Spring Time Haul Pt. 1

Lately, I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping to prepare myself for Spring. You guys know I plan everything all out when it comes to my wardrobe. Normally I don’t do a bunch of shopping like this, but I really need a wardrobe revamp for the Spring that doesn’t just consist of a gray, black, and white color palette. If you read my post about getting ready for the Spring and Summer, then you know I have a color palette that I’m following this year.

I have mostly been shopping at Free People because I feel that their clothes are pretty good quality and I love their bohemian, laid-back style. Of course, I am also shopping at American Eagle because their more basic pieces are affordable and they just never fail to impress me!


I know this AE jumpsuit looks a bit strange, but it’s actually super cute! I was a little bit disappointed that the material was kind of a satin-like fabric, but then I quickly got over that. I’m excited to pair it with a bandeau or a boob tube once it starts to warm up. I probably won’t wear this on a really hot day, but a nice warm breezy day – YES!

I don’t think I have ever owned a denim skirt EVER. I own skirts of course, but I hardly ever wear them. I’ve always thought my legs were too long for skirts, however, I was completely wrong. I think I actually prefer a skirt and a top over a dress…unless it’s a maxi dress. Both of these cropped shirts and the skirt are from Free People. Funny enough, I purchased the skirt off of Lulu’s and the tops off of the FP website.


Speaking of Lulu’s, I also got this top from there, but it’s Free People. I actually didn’t know the brand when I purchased it until it was delivered to me. I think the main reason I’m all of a sudden obsessed with FP is that basically, everything from there is SO soft!


Another top – Free People! I definitely didn’t expand my color palette that much with these purchases, but that’s why I have a part 2 to this post coming pretty soon. Anyway, this striped thermal top was way too cute to pass up. It fits so well and the cut is perfection. I also love the ruffle details on the hems. Also, I’m loving the exposed sewing job that makes this top look like it’s inside out. This basic top is upgraded with just those few details and I’m about it!

So, these are just a few items that I’ve purchased for the upcoming Spring. I really do want to get out of just wearing neutrals all the time, so my part 2 will probably consist of some more color hopefully.

Thanks for reading,