The Stylish, yet Cozy Outfit of the Day

It’s Monday again and it’s freezing! Today it’s supposedly 40 degrees but it feels about maybe 10 degrees! Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow too. Normally I’d be pretty damn upset that it was snowing in March, but considering we barely had a winter – I’m all for it! In fact, I don’t really mind bundling up in a blanket with some piping hot tea and a good book/movie.

Anyway, today I got out and stretched my legs a little bit before the big snow day here in the D.C area. If you want to see what all I did today, check out my Instagram @chelsiiohkay. I recently started posting on the Insta story and I think I might be addicted to it now. I didn’t really do too much but I would still love a follow! 🙂

Knowing that I was leaving the house in this cold weather, I wanted to take some pictures for the blog! So I slayed my makeup and put on a cozy, yet cute outfit.

You guys have seen this cropped top from & Other Stories for like the millionth time now. What can I say? I love this top! I paired it with my Lucky Jeans as always and my handy dandy Target boots.


I have this love-hate relationship with my hair because it pretty much does what it wants to do. It somehow always looks messy and neat at the same time…maybe it’s mirroring my personality. If you were wondering the lip color…it’s the Sephora brand lip stain in Crimson Crush.


Of course, I didn’t go out just with this top on because I would have frozen my ass off! No, I wore this amazing jacket that I’m borrowing/stealing from my beautiful, amazing mother. I borrow/steal all of her stuff because that’s what daughters do right? Anyway, she purchased an All Saints coat at the beginning of the year and it’s finally been cold enough (also my turn) to wear! I absolutely love everything in All Saints and would buy up the whole store if I could. I’m planning on saving up and buying one of my own jackets or dresses from there. I think this coat might needs it’s own blog post too!


So, that was my outfit for today! The next few days I’ll probably be trapped inside because of the snowstorm that is heading my way. Hopefully, I don’t get cabin fever, but I’m almost counting on it. Also, if you’re going to be stuck in the snowstorm as well, please stay safe out there!

Thanks for reading.