Blogmas Day 16: Bathtime Routine

Hey you guys, I know I’m a little later posting today, but this time on purpose! The reason is because I took a nice hot bath. I don’t take baths too often because showers are just much faster and easier. Also, I can never sit in the bath for more than 10 minutes due to my oblong shaped tub. Seriously, why are the standard tubs in homes shaped so strange? Anyway, keep reading if you want to know my bath routine.


First, I have to decide what I want to bathe in. Normally, I would just add some Epsom salts but I’ve gotten fancy over the years. My choices tonight were either Golden Wonder from Lush or my homemade tea bath that you can read about on my Blogmas Day 1: DIY Christmas Gifts.


Next, I start running the water making sure it’s not too hot or too cold. See how weirdly shaped the tub is? It’s literally an oval when it should actually be a square.


While the water is running, I look for a good playlist to play on my phone. Right now, I really love the song That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars. I would normally light a candle, but I get candle happy and no longer have anymore.


I ended up choosing Golden Wonder from Lush because let’s be real, it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun taking pictures of a tea bag soaking. This bath bomb has such a good scent. It’s citrusy, yet sweet like candy and ever so slightly minty.

I honestly did not expect there to be so much turquoise in the mix. I really liked the gorgeous gold color, but the turquoise was just a pleasant surprise.


Another pleasant surprise was the pretty star confetti. I was told that there was a surprise inside, but I was quite sure if it stopped at the turquoise color.

Now, I just drain the tub and that’s all! I did this all just to take pictures. Not really, though all that effort so you better believe I actually soaked in the bath for about 15 minutes. My tub was definitely glittery and gold afterward.

I emerged from the golden turquoise sea a newly moisturized woman whose troubles melted away from the power of a bath bomb. I’m pretty sure Lush is going to steal all of my money some day.

That’s all for today’s Blogmas post. Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for another awesome post.