Triple C Lightning Liquid Review w/ Pictures

It’s finally time to talk about the Triple C Lightning Liquid. I came prepared this time and actually have some before and after pictures. I’m trying to do better on here and truly want to create good quality blog posts for you all. So, let’s jump right into this review of this lovely serum.

So obviously, I purchased this vitamin C serum that has been ALL over the Internet as of lately. I have been attempting to get rid of my dark spots for about a year now and all they do is just keep multiplying. Ok, so part of that is because I keep getting pimples because of MY habits and also hormones. However, my pimples are completely under my control and I only break out when I don’t stick to my routine or am very stressed. So it was about time to tackle the dark spots that won’t let me be great again (just kidding, I have makeup.)


First a little blurb about the Triple C LIghtnining Liquid…

“Brighten up your overall complexion and acne scars in a flash with Triple C Lightning Liquid, a winner of the 2017 Soko Glam Best of K-beauty Award. This exclusive serum is a collaboration between Soko Glam’s Co-Founder Charlotte Cho and the Founder of Cosrx. With 20.5% pure Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), this powerful serum brings back radiance, promotes healthy skin, and treats and prevents pigmentation. It’s also infused with 72% black chokeberry, an ingredient that works to stabilize the Vitamin C and ensure that your skin is smooth and hydrated.The Charlotte Cho x COSRX Promise”  

I don’t think I have to do too much explaining since they put everything in words that people actually understand! But if you’re still lost….

Vitamin C (unstable) = radiant, clear skin.

Black chokeberry (stabilizer) = hydrated skin

Ok so I know you guys just really want to see the before and after pictures, so let me stop all the suspense. I started off by mixing the serum with my moisturizer because I do have pretty sensitive skin. The first few times I used this my skin did have a slight tingling/prickly sensation, but that went away after about 10 minutes.

….Don’t be scared of my close up, makeup-less face…it’s still me I promise!

Jan. 3rd

So, my skin on this day wasn’t too bad…or I just took the picture at a really good angle. Anyway, you can see the dark spots on both sides of my face and my cheeks are the main areas I was trying to target.

Jan. 5

I obviously didn’t expect to see a big difference in two days, but I still thought…hey take a picture anyway. My skin does look pretty hydrated though. This picture really captures the dark spots I am dealing with better than the first one does.

Jan 8

I began experiencing breakouts by day 5, probably due to purging. This is actually pretty normal when you introduce an acid. If you notice any crazy breakouts, stop use for a few days and continue with your normal skincare routine and re-introduce the acid back in.

Jan 12

This was probably the day I saw results as well as a little bit more purging. After this day, I began using the serum without mixing it with my moisturizer.

Jan 20

I had to stop use for about three days because I was experiencing irritation after using the Vitamin C without my moisturizer. However, there is definitely some results!

Jan 22

Of course, I had to include last night just to be extra. I’m still getting some irritation bumps, but those are a pretty easy fix with a dab of tea tree oil. You can also see my dark spots ACTUALLY fading too! No, I did not use the blur tool in FaceTune, I promise!

Before and after.JPG

Just so you don’t have to scroll all the way back up, here is a before and after. I used the January 5th picture because it’s a little bit more accurate than the January 3rd one. So YES I am seeing results!

If you were having any doubts, here is proof that it does work. I do still use the SAME exact routine, just with the added Triple C Lightning Liquid. Soon I won’t have any dark spots and I will without hesitation keep you all updated!

Thanks for reading,