Recap of My Slow Fashion Challenge

I have been waiting AWHILE to write this post up for about two months now. Actually, I was just really excited to write it. So, I don’t really do the whole New Years resolution thing because I feel I can get a fresh start at any given time throughout the year. However, I did start a Slow Fashion Challenge that has literally appeared in a ton of my post this year.

I had some ups and definitely some downs, but I must say, I did a pretty decent job buying sustainable/ethical/better quality clothing. There were many times where a fast fashion store called my name and of course I would budge. Although, I did very well at sticking to the challenge and purchasing some pretty great items throughout the year.

The main reason I started this challenge was that I didn’t like the overall experiences whenever I would shop at fast fashion stores. There was just so much STUFF in the store as well as so much STUFF online. After a while, it’s just sensory overload. Of course, I wanted to shop sustainably and/or more ethically, but I also wanted to have a streamlined wardrobe of quality clothes.

So, what did I learn this past year? My first lesson was that sustainable, ethical and better quality clothing is NOT cheap whatsoever. It’s not necessarily expensive either, but you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be spending a little more on something at the very least. This didn’t shock me, but whenever I did shop, I did have to get over the initial jolt of the price tag. However, I began to like this because it made me actually think about my purchases and even do research before buying. When a price tag reads $10.99 you automatically reach for other things because nothing can beat that price! By the time you’ve made it out of the store, you’ve spent about $50 and up. True you have more things, but will you wear them? How long will they hold up? Is that even your style? I began purchasing 1-2 items every month or every other month that may be about $40-$105.

I also learned that I spend less now that I shop slow and of course I also shop less. As stated before, I may shop once a month or every other month. I now don’t feel the need to shop just because everyone else around me is. I window shop like a madwoman and if something catches my eye I don’t buy it right away. If I can’t stop thinking about a clothing item after a week, I go back to purchase it.

My slow fashion challenge definitely turned into more of a better quality clothing challenge – ahem Madewell (tops below) I’m looking at you.  However, I do still try my best to shop sustainably and ethically whenever possible. For the record, Everlane is my go to when I want something more affordable that is also ethical and sustainable. That cashmere sweater dress they have is calling my name right about now.

Lastly, I learned that the more I shop like this, the more that I actually love my clothes. Whenever I pull out that cropped & Other Stories top, I get pretty damn ecstatic – yes over a shirt. Don’t get me started on my Lucky Brand Jeans because I really could write a dissertation on why I love those jeans and why you should too! Also, those two garments are seriously a power couple in the fall/winter. See below!

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this challenge and will most likely continue with it, except that it’s not really a challenge anymore…it’s just my life now. I would like to venture out to more small boutiques as well as incorporating a few designer brands here and there. I’ll probably still pop into those fast fashion stores very rarely now…maybe just for a trendy piece that I don’t really want to splurge on.

I could go on and on AND ON, but I don’t want to rant nor bore you all. I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my Slow Fashion Challenge as much as I have enjoyed writing about it. I honestly can’t believe I did this for a whole year, but I am super glad that I did! Look out for more clothes that I purchase later this year, because you know I’m going to talk about them! As always…

Thanks for reading,