Blogmas Day 19: It’s the Simple Things

Hey, you guys and welcome back. I did the silliest thing last night and deleted all my pictures to my previous blog posts. If you go back on some days in Blogmas, there will no longer be pictures. I for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to clean out my “storage.” Silly me, the photos still link to the actual blog post…I just shook my head to myself too.

I’m deviating from my Blogmas list again because honestly, I’m just so tired. The last couple of days have been jam-packed with gift exchanges, brunches, and dinners. I thought today I would just take a couple of beats and post something a little shorter and more meaningful to me.

As you all know, I normally talk about simplicity and mindfulness so I thought I would bring that up again before I get extremely Christmassy on you for the remaining of Blogmas.

So, I just want talk about some of the things that have made me smile this holiday season. It really is the simple things that make us truly happy right?


If you have read one of my previous blog post, Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Booze Recipes (hopefully there are pictures) then you’ve seen this before. I have been drinking this amazing sparkling wine since Thanksgiving. I haven’t been in the mood for hard liquor lately and prefer this instead.


There’s this funny story about these shades. My mom got a package one day and I have this strange obsession with opening packages. Don’t worry, I got the OK to open them. So, I opened the packages and my mom had two pairs of these sunglasses and I instantly knew that one pair was for me. She then says, “oh you should NOT have opened that.” I told her it was fine I can open them again on Christmas. Every year, I almost always spoil at least one of my gifts from her. Two years ago, I saw the big giant Ugg box in front of our garage and was just so delighted!


My mom surprised me with an Advent calendar earlier this month. Can you tell how close my mom and I are? I’ve been enjoying opening these every day because it’s always a surprise which colors you’ll get. Also, I’m obsessed with NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cremes and now I have more of them!


I got this cookbook for my friend for her 26th birthday. I was going on and on about how awesome the book was to my other friends and that I was really close to keeping it for myself. I was actually going to go and purchase it again after the holiday season, but during one of the gift exchanges I attended – I was given the same cookbook! I love when friends actually listen to you and get you something you’ve been wanting. Anyway, the cookbook takes it all the way back to basics in preparing your food such as grinding your own meat and mashing your own potatoes. Whenever I make things from scratch, they taste ten times better every time. This is a good cookbook if you are looking into “from farm to table” type meals.

That’s all for today, get ready for more Christmassy posts starting tomorrow! Thanks for reading.