ChelsiKay’s Slow Fashion Challenge

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions simply because I’m not really a believer in waiting for a specific day to start a new goal. I’d rather make little goals as I go along through the year – it’s easier and doesn’t require nearly as much discipline. Anyway, this post isn’t even about resolutions…well not really.

As stated before, I’m slowly transitioning into wearing slow fashion clothing. I was telling a friend about my “sort of resolutions” for the New Year after she shared hers with me. She couldn’t wrap her brain around the thought of NOT buying fast fashion. We’ve all been there, right?


Madewell Merino Wool Sweater


So, I created a slow fashion challenge for myself. I’m not sure if this is already a thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was. Below are some of the rules and exclusions that I came up with.

For the whole year of 2017:

  1. I will be only be purchasing slow fashion clothing and accessories.
  2. I can ONLY purchase fast fashion for special events (i.e. costume parties, themed parties, etc.)
  3. The only fast fashion/discount store I can shop at is Target

I know you’re thinking ‘why is Target excluded?’ I still have some items from Target that I purchased when I was in high school and they’re still hanging on with no sign of rips or shrinkage. Of course, there are probably some items that do shrink and don’t last so I’ll try to be as mindful as possible if and when I do shop at Target. I also think that it is important to have some sort of a loophole when it comes to taking on a new project or hobby of some sort. Don’t worry, though, I won’t be shopping JUST at Target because that would completely defeat the purpose of my challenge.


Madewell Merino Wool Sweater-Jacket (Christmas Present)

Also, because of this challenge, I probably won’t be shopping nearly as much which in the long run is a good thing. I’ll have better quality clothing and possibly more money to spend (or save) on other purchases.

If you’re interested, join me on this challenge! I don’t plan on dropping racks, but I do plan on spending a little more and being much more mindful of my purchases. So please do join…if you’re interested that is. Thanks for reading!