Getting Your Tasks Done

Today’s post is kind of ironic because I was so ready to talk about how to get your tasks/chores done, but here I am typing this up at almost 9pm. I didn’t charge my computer last night and it was completely dead this morning…such a fail considering this blog posts’ topic. Anyway, just because it’s late doesn’t mean I’m not going to post at all so let’s get started.

Yesterday, as I was folding my laundry I was thinking why such a tedious task was flying by. Well…I was FaceTiming my friend and we were having a great conversation. I just kind of began folding just so I wasn’t sitting there talking. Normally my clothes will sit at the end of my bed for a couple of days before I start groaning that I have to fold them.

This made me think back to the day I was cleaning my brushes and I was dancing at my bathroom sink to my very loud music. I HATE cleaning my brushes with a passion but it HAS to be done.


I think you see where this post is going now…

When you have a tedious task to do, make it fun: call a friend, listen to music, do squats (lol.)

Also if you have a really huge task to be done, turn it into a bunch of smaller tasks. All too often we will overwhelm ourselves by taking on these big duties that we just kind of keep procrastinating. Seriously, do laundry twice as much so your loads aren’t so huge and you won’t have to put away nearly as many clothes. Most washers nowadays have sensors so you’re really not wasting water as with your older washers.


I know there’s still a bunch of other chores that are just unavoidable and will always be tedious such as cleaning your toilet. Yea there’s really no way around that one except just don’t let it get gross in the first place. I don’t really enjoy changing my sheets either, but it also has to be done. With this chore, I just think of the end result and it’s always so worth it.

So if you’ve got some chores or tasks to be done keep these little “hacks” in mind. You won’t even realize you’re doing it until it’s done the majority of the time. I’m just here to make people’s lives more simple (including my own) even if my tips are as obvious as the nose on my face. Thanks for reading regardless.


How do you get your chores/tasks done?