Blogmas Day 15: Gifts I’m Giving


It’s Day 15, can you believe Blogmas is almost over and Christmas is right around the corner? I’m surprised that I managed to blog every single day so far, but let’s see if I can keep it going

Today, I’m showing you the gifts that I’m giving. Now, this isn’t all of the gifts, because I don’t want to spoil it for some people that may read my blog…MOM! Also, there’s still some more gifts on the way. I’m happy to say that I got the bulk of my Christmas shopping done!


Surprise Surprise, it looks like Lush took the lead this year! In fact, there’s actually two more of The Magic of Christmas wands that are hiding. I can’t believe how many times I went to Lush to buy gifts. My room smells like a candy factory right about now and I absolutely love it.


Hair care products for my hopefully future sister-in-law. I got her these because she just went natural and I think she would love to try some new products. I happen to like Mielle Organics and Kinky Curly so so much. I haven’t yet tried Fresh curl, but I’m always down to give it a try.


Pretty self-explanatory – the gift card and the shot glasses. The armadillo cube is for my dearest boyfriend. He loves Rubix Cubes and puzzles, but he solves them so quick. Hopefully, this cube will be challenging!


I’m so sorry I didn’t get a better picture of these brushes but aren’t they the cute? These are Crown brushes and they are some of the best out there. I got them from Haute Look for $12 like I do about every other year.

I know there were more gifts pictured, but I didn’t want to go into too much detail about them. I never know when they may read my blog, but just in case I have to keep a little quiet about them. I’m so excited to give presents these to my friends and family! That’s all for today!