MISSION: Keep Room Clean

Last week most definitely got away from me. I was very sick with what I’m assuming was a cold, but most likely the flu and could barely stay awake let alone function with the medicine that I was taking. I live on the East Coast and that “winter storm” hit us pretty hard…okay not really, but it did get abnormally cold than what I and everyone else is used to. Anything below 20 is just plain ‘ol ridiculous to me.

Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time in my house and it honestly brought me back to an old thought that I had about routines. That and I was filling out my 52 List for Happiness book and I was prompted to list my routines. I realized that I really fell out of keeping my room organized and clean. I keep looking around at my room and I’m just defeated. My room isn’t really dirty, there are just shoes and crafts and misplaced things all over my space. It is driving me up a wall and I can’t seem to stop and just get things organized!

FullSizeRender-1 2

Part of this is that when I’m cleaning a mess, I get sidetracked by another mess and don’t clean up the original mess. I really do think that if I focus on one mess and then move onto the other, my room would be a little bit cleaner. I also think that if I did things like actually make my bed, that would be one less thing to worry about. For some reason, I have trouble putting my jackets and shoes away so there are boots and booties splayed out all over my floor even though I have a makeshift shoe rack! What is really wrong with me though?


It’s honestly just these little tasks that I can’t seem to follow through with that are really setting me back. I really do love my space that I have, but it is seriously time to switch gears and get and KEEP this baby organized. I will most definitely check back in in a few weeks to update you all on my progress!

I know this was kind of a boring post, but I definitely still have medicine head and am incredibly tired still. Thanks for reading anyway,