Cold Weather Lookbook

I’m not sure why I’m posting so late today, I guess I Just really got used to blogging around this time due to Blogmas.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit more about slow fashion since I am pretty much obsessed. I filmed a cold weather lookbook earlier today and noticed how many quality clothes that I actually have already. Most were gifts, but some were items that I purchased myself years ago. They happen to be garments that I often gravitate towards especially during the colder days.

If I got rid of the majority of my fast fashion items today, I think that my wardrobe would be just fine. There would be many repeat items, but I tend to do that anyway. I do reach for certain fast fashion pieces sometimes, but that’s very few items…at least in the winter.

I’ve never actually posted a video on here before from my YouTube…so today will be the first time. I filmed the video a little differently than my other lookbooks as well as other YouTuber’s lookbooks. I just went with it. The video is even slightly out of focus, but I actually really like the look of that. Anywho, I’m posting the video and ending this random blog post now.

I hope you enjoyed reading AND watching!