No Sugar, No Dairy


If you read my last post from Friday I briefly mentioned that I’m currently on a strict-ish no sugar and no dairy diet. I didn’t mean to be too brief, but my brain was just simply not computing a blog post. So, please forgive me for that!

The “diet” may sound kind of boring and no fun at all, but it actually wasn’t half that bad. I say that as if I’m done with it. Nope, I’m still going! The weekend of this seemingly unnecessary diet is going really well. It’s was very easy for me to stick to it and say no to things that I would normally want to indulge in like cake, candy, nachos, and sugary drinks. Of course, I’m still in the beginning stages, so that might change.

The reason behind this diet is because my skin has just been so stingy and stubborn and even irritated. I have been breaking out in strange acne that I’ve never even had before. I can’t tell if it’s product related or internal (stress, digestive, hormonal, etc.)  acne. Either way, I think healing from the inside out is always a good idea. I want to get to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms anyway.

Now, I normally eat pretty healthy-ish as it is, but I do snack like crazy. I am the snack queen in my house! Some snacks may be healthy and others may be packed full of excessive salt and/or sugar… usually the latter half. So this “diet” was a long time coming.

I did have to get creative with some of my snacks which weren’t nice looking but they got the job done. For instance, I made an egg salad and added some BBQ chips. Not at all atheistically pleasing, but it certainly was filling!


Some things I’ve noticed is that I have a ton of energy, yet I’m sleeping so much more restful than ever before. Last week I slept three days out of the week (acne cause?) and was pretty miserable. Yet, the third night of no sugar and dairy, I slept like a freaking baby and woke up feeling extremely refreshed.

I did have a slip up on Saturday and indulged in a really amazing Sangrita topped with Grand Marnier! YUM! I’m not perfect so it was bound to happen. It’s not like my body was like “VOID ALL PROGRESS MADE!”


Anyway, my skin is starting to look better, since that’s one of the main reasons for this “diet.” I personally think my skin looks rather luminous but I could be wrong. So, for the next few weeks, I’ll see how not only my skin is looking, but also how my body is feeling.

I know this post seemed a bit all over the place but I’m pretty energetic and a little spastic right now! Thanks for reading as always, cuties!