Unnecessary Things I’ve Been Loving

So about that snow storm…well, it snowed but it certainly wasn’t a storm not where I live anyway. If anything, it just got really cold, snowed and then the snow turned to ice. Today it’s extremely windy and bone-chilling cold out. As cold as it is, I appreciate the little (sort of big) things that make life great like heated seats in the car. Who doesn’t like a warm booty?


Speaking of little things I appreciate…I’ve made some pretty recent purchases. You guys know that I don’t typically go overboard with purchases, but sometimes there are just things that I truly believe make life great. Theses aren’t exactly purchases that were necessary but I really did want them and am glad that I have them now.


I’ve been wanting the Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume for the longest! I want the full sized bottle since I’ve been using the rollerball but I’ll be a good girl and wait until this baby runs out. The scent is very fresh (no pun intended) and clean…it smells a bit like soda.


Yes, I had to match the Sugar Lychee lotion with the perfume :D. The lotion doesn’t smell anything like the perfume, but it’s still a really good lotion. I think next time I’ll buy the Sugar Lemon, which I know for a fact smells yummy! Fresh has been giving me so much life lately…I wish I would have been hip a long time ago!


So, I purchased these lashes off of Amazon last week and I really like them. They’re lightweight and pretty easy to put on. They were only $10 for 6 pairs. I don’t normally wear lashes but mascara has been seriously giving me the blues lately. For now, I’m just experimenting a little.


Funny story about this Leahlani product. I ordered it last Tuesday and it was supposed to arrive on Saturday. There was a key put in my mailbox saying to open a bigger mailbox to retrieve my package. Nothing was there. By Monday night I was ready to email Leahlani Skincare and tell them that my package must have gotten lost. However, I completely forgot and didn’t even worry about it. Tuesday comes around and I hear the USPS truck making its way in the snow. An hour later I open my front door and there’s my Mermaid Mask packed all nicely. I open it only to find it completely frozen. I did get to use it last night and it made my skin so supple and soft. Yes, a review will be up as soon as I use it enough times to actually have an honest opinion.

So, these are some somewhat frivolous things that I’ve been loving that make my life just that much better. What are some not so necessary products that make your life great?

Thanks for reading.