Gifts Over $75 Gift Guide (Luxury Gifts)

So I’m definitely super late posting today and this post might even be a little late since Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. Maybe, just maybe some of you guys haven’t done your shopping just yet and need a little inspiration. Today’s focus is going to be luxury items! Now, I don’t just buy random luxury items for just anybody…these gifts are typically for immediate family and really close friends. Check out my other gift guides here and here and here if you’re not really into the whole luxury item thing.


Cashmere but of course! You really cannot go wrong with cashmere! You can even gift both sustainably and ethically by getting cashmere sweaters from Everlane. Oh, and cashmere is a gift for both women and men!


Perfume can be a pretty tricky gift, but like I said, luxury gifts are typically for people that you know pretty well. My mom is a huge Jo Malone fan and I know for a fact I will never go wrong buying one of these scents. Now, my best friends’ favorite perfume is the Givenchy Ange ou Demon le secret…so I know to get her that perfume or something similar.

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 10.12.20 PM

Ok, I just included this AllSaints bag simply because I’m obsessed with it. I’m allowed to have some luxury gifts too right? I’ve pretty much had my eye on this bag for months now and I’ve even watched the price drop. Yes, I’m dropping hints here! But in all seriousness, I would most definitely buy a close friend of mine a nice leather bag that she can carry whether a tote, crossbody bag or clutch.

These are just some gift ideas that are basically my go-to’s every year for family and (close) friends. I will be honest though, I’m actually trying to get everyone on the cashmere bandwagon because it’s just SOOO soft! One of these years that will just be a theme of mine… Anyway, thanks for reading as always. Check back on Thursday and see what I have up my sleeve for the blog!