Versatile Wardrobe for the Winter

Hello there! I know I’m a day or two late posting… I think. I haven’t gotten used to my work schedule quite yet and sometimes I just get home and crash. Working along with blogging has kind of dampened my inspiration. So, please just bear with me and my erratic posting.

This winter so far has been pretty interesting. Something I have noticed that I’ve been doing with my wardrobe is…pushing some of my clothes to the limit. By that, I mean that I am trying to figure out how to wear my clothes in many different ways. This is especially true for my work wear. I probably wear the same combination of clothing every week. This is not something I’m bothered by, but just something I have noticed.

Personally, I do like to push my wardrobe to its limit because that means I’m actually wearing the clothes that I spend money on. Still, there are still some items that I do not reach for and I think they may need to go soon.

Normally, I would feel like I’m in a rut because I am wearing the same clothes, but honestly, since it’s cooler out…I don’t mind it at all. You really can’t go wrong with long sleeves/sweaters. Oh and boots/booties.

And yes, I am wearing lots of black and gray, but that’s okay. I’ve been trying to wear pops of colors here and there, but if it doesn’t happen, then neutrals it is!


Anyway, with all that being said. I probably won’t be shopping for winter anymore since spring is right around the corner! I have crazy allergies in the spring, but I’m still looking forward to it. So look out for some new things I’m going to be purchasing in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading,