my little shopping trip. ūüôā

I didn’t really want much from Sephora other than the Urban Decay Quick Fix spray. I like to use this when I’m in a rush in the morning or if I took my makeup off, but didn’t do my full skincare routine. I must like it because I keep on purchasing it…I really need to start buying the full-size version so I don’t have to keep going back.


I went a little crazy in the NYX Cosmetics store. I feel like it’s really easy to do that because NYX is SUPER affordable. I bought myself these three things and I bought my mom some other things. This summer I’m really trying to slay and be a baddie, so I feel like lipgloss¬†and/or nude liquid lipstick and some liquid highlighter will do the job! I really went in for some Soft Matte Lip Creme and came out with a bunch of other stuff. It happens!


By the time I got to Lush, I looked at the price of the Ocean Salt and was kind of disappointed by the price. I don’t remember it being $21 for the small jar, but I could definitely be wrong. Anywho, I ended up leaving with Scrubee…two actually. I luckily got my hands on some Scrubee¬†last year and was pretty obsessed. Then I found out they were sold out completely and that it was also a seasonal massage/scrub bar. If you like Buffy, then you’ll probably like this bar. I will say, it does have a lingering scent and will make your bathroom very fragrant.


I’m pretty sure I mentioned in a post not too long ago about upping my shoe game. Most of my current shoes are black and I’m kind of sick of it, to be honest. So I spent a little bit of¬†money so that I could get these beautiful rose gold sandals from Aldo. I am a smidge bit disappointed with the bottom of the shoes because they have no traction whatsoever. I can get some no-slip pads so I’m not sliding all over the place when I do wear these bad boys.


This last one is just a BONUS! When I got back home from my little shopping spree, I had a package delivered to my home. This UK brand LixirSkin is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. I’ve been using the¬†Electrogel Cleanser and I¬†REALLY like it! I took it upon myself to purchase the Universal Emulsion aka LixirSkin’s moisturizer. What I really like about this brand is their concept of streamlining or simplifying one’s skincare routine. I have used the Universal Emulsion a few times so far and it is certainly something else. More on that in another blog post once I use the two for a little while longer.


That’s my little haul for this post. I do plan on purchasing some more stuff in a few weeks. Keep an eye out for that! Thanks for reading as always,