A Post About Korean Skincare

Sooo, I’m a little obsessed with Korean Skincare. Sometimes I feel like it’s just way too good to be true. Also, the price of Korean Skincare doesn’t make my bank account and I cry. While I do have a skincare routine, I still like to try new products every once in awhile.


Before I incorporated the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Toner into my routine, I tried it out first. I was still using the COQ10 Indie Lee Toner with the Herbivore Green Tea Balancing Toner. Now, I love me some Indie Lee and Herbivore products, but they’re a little too expensive. I know, I’ve said spending more on certain things is worth it and I still do believe that. However, if something is cheaper and actually works better, then you better believe that I’m here for it!

Funny enough, as I was drafting out this post, a Soko Glam package arrived on my porch! Don’t you love it when you actually forget that you ordered something and then it seems like it appears out of thin air? I got my hands on the Acwell Cleanser because my Boscia Charcoal stick ran out last week. I also ordered yet another sheet mask – you can never have too many! Lastly, I got a Missha Lip Treatment…mainly so that I could get free shipping. Let’s be real, you won’t order online unless you get free shipping, right?


So, you may have seen some of these products, but if you haven’t, here they are. I really did think the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Toner was amazing, but the Whamisa Organic Flowers Toner comes really close. They both make my skin feel baby bottom soft. I HIGHLY recommend the both of them.

I’m trying out this lip treatment just for kicks and giggles. I do think it will come in handy though because I do happen to have dry lips. Since I needed a cleanser anyway, I decided to shoot for the Acwell pH Balancing Cleanser. I’ve used it once and wow, by the summer time I’m going to have some damn good looking skin!

I didn’t include the sheet mask simply because they don’t photograph that well, to me. This is my little Korean Skincare collection that I feel like will grow over time. I do feel like I’m slowly switching over to more Korean products because they seem to be a little more affordable AND you can actually feel and see the difference!

Thanks for reading,