Back to Basics: Powder Foundation

I’m really not sure if I have a blog post already called back to basics. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did though because I somehow always end up going back to the basics. It’s awfully funny how I end up down a rabbit hole only to end up back where I started.

So, if you read my posts regularly then you know that I’ve been using the Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum to help keep my acne at bay. I feel like a silly goose for not photographing my progress, but I promise it is working like a dream. All that is left are my dark hyperpigmentation spots and teeny tiny little pimples on my chin and jaw area. I’m working on doing a review and should be up in the next few days.


Since I have been using the glycolic acid on my face, my makeup hasn’t been sitting on my skin just the way I like it. Also, my Tom Ford foundation has felt so slick and never stays on as long as it used to. It could be because I’m using glycolic acid or the foundation just doesn’t work anymore. It wouldn’t be the first time a foundation has quit on me.

I noticed that my mom’s foundation was flawless and stayed on all freaking day with minimal touch ups. Naturally, I asked her what foundation she was wearing and she said Bare Minerals Matte foundation. You know, that foundation you used when you first started wearing make up because liquid foundation was just way too freaking intimidating. Okay maybe that’s not everybody’s story, but it certainly is mine.


When I asked her, we were on our way to the mall which meant we were on our way to Sephora, Lush and Olivia Macaron. Obviously, I went to Sephora and got the foundation and naturally I was a little skeptical because I hadn’t used it for so long and it didn’t work that well in the past.

I was pretty shocked when I wore it the next day ALL day without any touch ups. I don’t know if the formula is different or if I’m just more conscious of my skincare. When I was using the foundation before, I was a hell of a lot more oily and using products that stripped all the oils from my skin causing it to produce even more oil. Also, the foundation doesn’t transfer nearly as much as it used to which is a huge plus in my book.


I remember thinking that liquid foundation was intimidating, but switching back to powder was a little weird and surprisingly came with a re-learning curve. However, powder goes on so much easier and doesn’t leave a sticky residue when you first apply it. It is also supposedly better to wear mineral foundation when you’re using acids on your skin – so yet another plus!

I have to say I never ever thought I would go back to using Bare Minerals powder foundation. It does go along with my simple lifestyle so I’m pretty much sold as far as simplicity goes. That’s all for today. Check back Wednesday for another cool post.