How to Get Over the Price Tag

We’ve all been there; we walk into a store and see something that catches our eye, but we instantly fall out of love with it because of the price. I have literally walked into a store and walked directly out because the items were WAY out of my budget.

I remember when & Other Stories first opened in Georgetown, I couldn’t wrap my brain around those prices. However, those price tags made so much sense. What do you expect from an atelier-like store that has some of the most amazing quality clothes that I’ve ever seen and felt? I did the same with Madewell and laughed right back at those price tags the very first time. How dare they charge $65 for a top!? Eventually (and obviously) I got over this outrage and price tag shock, but how?

Big Purchase Mindset or the Waiting Game

The main thing that I do is that I treat most of my purchases like big purchases. I do research on something that I want and of course, I plan for it. I also don’t buy it right as soon as I see it. Think of it like buying a car or a bed. You wouldn’t walk into a car dealership or furniture store and buy the first thing you like on the same day, would you? More often than not, the price will either go down or you’ve saved enough money to buy it at full price.


The Fast Fashion Route

Fast fashion does have its place in my life believe it or not. Take the extremely popular Stuart Weitzman boots that have been trending for the last few years…they’re about $700. However, there are 101 alternatives out there at different price ranges. So take your pick. With a trendy item like the SW boots that have so many different dupes, you have your options. You’re going to have your dupes for about a year (or more) so you have time to either save up for the real boots or purchase other styles of shoes instead.


Gift Time

There is probably that one thing you really really want, but right now it’s just not in the budget. So, the next time someone asks you what you want for your birthday, (or Christmas, or anniversary) tell them about that thing you really really want. Now, I wouldn’t tell just anyone like an acquaintance, but maybe a best friend, boyfriend or ya know…your mom. Even better, ask for a gift card to the store you’re looking in. And I’m also talking about Nordstrom or Sephora, not Louis Vuitton…just in case you were wondering.

Believe it

Okay, as corny as it sounds, if you keep telling yourself you can’t afford something then you really can’t. Get accustomed to telling yourself you CAN afford something and that it’s NOT too expensive. Of course items and money don’t magically materialize, but just having this positive mindset really can change things up in your life. This doesn’t just apply to purchases but life in general. Like I said, I know it’s corny but it does really work!

Ok, I hope that was helpful and not any no-brainer tips like saving money or thrift store shopping. Thank you guys for reading, see you next time.