Props to Make Your Instagram Photos POP

Oh, how I love Instagram and all its beautiful photographs, boomerangs, and hashtags. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m slightly, if not completely, addicted to Instagram! I specifically want to talk about the photographs that I take and what kinds of props I use to take my pictures.

I love taking flatlay pictures, especially since I do purchase quite a bit of skincare and makeup every so often. Also, I love that anything can be a flatlay – a simple mug can be photographed to look glamorous! Anyway, let me just start by telling you a few of my tips.

My main tip is to use whatever you already have. At one point, I was using Sugarfina gummy bears as props to make my pictures look bomb. You can read all about that in my How I Take & Edit my Instagram Pictures post. Currently, I’m using gold hair jewels that I put in my twists to make my pictures pop out. IMG_0489.jpg

I also love using plants, both fake and real. You can find fake plants at Micheals or even TJMaxx. For whatever reason, flowers and plants just make a product or you pop out even more than with just a regular background.

I also love using contact paper as a background. Sometimes white surfaces can get old; even marble has gotten pretty boring lately. I recently purchased some rose gold contact paper and it definitely has changed up how my IG feed looks. If contact paper is over your budget, you can always find wrapping paper for pretty cheap at almost any store. I like to get plastic trays (instead of shelves) and put the contact paper on it. That way it can be used as a fragrance/skincare/haircare product holder AND a surface to take pictures with. Trays can be found on Amazon for cheap and even at the dollar store.


Last but not least, I love to use my dog as a prop! I know that sounds bad, but honestly, she ends up in the background of a LOT of my pictures anyway. I took a picture of my food the other day, and there she was – in the background as usual. What can I say…she makes a good Instagram dog!

That’s all for my tips today. You can pretty much use anything to make your Instagram feed look dope. The oddest things around your house can make any picture look good. You don’t have to go out and spend a ton of money on a mirrored tray or a marble/crystal cutting board after all.

What do you all use for props for your Instagram?