Refining Your Personal Style

I’ll never forget the day I figured out my personal style. I found this cute floral and mesh corset that flattered my figure perfectly. I paired it with some leggings and my favorite faux leather moto jacket. I was comfortable – no tugging or adjusting. I felt like myself. It was the first time I had worn something like that and it was also the first time I was wearing my hair un-straightened. Needless to fullsizerendersay, I may have turned a few heads that night. From then on, I wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing black and leather jackets.

I’ve read dozens of articles and blog posts about how to find your personal style since I was in middle school. Every single one says that you should find a style icon that you like and someone who has a similar body shape to you. Of course, I agree with this and am all for it. I have to say, though, that doesn’t work out quite how you want it to sometimes. Last year, I wanted to change up my style and thought I could pull of Kendall Jenner’s casual street style. Plot twist…I actually did pull it off! However, I didn’t feel comfortable and was constantly tugging and adjusting my clothes. The whole low-rise jeans and t-shirts that hit just below my waist didn’t feel right and also seemed unfinished.

My rules for finding or refining your personal style are a little different. I do think it is important to have a person of inspiration, but trying to recreate someone else’s style is a different story. One rule and really only rule that I have always lived by and will continue to live by is to dress comfortably. Many people confuse dressing comfortably with throwing on sweats and sneakers and calling it a day. While that look can be cute, would you really want to wear that every single day? What I mean by dress comfortably is:

Wear what you like

Wear what fits

Wear what flatters

Wear what you likefringe-inspo-5-710x1024

We have all gotten caught up in trends. We see a trend on the runway or in stores and we often think we like it so much that it’ll look good on us. We also don’t really like having something that is out of season, because magazines and other medias. Have you seen those videos that say “Trends that need to die (or stay) in 2016” all over YouTube? Yeah, those come out every year like clockwork and make you feel bad for still wearing fringe or hi-low hems. Well if you followed a trend that you liked and looked good on you last year, then keep wearing it! Don’t let a magazine or Youtuber tell you that you should abandon something that you like. The cool thing about all trends is that they always end up being refined or popping up again six months later.


Wear what fits

Please don’t squeeze into a smaller size when you’re a bigger size. Who cares about the number, especially with sizes being all over the place at different stores? Also, avoid too big or baggy clothing. I always bought my shirts a little bit bigger because I liked to hide my hands in my sleeves. Well, that look works with sweaters and hoodies but not regular long sleeve t-shirts. Let me just say that that was not a good look at all.


Wear what flatters

This goes hand in hand with wearing what fits. Sometimes there’s that one thing in your closet that just flatters your body perfectly and you’ve probably worn it moNumbuh_Three.jpgre times than you can count. I really liked the way boxy t-shirt dresses felt on me, but I never realized how they did not at all flatter me until I saw a picture of myself. If you’re thin and long like me definitely don’t wear clothes that might swallow you up and make you look like you’re wearing your mom’s clothes from back in the day. Have someone take a picture in an outfit that you like to see if it flatters you or not. If so, keep it and if not, refine the outfit or toss it.


I know my rule conflicts a bit with my sub-rules, but ultimately, dress however you want! I just believe that all of these three sub-rules aligning with each other saves money and saves you from having a style disaster.

Maybe you follow trends and dress in the latest and greatest or maybe you’re an old soul who dresses in only vintage clothing. Whatever your style is, always make sure that it is refined, curated and comfortable. This ensures that you will always look your best without even trying.