Spring Time Haul Pt. 2

Last month, I posted about some Spring clothing that I purchased. I was very adamant about getting a head start on getting my wardrobe together for the warmer months. Oddly enough, it’s been threatening to snow since April made its appearance. As I’m drafting this post out, it’s barely 40 degrees today and I’m still rocking my cashmere sweater as if it’s the beginning of February. I’m not the biggest fan of spring (allergies) but even I’m ready for it to be nice out again so that rooftop bars and outside seating at coffee shops will finally be open. Anyway, enough about my reminiscing about the warm weather; let’s start talking about my spring clothing haul.

My last Springtime Haul included pieces from Free People and American Eagle. I went a different route this time and went shopping somewhere new. I’m sure most of you all have heard of Fashion Nova at this point. Surprisingly enough, they have some very decent clothes. They’re a lot like Lulu’s but their main focus is their own brand. Both Lulu’s and Fashion Nova have a fast fashion look to them, but they actually make decent quality clothes. Anything that holds up in the wash is pretty much a winner to me.

I’ve really been trying to get out of the habit of purchasing gray, black and neutral colored clothing and I think I’ve finally done it! You guys have already seen these pants a few posts ago. If you haven’t, I purchased some cropped wide-legged pants off of Amazon and fell in love with the way they look on me. Also, they’re pink….

I don’t know what it is about Fashion Nova, but everything looks good on. I personally think the way they cut their material is the big secret. If you look on the site you see a ton of women modeling the clothing with huge butts and a teeny waist. As someone who is on the slimmer side but has a decent sized derriere, I thought, “let’s see about it.” Honestly, I’m shook. You’ll see why in a bit…keep reading. 

The main focus this time around is pants because I have PLENTY of shirts – some I purchased from this year and some from years before. My next round of spring/summer purchases will probably be dresses and rompers. Anyway, these Fashion Nova pants are everything! I went for more of a cloth material because jeans are just so uncomfortable lately. The first pair is red, white and blue, but not in the way you might think.  Don’t mind my feet, you guys!

The next pair is black and white because I needed something that I could wear to work, but also wear out. You guys know I like for my clothing to be multipurpose and super versatile. If I can’t wear something to two to three different types of settings or in three or more ways then it’s a no from me. This pair is a bit of a wide leg, which I think is so chic. With the right heels or strappy flats…this is a look!

I may have to grab another pair of some Fashion Nova pants because they’re kind of perfect for the warmer weather. I don’t recommend FN if you’re looking for really good quality clothes – they aren’t the worst quality, but also not the greatest.

That’s all for today you all, thanks for reading!