Blogmas Day 14: Winter Outfit Ideas

So, if you haven’t noticed I am completely obsessed with weather. I think in another life I may have been a meteorologist or a storm chaser. I almost religiously follow the weather and am always curious about what is going on in the forecast. I don’t know if I do that to dress accordingly or because I’m just that curious.

Over the next three days, it is going to get cold – like really cold. The forecast is calling for arctic weather, so I thought it would be a good idea to put up a Winter Outfit Idea post for Blogmas! Now, I’m creating these outfits based off of my particular style and what I would wear. If you like the outfits, definitely feel free to tweak them.


This is an outfit that I would wear all the time in the cold…yes the Uggs too! I would recommend a cashmere (or cashmere blend) longline cardigan for ultimate warmth. Also, don’t forget the cashmere scarf. Obviously, this isn’t the best for a windy or below 30 day, but good for the 40 to 50-degree weather.


This is my favorite of outfits. Why are sweater dresses just so cute and stylish? I love to pair them with combat boots and a belted trench coat to contrast styles. Of course, add a scarf to look even chicer.


I love getting dressed up in the winter time! I also love that midi dresses are STILL in style because they are just way too cute. If you’re heading to a bar and lounge, you probably don’t want to carry around a big winter jacket so go with the warm longline cardigan. You’ll most likely end up drinking anyway and drinking keeps you pretty damn warm.


I think everybody might own this outfit or at least one like it. When it gets below 30, a sweater, furry boots, and a puffy jacket are going to get you through the freezing cold. Obviously, I wouldn’t pair this with any ‘ol leggings, but some thick sweater or fleece lined ones. Don’t forget about the chunky knit scarf that you can cover your face with if there is some wind chill going on.

I love sharing these outfit ideas with you all. I actually enjoy playing around with Polyvore to see what styles I can come up with. I do wish they had more accurate clothing on the site, but I think it gets pretty darn close. As always, I hope you guys enjoyed this post and continue to read! Check back tomorrow for Day 15.