Drunk Elephant Skin Care Review

Ok, so it’s been kind of a busy weekend hence why I didn’t post on Friday. I should have a post up soon explaining the busyness that kept me away from my blog. I like keeping you guys in the loop!

This was a long time coming, but can I just talk about Drunk Elephant for a bit? As you all know, I tried out the DE T.L.C Framboos ™ Glycolic Night Serum ($90) last month and completely fell in love. I didn’t want to do a review right away because I needed to see if it actually worked. Also, I wasn’t consistent at all with using it since it is an acid. Now the time has finally come!

Let me just say real quick, I did buy the serum because I thought that glycolic acid kept acne at bay, which in a way it does because ya know…cellular turnover. However, it did not get rid of my acne just like that. My already existing acne needed to be healed. I am no dermatologist in any way shape or form but this is just what I believe works for me.

Anyway, I don’t plan on just reviewing the Glycolic Night Serum, but most of the Drunk Elephant line! SO let me just get started!


The Glycolic Night Serum is just wonderful! If you read my post about the Framboos Glycolic Night Serum then you know that there’s cactus extract that helps with inflammation. Other glycolic peels or toners can be a little too harsh and cause tingling or burning sensation when using. The Framboos Night Serum does NOT cause any of those things on your skin. I apologize for the fact that I don’t have an after picture; my skin does NOT have any more of these crazy bumps…at least right now.


Every time that I use the serum, I wake up with a brighter clearer complexion. If I were to use this continuously and part of a routine, I’d probably see better results. However, I’m kind of afraid to use any acids continuously because I don’t want to burn or irritate my skin.

The next product I haven’t really used that much so I really haven’t seen any drastic results with. The C Firma Day Serum ($80) is a Vitamin C and most likely works like any other Vitamin C products. The Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum is packed with antioxidants, brightens skin tone and evens out uneven texture. I do notice some brightness in my complexion when I do use this product…so I should probably use it more often if I want better results. BTW both the Framboos Glycolic and C Firma Serum do have sticky consistencies but do become less sticky once the skin has absorbed them.


This last product is probably my favorite in the whole line! The Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar ($28)! I love this bar soap so much that I even purchased its own little soap dish. I’m pretty sure the Pekee Bar had something to do with calming down my horrible acne these past few weeks. It does like no other soap (that I’ve tried) and cleanses without stripping. I used to love that squeaky-clean feeling on my face after washing until I realized that I was stripping ALL of the oils from my skin. The Pekee Bar gives me a clean feeling while still maintaining the moisture. The soap does claim to balance the pH on your skin, so I’m pretty sure that has a LOT if not all to do with it. I’m not put off that it’s a bar soap because I actually like bars for my body as well and if I’m the only person using it then there really isn’t any issue as far as bacteria is concerned.


Obviously, I really like this line otherwise, I wouldn’t review it! I also love that Sephora has little kits that you can try (nightBright™ & dayGlow™) so you’re not spending a little under $100 for one product. nightBright™ ($28) comes with the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Serum and the Marula Oil. dayglow™ ($23) comes with the B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel (haven’t tried) and the C Firma Day Serum. These do sell out pretty fast, so when you see them try to snatch them up ASAP!

There are also other kits which include full sized products [The AHA ($96,) Let’s B Clear ($82) and Skin Fit Kit ($25)] So you do have your choices if you really want to try out Drunk Elephant and not spend an arm and a leg. However, the price is worth it to me personally.

This review was well over-due and I finally got it out there! I hope you all enjoy reading this and trying out any of the Drunk Elephant products. Thanks for reading as always!