OOTD: Relaxed & Casual

Today I had a dentist appointment to fill in some cavities. The appointment went really well, but man was my dentist heavy handed with the lidocaine. As a kid, I could easily go back to school after an appointment and now I’m out of commission for the rest of the day. Somehow, I managed not to pass out today as my mom and I walked around Georgetown and took pictures.


I get so nervous before doctor’s or dentist’s appointments, so I was sure to dress as comfortable as possible. Yesterday I saw this cute linen top inside of Gap and HAD to have it. I think of Gap as not quite fast fashion, but not quite slow fashion. I have so many ideas on how to wear this linen top when the days are warm. Lately, it’s been pretty hard to tell if it’s going to be warm or not so I’m always sure to layer up.

I’m really glad I bought this shirt in the flax color (light beige) instead of black or white. The top is soft and breathable and is going to be a must wear on super hot summer days.


Today, I paired it with my American Apparel winter leggings and my Banana Republic military coat. I would have layered an oversized sweater over it since it was pretty chilly in the morning, but I don’t have an oversized sweater sadly. An oversized sweater may have to be my next purchase if it doesn’t start warming up too quickly.


I wanted to show this outfit with and without the belt because it creates two different looks. If I was wearing shorts with the top then I would probably opt for the belt because that look is super chic. Isn’t it strange how a simple little accessory can completely take an outfit to the next level or completely ruin one?


Now that this post is up and I’m finally home I can relax after my oh so nerve racking appointment. Thanks for reading as always!