Wardrobe PRINTABLES & More

I know I’ve been away from here my lovely followers. I needed to take a break from posting and figure out my job situation as well as my personal life. I also wanted to figure out the direction to take this blog and my channel.

I did accomplish my super secret project and I’m ready to reveal it! I made some wardrobe printables. You guys know that I plan out the majority of my fashion purchases and I thought…why not share the way figure out what I’m going to purchase by creating some printables.


Mine consist of 4 pages: a color palette page, tops page, bottoms page, and a dress/jumpsuit page. This is my first ever planning project that I have ever done, so of course, I need to make some improvements. However, I’ll share with you all what I have and even offer a free page!

If you would like to see more then just visit my Etsy store Black Candies  I’m offering the Color Palette page for FREE because I feel like that is a very important page to begin the stages of the wardrobe planning process. I also wanted to offer something to you all for free since I’ve had a pretty good following for some time now.

Wardrobe Plan Color Palette

At some point, I will do a REAL giveaway (again) with some dope skin care and/or beauty products. Just keep reading as always and I’ll keep you updated! Also, the direction of this blog will pretty much be the same, with printable updates and maybe some more personal posts every so often. I want to talk about Mindfulness and Law of Attract a little bit more on here. So look out for those things!

This break is officially over! I can’t wait to post more skin care and fashion in the next few days. I’m bringing back Fashion Fridays as well as Skincare Spotlights!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the printable(s.) Look out for my next post!