My 2018 Vision Board

So, I didn’t make any resolutions this year because it’s really not my thing. However, I do have some goals that I would like to accomplish, but I usually come up with those throughout the year rather than in the beginning of the year.

I’m still in the process of making some actual productive goals, but for now, I created a vision board to kind of kickstart my goals.

2018 Vision Board.jpg

I know for sure one thing that I want to do more this year is travel. I know how cliche that sounds because EVERYONE wants to travel these days, but come on, traveling is pretty cool. One place that has been HEAVY on my mind is Tulum, Mexico. I was planning a trip to Cancun last month and I kept seeing Tulum pop up every so often. Finally, I actually did some research and fell so hard for this beautiful paradise. The flight is the same price as Cancun and the boutique hotels are just too cute to say no to.

Another trip I will (maybe) be making is to Bali. I don’t know too much about Bali, but my best friend wants to take a trip there for her birthday at the end of this year. I looked up some pictures and it’s another beautiful paradise land. It’s one of those tourist traps…trips that you just have to take just because. It’ll be a long and a somewhat hellish plane ride, but once there, it should be worth it!

I know Free People seems kind of random on my vision board, but I definitely want a good portion of my summer clothes to be from Free People. You guys know I plan my wardrobe out, so I definitely have some future purchases already in the queue. I think shopping here for the summer will work for me since I always have so much trouble shopping for the warmer weather. Most of their summer collections are made out of cotton and that’s what I primarily want to wear when it’s super hot out.

I’ve had one more thing weighing on my mind as of late and that’s buying a house. I never thought much of this before because it seemed like such a lofty goal to accomplish. I think when people think of purchasing a home, they might think…single family home, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, big living room, and a kitchen with a big lovely island. Well, I’m not thinking that big anymore. I can buy a condo or even a cute little townhome…especially if it’s just me. Now this goal is not something I can make happen right now, but here in a year or two, YES!

This is probably one of my better vision boards, probably because I’m older. I made a vision board in 2016 and it was mainly skincare and clothing products that I wanted to buy. I feel like I’ve come a quite a ways with this one.

Tell me, what’s on your vision board for 2018?

Thanks for reading