Glossier YOU Review/Rave

Ok, so I’ve been dying to write this blog post for a while now. It’s kind of like a product review, but let’s be real – I only do product raves! You guys know I don’t really bash products, only because I feel like products aren’t just straight up bad but they just didn’t work for me. Anywho, let me not get off topic and let me rave about the Glossier YOU Perfume!

There’s actually quite a story behind this for me and why I actually ended up purchasing this beautiful fragrance. I ordered the Glossier Wowder and chose the YOU as my sample just to see what it smelled like. Everything arrived and I sprayed it on myself and surprisingly liked it. I’m not really much of a musky, woodsy, girl when it comes to fragrances. Normally, I like my sweet scents; the ones that smell like cotton candy or even marshmallows.

IMG_0624Once the YOU dried down, I fell even more in love with the scent. It still had a slight woodsy scent, but also smelled very clean and fresh. I ran downstairs and told my mom to smell my arm. She liked the scent of course and then I sprayed the sample on her too. On her, the YOU smelled like a bouquet of flowers. I then sprayed it on my dad and on him it smelled like the Mason Margiela fragrance: Lipstick On.

That’s when it hit me that the YOU’s sillage changed depending on the person. I’ve heard of sillage not lingering as long varying from person to person, but never the actual notes.

IMG_0626After that cool ordeal, I wore the sample for the next few days and received compliments from everyone. Usually, I can wear perfumes and I won’t hear a thing. One of my family friends said: “You’re a man attractor, you better be careful!” I knew I had to buy it even before the compliments though. It was the first perfume that I wore that actually lasted and also didn’t make my nose itch or eyes water when I first sprayed it.

Since fragrances truly do vary by a person’s tastes and if it smells good on them, I can’t exactly say to go order this. I think if you are a Glossier fan, then you should give it a try. It’s always nice when a brand has a scent to go along with it…I mean imagine what Glossier HQ smell like!


I’m truly in love with this scent and I think it really suits me. I still love my candy fragrances, but this is definitely a scent I like to wear out and about versus at work or if I’m running errands.


  • Lingering Scent
  • Beautiful packaging
  • No irritation
  • Good for everyday
  • Different from other scents (IMO)


  • On the pricey side
  • Online Only

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I liked writing it. Thanks for stopping by.