A Post about Wide Leg Pants

Happy Tuesday everyone! If you’ve been following and reading my blog, then you know that I want to change my wardrobe up for the spring and summer months. I’ve been watching the trends every so often, which is pretty weird for me considering I don’t really follow trends. However, I wanted to see what was in store for the upcoming warm weather.

One trend did catch my eye and has been trending since last year (I believe.) This trend kind of scared me because I didn’t think that I could pull it off. In fact, I didn’t even like it at first, which is why it took me forever to jump on the bandwagon. Anyway, this trend that I’m speaking of…. is the wide leg pants trend.

I actually purchased a black pair last month, but they are way too long and need to be hemmed. Last week, I purchased a pink cropped pair off of Amazon, because I didn’t want to spend too much and super easy to return if I didn’t like them.

So, this post is more of a try-on haul of my new cropped wide leg pants! I also am about to drop some styling tips, because I like to think of myself as pretty stylish. *flips curls *


Please don’t mind the wrinkles and loose strings. =D Ok, so the first style is super casual which is probably my favorite out of the three I’m posting about. If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE crop tops with mid-rise and high-waisted jeans/pants. I definitely prefer a form-fitting top with these pants to give the outfit some balance. White or light colored sneakers would have gone better with this…in fact, light-colored espadrilles or lace-up flats are probably the best choices for this pants and top combination.


I think if you’re going to go for the loose fitting shirt look, then definitely tuck it in. Even a nice short heel (shorter than these) would dress up this look. Again, with these pants, I should have gone for a lighter colored shoe. I seriously need to step up my shoe game, because all of my shoes are black and that’s no good for the warm weather! If you’ve got some lace up, block heels then definitely pair them with your cropped wide leg pants!


With this outfit, I was seriously just experimenting. With a white or cream bralette, this would seriously be a look. Also, some gladiator sandals would tie this look together. Although the heeled espadrilles in this picture aren’t so bad either, I just think that the color of them is too dark.

That’s all I have for today! Later on, I’ll probably show you all my other pants that I have once they’re hemmed. I hope this has helped some of you to branch out and try a new style! Thanks for reading as always,




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