Wool Coat Outfit of the Day

Hello hello there! Ok, so where I live it has gotten really REALLY cold! I honestly did not expect the temperature to drop too much since last year we had a 60-degree Christmas. I was terribly wrong for making the assumption because it is bone-chilling cold out right now. Also, it truly is that awkward time between Christmas and the New Year…so I wasn’t entirely sure what to write about. Do I start writing about my non-existent resolutions or do write a nice lengthy fashion post?

I’m definitely going with a fashion post. It’s Friday, I might as well right? In my last post, I said that I was looking for a nice wool coat for this bone-chilling winter that we’re having. For some odd reason, I’ve never owned a wool coat. I’m honestly trying to think back to the days where I lived in South Korea (military brat) and how I survived without a freaking wool coat. Honestly, I don’t even remember being cold when I was younger…ever! Anyway, I made my way to the mall and searched for a coat. I didn’t even have to look far because of course stores are currently selling them, but I definitely wanted one that wasn’t going to completely break my bank.


I’m not sure you guys will believe where I found a nice affordable coat that actually keeps me warm…Express. Okay, maybe you do believe me. I’m not too fond of Express at all. They have the quality of Forever 21 with J. Crew prices. Ok, let me not bash them too harshly. I have shopped there in the past and it’s really just been a hit or miss. However, the coat is definitely a hit! Oh and I only spent $96 on it. It was marked down and an extra 40% off! What. A. Steal.


I was really feeling the gray double-breasted coat that they had but ended up getting the black instead because of sizing issues. They even had a white one, but let’s be real, I am Pig-Pen when it comes to certain white clothing. Now that I have this coat, I now need a more trendy one because I don’t ALWAYS have to be basic. Something about this winter is drawing me to buy a few statement pieces and colors. What is happening to me?

Ok, so the outfit; I have my & Other Stories top and Lucky Brand jeans underneath the coat. And yes…I pulled out the Uggs because it really is THAT cold. Sorry, not sorry. I’m also sporting some fingerless gloves that turn into mittens and a cashmere scarf.


Oh yeah, I’m also carrying my new All Saints bag that I’m unnaturally in love with. I’m definitely in need of some higher boots because I was freezing on part of my legs. Also, I can’t be in Uggs ALL the damn time. I guess my next big purchase will be some over the knee or thigh high boots! Seriously, leave a comment if you’ve got any suggestions on where I can find some boots!
Okay, I’m done with this lengthy OOTD post for today. I can’t wait for Tuesday because I’ll be going over my year of slow fashion! WOO HOO!

Thanks for reading