Getting Prepared for Spring & Summer

So it is probably a tad bit early, but I am starting to shop for Spring. Personally, it doesn’t make too much sense to keep shopping for Winter because here in about a month, it’ll start to warm up. If it does decide to stay cold, I always have my Winter wardrobe to fall back on.

As some of you know, I really like to plan out what I might wear and also what colors I may be into. Also, I’m not trying to buy a completely new wardrobe or anything…just spruce it up a bit. I feel like every year, my style kind of evolves a bit and I slowly step out of my comfort zone (all black outfits) the older that I get.

This year, I’m still keeping things pretty basic because really it’s just easier that way…if I’m being honest. Somehow, some way, I manage to not come out looking as basic as I think I do. So, I guess it works out after all.

wardrobe color palette

I had to be extra and create graphics for this post today starting with this color palette. These are just the main colors that (I think) I want to wear this Spring and Summer as well as the rest of the year. Here we have:

  • Olive
  • Blush/Rose
  • White
  • Black
  • Mauve

Mauve is definitely a new color I’m introducing, but I think it’ll compliment my skin tone quite well. Of course, I’m not just going to wear JUST those colors, especially once Summer comes rolling in. Every so often, I’ll probably include:

  • Gray
  • Mustard
  • Red
  • Blue

I wore a TON of blue last Summer so I wouldn’t be surprised if I recycled some of the garments that I wore last year. Also, I’m really feeling mustard since I purchased that one sweater from Loft in the Fall. We’ll have to see about the red and the gray as the warmer days slowly approach us.

ss key pieces.jpg

Like I said, I’m keeping it pretty basic. I’m introducing two new types of garments this year. I recently found out that I look pretty decent in wide legged pants. I’m still experimenting with the length, but I think a slightly cropped look may be the one for me. The cool thing about the wide legged pants is that they usually come in hi-rise, therefore they look perfect with a cute little crop top.

Also, I think I want to try out some boob tubes or strapless tops this year. They don’t necessarily need to be cropped like a bandeau, but they can be. Boob tubes are on the more affordable side so I can buy quite a few of them if need be.

I’ve worn sheer tops before, however, I only have one. I think a couple of mesh/sheer tops could really be a game changer for my wardrobe if styled right, especially in the Spring.

I guess 2018 is the year I experiment even further with my wardrobe. Spring and Summer are the perfect seasons to do these experiments since less fabric = cheaper and I’m not so focused on trying to stay warm either.

Leave a comment and tell me what trends or garments you want to try wearing this Spring and Summer?

Thanks for reading