Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Traditions

I know, I know, it’s really late and almost Christmas. This post probably won’t even be read until tomorrow afternoon, but that’s just fine. I just wanted to quickly share my Christmas traditions that my family and I participate in every year and you’ll know why I’m posting as late as I am.

Every year my family and I open one present around midnight…actually close to midnight. Someone usually gets tired way before 12 am and wants to just open their one gift at that time. This year the sleepy person happened to be me. I knew that I had to get a blog post up too, so I was very adamant about getting our Christmas tradition done.

I apologize for these not so great pictures in advance, the lighting was just so wonky but I still wanted to share with you all!

Another tradition that my family and I partake in is, eating crab legs and potato salad for Christmas dinner. Most families usually eat pretty much what they ate on Thanksgiving, but apparently if you’re from the west coast then you probably indulge in seafood. I love this tradition so much because I adore seafood so much!

The last tradition that we have kind of gotten away from was, watching A Christmas Story in its entirety on Christmas Day. I mean they play it ALL day on TNT so there’s no way that you can even miss it. My family gets grumpy when I want to watch the whole thing now, so I try to catch at least part of it.

Those are all my Christmas traditions that my family and I do. We’re definitely really into Christmas and I wouldn’t have that any other way. Thanks for reading as always!