Blogmas Day 17: Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

I’m back again with yet another Blogmas post and I finally get to do my Holiday Party Outfit Ideas. After my fiasco with Forever 21 mentioned in Blogmas Day 13: Done with Fast Fashion, my package is being returned to the F21 warehouse and I should be getting a refund in the next 3-10 days. While that ended up working out, nobody at my old address contacted me (surprise there) and told me that I could come get MY package. Also, I actually did have some events this weekend to attend, so I actually needed those items. First world problems am I right?

Even though that happened, I didn’t make a super huge fuss over it. Instead, I ordered a dress from Amazon that got some decent reviews. The package arrived within two days, which is why I love Amazon because they are fast and efficient.

Without any further ado, here are my three Holiday Outfit Ideas. I’m working with a timer and no remote, so please don’t mind the strange and awkward poses.

There’s really no in-between for me. I’m either dressed really casual or really dressy. So, let’s see what I came up with!


I’m sure we’ve all been to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party right? Not me, which is why I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater on. Even at a Holiday party, this sweater would probably be fine as long as casual is the dress code. I didn’t bother putting on jewelry because the lace up detail kind of serves as an accessory.


I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go on about my jeans, they’re just jeans. Although I would reach for a heel of some kind because why not get a teensy bit dressed up? I think these velvet booties will do the job.

I think a little black dress suits just about any occasion. I know tis the season to be over the top and wear gold anything. That is why I love accessories; I prefer silver over gold, but at least it’s something!


This outfit can also be recreated by adding a cozy sweater over the top with a chandelier necklace, so the outfit doesn’t lose its dressiness.


I always try to tap into my inner Audrey Hepburn. img_0590

Red lips are a must for holiday parties.


Ultimately, wearing an A-line dress is probably your best bet. You won’t be too overdressed, yet not too underdressed.


Yes, add the leopard print tights! Add some flair to this simple dress. Also, the velvet boots can be worn with this outfit – they can be worn with anything.

That’s all you guys. I don’t go ALL out for the holidays. I live in a little black dress at most events. They’re just so easy to dress up and down. Maybe one day, I’ll wear a little red or blue dress…who knows?