Adding Color to My Wardrobe

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So, I wasn’t kidding when I said I was going to start incorporating color into my wardrobe. I will be honest, though, I am/was a little nervous about doing so, because I really want to wear the clothing that I purchase. Of course, I can just wear it, but I also want it to look good on me as well!

Yesterday, I did a little shopping and it took me at least an hour to figure out what I was going to get. I waltzed (as usual) into Madewell and saw so many freaking cute things. I felt as if I walked into a human-sized trap. Initially, I was going to get some jeans, but I figured that those could wait until I figured out my color palette as well as pieces that I would like to have in my wardrobe. That seems a little backward right? It is….that’s just how I think occasionally.

After, much deliberation and help from my father (so I don’t buy random things), I managed to come out of Madewell with two shirts and an idea of what my color palette may look like.

color palette.png

These are the colors that I think I would be happy with in my closet. I’m most definitely already sold on the dusty pink and the white because I already have those colors in my closet. However, I never thought of wearing olive green in the warmer months, but they usually put out a more muted, pastel olive green that works pretty well. Speaking of muted colors, that coral is supposed to be more of a pastel coral, which I will visually explain in a bit.

Obviously, I don’t mind adding any other colors to my wardrobe, but I don’t want to go overboard and end up never wearing them.

Now, as far as style goes, I’d like to keep that somewhat the same…slightly edgy. Classic Rocker Chic to be exact. To be completely honest, I’m trying to avoid being too Bohemian as well as too Preppy which is easy to do in the warmer seasons. Although, since my style has a bit of edginess to it, I don’t mind slipping a little bit into a Boho-esque look.

I don’t know if anybody is reading this and thinking “who puts this much thought into buying clothes?!” Me! I do! My thought process of purchasing clothes is almost cathartic and once the shopping process is all done it’s all ease from there.

Anyway! Let me show you the shirts that I bought!


I’m finally putting my mannequin to good use right? Well, this is one of the tops that I bought that I think really suits me and my capsule. I can wear this with jeans both black and white and maybe a denim skirt if I ever get one. Also, this was the muted coral color I was talking about. I especially like it because it somehow makes my skin tone pop. As I was purchasing this, I was nervous as to how it was going to look and already had plans to return it. Not anymore!


Okay, so this was the pastel olive green I was talking about. I pretty much knew how this was going to fit and look. I adore muscle tees for the warmer months and I feel like I need more! I can pair this with joggers, a skirt, a leather jacket, jeans and shorts of course. Nice and versatile just the way I like.

So, this is what I have so far. I’ll be sure to write another blog post when I add some other pieces later in the season. Who would have thought, I’d add color to my wardrobe?! I’m excited about this season for once and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

Thanks for reading.


Capsule Wardrobe Time!

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So, it’s about that time. Capsule wardrobe time! This is my third year doing a capsule wardrobe so I’m basically a pro now *curly hair flip.* Initially, I started doing a capsule because I wanted to be more minimal, but now I do it for the simplicity and ease of it all.

Normally I drag my feet especially in the Spring months to change out the clothing in my wardrobe. I’m not at all a fan of the warmer months because I ADORE Fall and Winter. This Spring I’m actually looking forward to compiling my capsule wardrobe because I am going about it a little differently this time around.

As you know I am doing my own slow fashion challenge to purchase more ethical and better quality clothing. Well, one of the cool things about slow fashion is that you can, for the most part, wear the clothes year around. Basically, there is no need for seasonal clothing anymore…give or take a few items that are just must have pieces.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in California and can’t get away with wearing the same cropped sweater I wore in Fall in the Summer. Here on the east coast while it can get pretty cold…it can get pretty damn hot! In fact, when summer comes rolling around I’m a back out, cropped tank, bralette, no sleeves wearing fiend. In other words…I’m almost naked and so is everyone else because it really gets that hot with no relief.

Anyway, I’m only just figuring out the logistics of how this No Seasonal, Slow Fashion clothing thing is going to work. So far, I pulled out many of my “warm weather” clothes and already threw a good portion of them in the “get rid of” pile that sits in the middle of my room. It’s kind of funny how much your style can change in less than a year.

I’m finding that most of what I wore in the Fall I can definitely wear in the Spring and even the Summer. Of course jeans, (certain) dresses, white tees, (faux) silk tanks and the such are year-round staples, but even a chambray shirt, a sleeveless turtleneck, and a long sleeve fitted crop top can be worn all year.

Obviously, in the harsher months (Summer and Winter) you’re just going to want to wear clothing that suits the season. However, there are those days that are mild and can be worked with. Also, this does not mean that I am not shopping anymore! I will most likely replace something every time I purchase a new item. I am still replacing many of my fast fashion clothing with better quality slow fashion clothing as well as clothing that better suits my style.

One thing I will say is that I have zero colors for Spring. Everything right now is black, gray or olive green. So, when I do shop, I’ll probably purchase some things that have a little color.

So, I know this was a really long post, my capsule wardrobe posts usually are though. Thanks for reading regardless!


Drunk Elephant Skin Care Review

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Ok, so it’s been kind of a busy weekend hence why I didn’t post on Friday. I should have a post up soon explaining the busyness that kept me away from my blog. I like keeping you guys in the loop!

This was a long time coming, but can I just talk about Drunk Elephant for a bit? As you all know, I tried out the DE T.L.C Framboos ™ Glycolic Night Serum ($90) last month and completely fell in love. I didn’t want to do a review right away because I needed to see if it actually worked. Also, I wasn’t consistent at all with using it since it is an acid. Now the time has finally come!

Let me just say real quick, I did buy the serum because I thought that glycolic acid kept acne at bay, which in a way it does because ya know…cellular turnover. However, it did not get rid of my acne just like that. My already existing acne needed to be healed. I am no dermatologist in any way shape or form but this is just what I believe works for me.

Anyway, I don’t plan on just reviewing the Glycolic Night Serum, but most of the Drunk Elephant line! SO let me just get started!


The Glycolic Night Serum is just wonderful! If you read my post about the Framboos Glycolic Night Serum then you know that there’s cactus extract that helps with inflammation. Other glycolic peels or toners can be a little too harsh and cause tingling or burning sensation when using. The Framboos Night Serum does NOT cause any of those things on your skin. I apologize for the fact that I don’t have an after picture; my skin does NOT have any more of these crazy bumps…at least right now.


Every time that I use the serum, I wake up with a brighter clearer complexion. If I were to use this continuously and part of a routine, I’d probably see better results. However, I’m kind of afraid to use any acids continuously because I don’t want to burn or irritate my skin.

The next product I haven’t really used that much so I really haven’t seen any drastic results with. The C Firma Day Serum ($80) is a Vitamin C and most likely works like any other Vitamin C products. The Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum is packed with antioxidants, brightens skin tone and evens out uneven texture. I do notice some brightness in my complexion when I do use this product…so I should probably use it more often if I want better results. BTW both the Framboos Glycolic and C Firma Serum do have sticky consistencies but do become less sticky once the skin has absorbed them.


This last product is probably my favorite in the whole line! The Drunk Elephant Pekee Bar ($28)! I love this bar soap so much that I even purchased its own little soap dish. I’m pretty sure the Pekee Bar had something to do with calming down my horrible acne these past few weeks. It does like no other soap (that I’ve tried) and cleanses without stripping. I used to love that squeaky-clean feeling on my face after washing until I realized that I was stripping ALL of the oils from my skin. The Pekee Bar gives me a clean feeling while still maintaining the moisture. The soap does claim to balance the pH on your skin, so I’m pretty sure that has a LOT if not all to do with it. I’m not put off that it’s a bar soap because I actually like bars for my body as well and if I’m the only person using it then there really isn’t any issue as far as bacteria is concerned.


Obviously, I really like this line otherwise, I wouldn’t review it! I also love that Sephora has little kits that you can try (nightBright™ & dayGlow™) so you’re not spending a little under $100 for one product. nightBright™ ($28) comes with the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Serum and the Marula Oil. dayglow™ ($23) comes with the B Hydra Intensive Hydration Gel (haven’t tried) and the C Firma Day Serum. These do sell out pretty fast, so when you see them try to snatch them up ASAP!

There are also other kits which include full sized products [The AHA ($96,) Let’s B Clear ($82) and Skin Fit Kit ($25)] So you do have your choices if you really want to try out Drunk Elephant and not spend an arm and a leg. However, the price is worth it to me personally.

This review was well over-due and I finally got it out there! I hope you all enjoy reading this and trying out any of the Drunk Elephant products. Thanks for reading as always!


For Once, It’s Not About Acne

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OK, so this was a 1st world story I HAD to tell you all. I was going to talk about my acne woes again, but I didn’t want to bore you guys and woe is me about my damned skin for another post. Long story short – I have shitty skin right now and I’m trying to fix it by healing it from the inside and also with products that work as “healers” rather than with harsh acne products. I will explain more in another post next week.

Anyway, I went to this really cute café in D.C yesterday and fell completely in love. Except for the fact that that they had zero WiFi and it was pretty obvious that they throttled down the signal. Okay, I get it A Baked Joint (name of the café/restaurant)…you want people to be more social. *Le sigh.* I did a quick Google search of the place and read that last year they banned laptops and studying materials. What? D.C is home to so many freaking colleges and universities and you banned studying? Also, D.C is corporate AF…do you know your target audience or nah? Cool, they don’t ban laptops anymore, but I guess if you take up too much space then you might get a stern talking to, which is a perfectly acceptable argument.


Now I can’t tell someone how to run their business of course. I’m just a paying customer and love the coffee shops’ aesthetic and food and coffee and tea. I can have an opinion, though, right?

Well, you just can’t force perfect strangers to be social with each other. A coffee shop (A Baked Joint calls themselves a restaurant but are set up like any other café) is an introverts’ best friend. I can be around people without draining my essence all while getting some work done and giving my eyes something pleasing to look at. Even if you took away my phone and computer, I’m still not talking to Janet or John whose sitting two seats down. If I come with friends I’m definitely not talking to Janet or John and I’m pretty sure they don’t want to talk to me either.

IMG_5254Also, I’m kind of tired of people blaming technology for making us less social when I think that we are a WHOLE lot more social now. We may not communicate on an oral (out loud? auditory?)  level as much, but man I can text all five of my friends in ten seconds and plan a movie night at my place. I even met my beau online and we have a really good thing going right now yet our society is less social? Sure our communication skills could definitely use some work (the society not my relationship) but nothing is perfect.

I do get the purpose of the WiFi or lack thereof, but why do you have to mess with my signal, though? We’re in a tech age now and I’m sick of being told that it’s a bad thing and brainwashing us. Maybe some of us, but definitely not all of us. The perfect example of cool technology…I started this blog on a whim to really get the things that are on my mind out there and I actually have people who read this blog on a daily basis now. If it weren’t for technology…the Internet, this blog wouldn’t exist. Well, that was a good example to me.

Anyway, like I said, I can’t tell anyone how to run their business even though I think that it is a bit obnoxious from both a business and consumer perspective. The idea is great on paper, but in practice…it can be divisive. Technology has its issues but so does everything else. I will be going back to A Baked Joint sometime soon because I can’t resist the atmosphere. I just won’t be going back to get any work done, which I guess, is the point. Hopefully, I didn’t come off as being too whiny because there are dozens of coffee shops that I CAN work at and I know that. Also, I found this topic to be interesting and it sort of peaked my curiosity. I’m always fascinated by the way certain establishments run their business and why exactly. So that is all for today and I will be returning back to my regular beauty, fashion and simplicity posts on Friday!


No Sugar, No Dairy

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If you read my last post from Friday I briefly mentioned that I’m currently on a strict-ish no sugar and no dairy diet. I didn’t mean to be too brief, but my brain was just simply not computing a blog post. So, please forgive me for that!

The “diet” may sound kind of boring and no fun at all, but it actually wasn’t half that bad. I say that as if I’m done with it. Nope, I’m still going! The weekend of this seemingly unnecessary diet is going really well. It’s was very easy for me to stick to it and say no to things that I would normally want to indulge in like cake, candy, nachos, and sugary drinks. Of course, I’m still in the beginning stages, so that might change.

The reason behind this diet is because my skin has just been so stingy and stubborn and even irritated. I have been breaking out in strange acne that I’ve never even had before. I can’t tell if it’s product related or internal (stress, digestive, hormonal, etc.)  acne. Either way, I think healing from the inside out is always a good idea. I want to get to the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms anyway.

Now, I normally eat pretty healthy-ish as it is, but I do snack like crazy. I am the snack queen in my house! Some snacks may be healthy and others may be packed full of excessive salt and/or sugar… usually the latter half. So this “diet” was a long time coming.

I did have to get creative with some of my snacks which weren’t nice looking but they got the job done. For instance, I made an egg salad and added some BBQ chips. Not at all atheistically pleasing, but it certainly was filling!


Some things I’ve noticed is that I have a ton of energy, yet I’m sleeping so much more restful than ever before. Last week I slept three days out of the week (acne cause?) and was pretty miserable. Yet, the third night of no sugar and dairy, I slept like a freaking baby and woke up feeling extremely refreshed.

I did have a slip up on Saturday and indulged in a really amazing Sangrita topped with Grand Marnier! YUM! I’m not perfect so it was bound to happen. It’s not like my body was like “VOID ALL PROGRESS MADE!”


Anyway, my skin is starting to look better, since that’s one of the main reasons for this “diet.” I personally think my skin looks rather luminous but I could be wrong. So, for the next few weeks, I’ll see how not only my skin is looking, but also how my body is feeling.

I know this post seemed a bit all over the place but I’m pretty energetic and a little spastic right now! Thanks for reading as always, cuties!



I’m Addicted to Masks – Vlog

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Okay, so I had an idea for a post today and now it has completely slipped my mind. I tried writing about my acne woes but even that isn’t translating well from brain to screen.

I just decided to post another vlogging vide because why not? I did talk about my acne in this vlog because I really don’t know what’s going on with my skin. No matter what I put on it, I still have pesky pimples! Thankfully there is no cystic acne, but there is definitely some hormonal going on along with some other unknown acne.

Anywho here is the video! I hope you all like it!



Unnecessary Things I’ve Been Loving

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So about that snow storm…well, it snowed but it certainly wasn’t a storm not where I live anyway. If anything, it just got really cold, snowed and then the snow turned to ice. Today it’s extremely windy and bone-chilling cold out. As cold as it is, I appreciate the little (sort of big) things that make life great like heated seats in the car. Who doesn’t like a warm booty?


Speaking of little things I appreciate…I’ve made some pretty recent purchases. You guys know that I don’t typically go overboard with purchases, but sometimes there are just things that I truly believe make life great. Theses aren’t exactly purchases that were necessary but I really did want them and am glad that I have them now.


I’ve been wanting the Fresh Sugar Lychee perfume for the longest! I want the full sized bottle since I’ve been using the rollerball but I’ll be a good girl and wait until this baby runs out. The scent is very fresh (no pun intended) and clean…it smells a bit like soda.


Yes, I had to match the Sugar Lychee lotion with the perfume :D. The lotion doesn’t smell anything like the perfume, but it’s still a really good lotion. I think next time I’ll buy the Sugar Lemon, which I know for a fact smells yummy! Fresh has been giving me so much life lately…I wish I would have been hip a long time ago!


So, I purchased these lashes off of Amazon last week and I really like them. They’re lightweight and pretty easy to put on. They were only $10 for 6 pairs. I don’t normally wear lashes but mascara has been seriously giving me the blues lately. For now, I’m just experimenting a little.


Funny story about this Leahlani product. I ordered it last Tuesday and it was supposed to arrive on Saturday. There was a key put in my mailbox saying to open a bigger mailbox to retrieve my package. Nothing was there. By Monday night I was ready to email Leahlani Skincare and tell them that my package must have gotten lost. However, I completely forgot and didn’t even worry about it. Tuesday comes around and I hear the USPS truck making its way in the snow. An hour later I open my front door and there’s my Mermaid Mask packed all nicely. I open it only to find it completely frozen. I did get to use it last night and it made my skin so supple and soft. Yes, a review will be up as soon as I use it enough times to actually have an honest opinion.

So, these are some somewhat frivolous things that I’ve been loving that make my life just that much better. What are some not so necessary products that make your life great?

Thanks for reading.




The Stylish, yet Cozy Outfit of the Day

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It’s Monday again and it’s freezing! Today it’s supposedly 40 degrees but it feels about maybe 10 degrees! Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow too. Normally I’d be pretty damn upset that it was snowing in March, but considering we barely had a winter – I’m all for it! In fact, I don’t really mind bundling up in a blanket with some piping hot tea and a good book/movie.

Anyway, today I got out and stretched my legs a little bit before the big snow day here in the D.C area. If you want to see what all I did today, check out my Instagram @chelsiiohkay. I recently started posting on the Insta story and I think I might be addicted to it now. I didn’t really do too much but I would still love a follow! 🙂

Knowing that I was leaving the house in this cold weather, I wanted to take some pictures for the blog! So I slayed my makeup and put on a cozy, yet cute outfit.

You guys have seen this cropped top from & Other Stories for like the millionth time now. What can I say? I love this top! I paired it with my Lucky Jeans as always and my handy dandy Target boots.


I have this love-hate relationship with my hair because it pretty much does what it wants to do. It somehow always looks messy and neat at the same time…maybe it’s mirroring my personality. If you were wondering the lip color…it’s the Sephora brand lip stain in Crimson Crush.


Of course, I didn’t go out just with this top on because I would have frozen my ass off! No, I wore this amazing jacket that I’m borrowing/stealing from my beautiful, amazing mother. I borrow/steal all of her stuff because that’s what daughters do right? Anyway, she purchased an All Saints coat at the beginning of the year and it’s finally been cold enough (also my turn) to wear! I absolutely love everything in All Saints and would buy up the whole store if I could. I’m planning on saving up and buying one of my own jackets or dresses from there. I think this coat might needs it’s own blog post too!


So, that was my outfit for today! The next few days I’ll probably be trapped inside because of the snowstorm that is heading my way. Hopefully, I don’t get cabin fever, but I’m almost counting on it. Also, if you’re going to be stuck in the snowstorm as well, please stay safe out there!

Thanks for reading.


The Menstrual Cup Update

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Okay so 6 months ago I purchased The Blossom Cup off of Amazon and haven’t reverted back to disposable feminine products since. Initially, I thought the idea of a cup was gross, but when you really think about it…there’s really nothing NOT gross about a period.

If you can’t tell already, I LOVE the cup! Well, I love most things I talk about on my blog hence why I talk about them. Originally I purchased the cup because it was a lot more zero waste than using anything disposable. Now I use the cup because it’s a way better alternative than the traditional products. I have so many pros for the cup:

  1. You can’t feel it (much) if inserted correctly.
  2. There’s no bad smell. There is a smell of course, but it isn’t nearly as horrible as the smell of pads and tampons.
  3. Non-drying and no chaffing. Let’s be real, pads and tampons can dry your poor lady parts right on out especially on those last few days.
  4. Reusable (DUH!) All I have to do is dump the cup out, rinse well, and then insert it back in. At the end of every cycle, I like to boil some water and let it sit for 5 minutes or so.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.18.11 PM

I could go on and on as always, but I’ll spare you guys the nitty gritty details. Wearing a menstrual cup is ALMOST a worry free period alternative. I still have no desire to do cartwheels on a beach in a white dress, but I definitely feel much more comfortable going out in public when I’m on my cycle.

There is, of course, some cons like:

  1. Insertion can be tricky…even for the “expert.” Sometimes the cup just doesn’t want to go in. Thanks, female anatomy.
  2. Not the best for heavy periods. Of course, you can still wear the cup, but you won’t get that 12 hours of no changing. However, they do make cups that can be worn for women who have heavier periods.

I have two issues when it comes to the cup. My flow is either too heavy or too light. The heavy day (second day of period) I have to change my cup every 2-3 hours. On my light days (the last two days of period ) the cup is much harder to put in and take out and sometimes hurts.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 6.18.43 PM

I haven’t figured out exactly how I will remedy these two issues, but I do have some ideas. I may just get a new cup that has a bigger capacity so I can wear it a little longer and I may buy a sea sponge for those really light days. We will see, though.

Overall, I really love the cup and the change that I have made. I’m overjoyed that there is no more trash or chaffing or smells! Hopefully, I can figure out what to do on my super heavy and super light days. I am completely fine with the way things are going other than those minor issues. If I could, I would tell EVERYONE to make the change to a menstrual cup because it’s such a game changer. If you haven’t made the change yet, I’m not going to preach at you to switch, but definitely, consider it! You might actually like it.

Thanks for reading.


Slow Fashion Challenge: Update

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I broke a rule…well, really I bent a rule. My slow fashion challenge is going so much better than I expected, but nobody is perfect. I purchased some fast fashion items not too long ago. I didn’t exactly do it on purpose, though. Here are some of my offenses.

The first incident happened when I was going to a birthday party at an 80’s, 90’s club. I purchased this cheap dress off of Amazon which actually was in my parameters as far as the challenge went. I am allowed to purchase fast fashion for themed parties and technically it was a themed club. However, I also went to H&M for some tights and thigh high socks that same week. It was supposed to complete the outfit and what sense would it make to spend an arm and a leg on tights and socks? I also forgot to bring some earrings so I ended up buying some at H&M while I was already there. Two (three?) offenses in one week…I am out of control I know.


The second incident happened a few weeks ago after my dentist appointment. I failed to mention it in my blog post about my relaxed outfit. That belt…is from H&M as well. Again…I couldn’t justify spending more than $10 on a belt that I tie around myself! I mean I really could have just gotten some thick black shoe strings and tied that around my waist but I wasn’t really thinking. I blame the excessive lidocaine.


However, I have done so well in this challenge. This is one of the first times that I have ever been this committed to something like this. I am worried about when it starts to get warmer, though. I tend to buy seasonal clothing in the summer simply because it is hot. I will really have to restrain myself from purchasing that cute flowy dress from Forever 21 because I know there’s going to be one I just have to have.


The only recommendation I have for myself is to either wear clothes that I already own for the summer months or try my hand at sewing my own flowy dresses and shorts. Of course, I can purchase from slow fashion stores as well as Target, but I tend to be a little more lenient with my purchases when summer comes around. Hopefully, I can keep up with my challenge because I am really enjoying it and loving how my wardrobe is changing into great quality pieces.

Thanks for reading!