Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Oil Review

I’ve been talking quite a bit about slow fashion lately, so I thought I would switch gears and go back to skincare.

During Blogmas I had a bout of blogging burnout from posting every single day and wrote about some Herbivore Botanicals products I purchased from Urban Outfitters. I said that I wanted to try the Lapis Oil that gets great reviews and has some of the best photos on Instagram. A few days after I wrote the post I bought the Lapis Oil rollerball from the Herbivore website to test it out.

You know how you just know that you’re going to love something even before you use it or try it. Well, that is exactly how this product turned out to be. I was extremely excited when it finally arrived in the mail.

I know you’re thinking…”ChelsiKay don’t you have combo/oily acne prone skin? Why would you put an oil on oily skin?” Well, it turns out that oils are actually really good for your skin as long as they are noncomedogenic aka non-pore clogging. I even oil cleanse with argan oil, hemp seed oil, and sea buckthorn oil every night to remove my makeup. Oil cleansing and moisturizing with oil has improved my combo/oily skin and combated most of my acne.

So now for the review:

I ordered the travel sized roller ball to test out how well this oil actually worked. The rollerball retails at $26 and the 1.7-ounce container retails at $72. I know…who in their right mind would spend $80 (after tax) on an oil? Well when you have less than decent skin, you’d do a lot to get a clear complexion. In fact, I just purchased the full sized container right before I started writing this post. Yea, I live on the wild side.

My rollerball came packaged nicely with paper worms in a cardboard box labeled Herbivore Botanicals. I opened up the box and there it was – the blue elixir that would change the way my skin looked forever. Okay, that’s a little dramatic but I know you all like it! IMG_2483.jpg

After I washed my face that night, I rolled the oil onto my fingertips and applied it all over my face and neck. Initially, the oil is kind of greasy, but not even 30 seconds later my skin absorbed it all in. The scent of the Lapis Oil smells exactly like Jasmine which I believe is one of the ingredients that are included.

After about three weeks of use, my skin texture has improved. I always get a nice glow right after I apply it and when a breakout is present I can count on the Lapis Oil to soothe any redness and inflammation.

There isn’t much negative that I can say about this oil. The price is a little steep, but when it comes to the skin on my face I am more than willing to pay extra.

This is oil is pretty much a staple in my skincare routine and will continue to be. I use it mainly at night so my skin doesn’t dry out, but it does work fairly well under makeup. Also, Herbivore Botanicals is a natural skincare brand and that is always a plus to me.


Overall, this is a must in my skincare regime and most definitely worth the price. If you’ve been looking at the Lapis Oil for awhile, I insist that you purchase even if it is just the rollerball. I could go on and on about it but I’ll be here forever.

Thanks for reading